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  1. Think Barcia learned a lesson that getting a paycheck in this sport isn't so easy and he'd better make the best of this opportunity because it could be his last.
  2. He could win, at least a moto, the track has no whoops, it's not too tech....more open than a standard sx track. If he stays off the ground he's got as good a chance as the rest. Would have liked to Herlings race this years mec.
  3. True that, After almost 50 years in the sport, most of which was racing mx and some sx, I finally quit and sold everything. I lived most of my life in socal where at one point I was racing 4 days a week, I was a dirt bike fanatic. Now it's mountain biking
  4. In part I agree, the cost has pushed the dirt bike market into a very small niche, it's become the "haves and have nots" But that's just part of the problem, land and track closures, stigmas attached to dirt biking, state of the economy.....etc I think the sport of dirt biking and racing is in a death spiral, fewer and fewer parents are getting their kids into dirt biking which equates to a shrinking market. Then as sales decline and the market shrinks manufactures are left with no other option but to scale back or even drop out completely.
  5. Props to them for stepping up, however IMHO...unless we can send over a top team don't send anyone. Problem is MXON is not a priority for most top U.S. riders for many reasons ......well fact is they don't want to race it......and if the riders feel that way don't expect U.S. fans to be pumped on it either. There was a time when I thought it was the biggest race of the year, now it's like whatever.
  6. I remember on my xt shock it had 2 grooves on the body which allowed me to slid the spring perch ring upward.
  7. JH put on a show, his speed was impressive...last to first in a 40 rider field tells me he's on another level. I'd be surprised if Tomac could match his speed at the GP.
  8. Yes, it's best to get some time on the bike, let the suspension break in...and get a feel for what issues are prevalent. I've been doing my own stuff for some time now and in a lot of cases you can get away with little more that a shim shuffle,....which is what a lot of shops end up doing anyway. It is important to first address the spring rates first before diving into the valving. Ideally it would be awesome to dyno before and after a revalve to gather valuable tuning information.
  9. Agreed, those bike have outdated chassis, poor outdated suspension, heavy, etc...not meant for dicing in a woods setting. I road a pampara a hunk of shit built around a pretty good motor. An rm or yz 125 chassis has a modern chassis developed to handle the abuse of mx at speeds, good suspension, they turn well....and make great woods bikes with the right tweaking. I just think a trials motor in one would make a fantastic fun to ride woods weapon.
  10. My dream build would be to stuff a trials a gg tx 300cc into a 04 or 06 rm 125 chassis. Not for racing but for playing out in the woods. Throw an 18'' rear rim with tubliss and a trials tire, revalve and respring the suspension for woods riding.....I think that would be a killer play bike. The rm chassis is narrow light and turns well, the gg tx300 has gobs of easy mellow torque.
  11. Bond 4 your gasket to the case. Case only, not the cover. I put a thin film of grease on the cover so if I ever have to pull it the gasket stays in place and the cover comes off with out tearing it.
  12. I struggled with pushing in the turns too. I spent a lot of time testing, which is what I suggest you do. I had RT suspension frt rear and springs slightly stiffer for my weight. That with a softer LS comp stack allowed the right amount of dive in the corners to get the front wheel to bite. I also ran a tighter sag at 90mm, fork height at 7 to 15 mm depending on conditions. Rider position, rear sag fork progression, fork height all effect front tire traction. It's helpful to know when and where the tire is breaking loose. For instance Is it entering a turn Exiting a turn At the apex What can happen with a poorly set up bike ... Let's say too much rear sag, rider throttles out of a turn, bike choppers, riders weight is transferred rearward.... Little or no weight on the tire and so it breaks traction and pushes. 90% of a push is lack of weight on the front end....other is crappy tire ...poor design. In Beta's case the 300 can carve like a slot car if it's set up right. You should first discern where your issue starts when turning. plan on how and what you're going to try to solve your problem. Track everything on paper, take good notes and you should be able to narrow in on the cause and how to fix it. Video tape yourself so you can see what's going on. Is the fork diving enough, are you forward enough.... Rider position. What's the rear of the bike doing.
  13. Need more info, a break down or schematics would be nice. Q' s: Is it an open or closed cart? Does it have a tunable midvalve? Does it have a tunable basevalve? Does it have an external compression adjuster?
  14. You mean like Pourcel ?
  15. It's like beta made the most awesome-est pie in the world and dumped a big pile of dog shit right in the middle of it. It's bad enough that the stock stuff is severely limiting. It's also a horrendous design and extremely poor quality. Too bad to because it could have easily been one of the best bikes ever built.