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  1. There's a few things you could do, pull a shim or two, add a bleed shim or add a bleed hole. Probably the easiest is add another bleed shim, or pull the 18x 25, or both. You can play with oil level as well. I usually like to make enough valving change to really be noticeable, maybe even a bit radical and then work backwards. That way I have two points of reference (hence too stiff and too soft) and I know I need to bee somewhere in between. Otherwise you sometimes stop a good enough when better is still achievable.....just a different way to skin a cat.
  2. moto9

    Beta x trainer?

    That looks awesome!👍 If I had even a basic machine shop I would have built my dream bike already.
  3. moto9

    Beta x trainer?

    I saw a thread with a video where a guy put a trials engine in a crf 150 chassis, it also had a lengthened swingarm with and 18 on the back, big bike forks with a 21 on the front, that thing looked radical. I'm 190 lbs, probably 200ish with gear and pack. The push issue with the xt was more an issue in very tight wet greasy rooted sections, under power the front end gets light, add tight turning on greasy roots and it pushed...badly! Really bad if you're doing the same on an incline, the xt's suspension (or lack there of) didn't help. But that's just me, I'm sure there are many guys out there killing it on an xt, sorry to say I lost all confidence trying to moto it in the woods.... just too sketchy. My previous bike was a GG 300 with an awesome suspension setup "best woods bike to date"....too big of a difference between the two....I just couldn't go backwards, so I sold it. I really thought the xt would be a big step up from the GG, but for me it was a huge disappointment.
  4. moto9

    Beta x trainer?

    I never couldn't come to terms with the xt, there were some things I liked about it but too many that I didn't like about it. Pretty much hated the suspension on anything above 2nd gear, I played with some revalving mods which was an improvement but compared to modern suspension it was still "bad" I didn't like the handling either and part of that was due to the suspension issues, it didn't track well, the front end was constantly hunting and never felt planted. When on the power and pushing hard through turns the bike had a big tendency to push, it just felt confused and that may be because I was asking it do more that it was designed for. I sold it, picked up a 300 and never looked back. Any opinion on the xt is all relative, and this is MHO....riders that don't push the xt hard through rough terrain most likely will say it's great. Those that try to moto through sketchy terrain and conditions most likely will say it sucks. Once I got back on a full sized bike with good suspension I was back to shredding again. I think anyone deciding to buy an xt or a freeride needs to ride one to make sure it's really what they want before plopping down 8 or 9 k If I had the money, I'd take an xt or freeride engine and stick it in a 04 to 06 RM 125 chassis, massage the valving a little, 18 on the back with tubliss and a TT, Now that would be a woods weapon.
  5. moto9

    YZ250X in the crate...

    Ya, you're not saving much getting it in the crate as far as assembly goes, it's basically bars and front wheel, then you have to discard all the left over crate trash, and a bike out of the crate is easier to load and unload when you pick it up. For liability reasons dealers have to pdi every unit sold and no real dealership would risk their business to move one unit in the crate to make a sale. Freight and assembly charges are usually 90% profit, so if you can get a bike out the door at msrp + tax you're doing good, especially on a limited production model.....which is the norm these days. Each year dealers have to submit sales projections for the next following year, so a dealer might project selling 10 yz 250x for the year 2019 but only get 5 and your larger dealerships with higher sales numbers get more units.....so a smaller dealer ship that also projects 10 yz250x may only get 3 and receiving them is spread out through the first 6 to 8 months dealers don't get all the units in one crack...all to keep margins up and avoid overstock. Get on the phone and call the larger dealerships in your area or how far you're willing to travel to save some coin, find out how many units they have in stock. You'll have a better chance of getting a better deal at a dealership that has more units.....but then maybe not....we all know the game, no different than car shopping.
  6. moto9

    Considering a Xtrainer....opinions please

    Maybe this will help. Yes, the xt is smaller, but lighter...idk...to me it still felt weighty for what it was. The xt is at it's best when riding at a pace it can handle, which is ....slow and go, then it's fine. I have ridden it in some really wet, muddy, slick conditions, which made it tough to push it, basically it was survival riding, that's when the bike really shined. I was making sections others had to bypass after several tries. If you don't try to turn it into something it wasn't designed for and keep it in it's comfort zone, you'll probable love it. Hate to say this but after testing a friends modded freeride I think it's a much better bike, ya, it needs some minor tweaking but I though the freeride was a better bike in comparison. Might want to at least check one out.
  7. moto9

    Servicing the stock Xtrainer shock

    It comes apart like any other late model shock, good time to revalve it .
  8. moto9

    Total loss of compression, or Spark

    Got it and frankly I know exactly what you mean. I was a factory trained Honda tech and after a few years of wrenching I left it all behind for a career in law enforcement. Even now after 40ish years of racing and riding I finally decided it was time to step away, at least for a while. Sold everything except my gear, still haven't found the desire to get another bike. But I do have 4 mountain bikes that get used on a regular basis. Happy to hear it was an easy fix.
  9. moto9

    Total loss of compression, or Spark

    Well, a miss diagnosed statement of "loss of compression" was posted, so I can see where that would throw everyone off. "No spark" could have been easily been diagnosed and in your case fixed in the field....give or take an hour to run it down. If you want to be dragging your bike out of trail and letting it sit at the dealership every time you have an easy to solve problem, that's up to you. Just saying.... the more you know about your bike(s) and how to fix them yourself the better off you are.....jmho though.
  10. moto9

    Total loss of compression, or Spark

    IDK, I never could afford to take my bikes to the shop every time they had an issue, that's why at an early age I had to learn to work on my own stuff. I'll admit that I got a lot of help and info on this site and hope I was able to help others with a few of my threads. Maybe Kran wasn't asking for help, he was just posting what happened so it's out there. If that's the case, my bad.
  11. Your talking inner bushing only...right?
  12. moto9

    Total loss of compression, or Spark

    Didn't quite understand "contaminated plug" (or) "lost compression".......if you would have said it has little to no compression then "ya" it's a mechanical issue somewhere from the valve train down. I have a bore-scope, once I hear loss of compression or little compression then tank off, plug out take a peek inside, if I don't see anything then valve cover off, check decomp, valve timing, still nothing head off, cylinder off. that's maybe a 2 hour job. All these modern 4strokes are basically the same if you've worked on one you can work on them all. Most shop rates are $80..ish + an hour and you're lucky if they follow flat rate, dirt bikes are money pits as it is, so anytime you can work on your own stuff you're saving money. Like most guys on here I do all my own work including suspension, it's not that difficult.
  13. moto9

    Total loss of compression, or Spark

    Guys, you're arguing about what it could be and frankly the op didn't put much info in the the post. An easy quick check of a couple of things would eliminate what it might NOT be....didn't say weather it locked up? However, a Compression check, pull the spark plug check it..... is it dry, wet,....have aluminum deposits on it.....ground it on the cylinder and check for spark. Could it be a fuel delivery issue?....well there's an easy way to check that. Pull the valve cover, check for a stuck valve, doesn't take a whole lot to quickly tell you...it needs to come apart. Oil in the air box isn't uncommon, specially if it's been overfilled and I don't know why guys arn't eliminating that feature and running a straight hose with a filter.
  14. moto9


    Think Barcia learned a lesson that getting a paycheck in this sport isn't so easy and he'd better make the best of this opportunity because it could be his last.
  15. moto9

    I'd lol if gajser won monster cup

    He could win, at least a moto, the track has no whoops, it's not too tech....more open than a standard sx track. If he stays off the ground he's got as good a chance as the rest. Would have liked to Herlings race this years mec.