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  1. HI mate, just checking if you have the seat and tank still avail?  Also whole motor and price?  Cheers.

  2. One stand up wheelie and she's the pit of excitement, especially when you see some of those technical hill, log, rock climbs on the other side.
  3. Suspension all done to suit 100kg rider, perfect bottom end, SOLD ITEMS Chain, sprockets Rims Stock tank Kick stand Chain guide and guard
  4. All Parts from 10 dollars , will post at buyers expense.
  5. This is the Arrow, it's smaller, lighter and sounds similar to the actual husky one. Postage will be 150 dollars Aust and 150 Aust for pipe. So so 230 to 240 us delivered.
  6. Is your exhaust on the left side or right side when you are looking from behind the bike? That's the husky pipe and I have an arrow pipe
  7. I have both the aftermarket Arrow and the husqvarna both off 08..currently wrecking it I'm in Australia, just let me know where you are a let's see what postal is? Sent from my MHA-L09 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  8. Hey I didn't notice you chucked in new reeds, a few guys on here run them so it might pay to see if this has changed your jetting slightly. Couldn't see why. I run v force and never had to worry about adjusting it.
  9. Could be a little bit of crap in the carby. As I've said on dozens of occasions these bikes are super simple and too many people create a bigger problem then what it is. Fuel, air or spark.... When under load it'll show you if there's a problem. Otherwise enjoy it. Regards Dazz
  10. I have a whole bike including 1. 17 Ltr Safari tank 2. Original tank 3. Rekluse core 3 clutch 4. Suspension all done to suit 95 to 105kg rider 5. Original clutch is also on offer Please pm me. , happy to post at buyers expense!
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