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    Me and my drinkin buddies have a riding problem! aka kxmike77
  1. Buy a unicycle and master riding it. Then a wheelie will be so easy! Balance is more of a "natural gift" than a learned skill imo. Good luck !
  2. I run my used 4t oil in my lawn mowers! I put so few ours on an oil change, the used full synthetic has gotta be better than new $2 oil!!! After that I wait until I fill up 3 or 4 five gallon buckets and take it to the local mechanic shop.
  3. I prefer mine to be really tight. 15 minutes into the ride I will be sweating so bad that they stretch to fit.
  4. I got a cheap alum. one off of ebay and love it!
  5. Kind of looks like a dowel pin to me. If that was able to come out of connecting rod I don't think it would have ran very long without locking up. Still weird it came out. Sounds like its rebuild time! Shift fine? What does a shift pawl pin look like on a Hondap 250?
  6. I got 14,000+ miles out of a chain on a dual sport using NOTHING but WD-40.
  7. My son is barely 3 months old and could not resist starting him early! Is there such a thing as too early? Hopefully by 3yrs he will be ready for a 50 mini! Can you tell I'm a PROUD PAPA!!?
  8. Best woods bike I've owned!!!!
  9. I turn my speakers off for most of vids posted on here.
  10. That is TOO COOL! I wish I had his skills! I have several years of World Trials Championships on dvd from years back and this dude can ROCK a bike! Good find!My favorite "show off" vid of his is
  11. Sounds like you need to make a call to the race promoter too! Sounds like some BS!
  12. Sounds like the power valve isn't working. Pull the pipe off and look to see if the gate is sticking up in the exhaust port. Sometimes the pins fall out or check the linkage.
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