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  1. No Acerbis? I have ridden in Alpinestar Tech1, O'Neal Element, Forma MX Terrain and Acerbis X-Rock. Riding the X-Rock currently. My favorite of all. No break-in, comfortable, great protection and the best buckle I have ever experienced in an MX boot. Formas are a distant second because even though they are 1/2 lb. lighter, they feel heavier and are definitely stiffer. The buckles refuse to cooperate unless drenched in dry-lube. White teflon on a black boot makes it look like it is drooling. Coming in at third, the Tech1 was a good enough boot but lost major points for squeaking like an old bed spring coming from the tongue/slot type inboard ankle hinge and the boot is about 1.5" shorter in height than competitors. Pants/braces constantly coming out of the top. The only unhinged boot, the Element, comes in last, but... for a $100 boot it leads it's class, IMO.
  2. Your Mileage May Vary.
  3. At $.10 (or less in quantity) to $1.00 (singles) each, they are cheap insurance, IMO. Copper or aluminum work equally well. Same holds true for banjo bolts on the braking system. YMMV.
  4. A torque wrench is your friend. Crankcase drain plug: 15 ft. lbs, Frame " ": 13 " " ALWAYS replace the crush washer.
  5. I have been using Valvoline 10W40 full synth 4T for three years. I typically change oil every 10-14 hours of operation. It works well, but I wanted to see what all the buzz was about with Rotella. Next change (mid-Aug.) I am going with the Rotella T6 and upgrading the filter to stainless. I will post my experience after I have had a chance to ride.
  6. What symptoms did you experience with the Rotella?
  7. T6 is available in 15W-40, 5W-40 and 0W-40. The 0W-40 does not meet any JASO specs. The 5W-40 does not meet JASO MA/MA2, only DH-2. The 15W-40 does meet JASO MA/MA2 and DH-2. Ergo, my choice. In T4, only the 15W-40 meets JASO MA/MA2. https://rotella.shell.com/en_us/products/full-synthetic-and-blend-oil/t6-full-synthetic.html
  8. I noticed that too. Interesting how the T-5 does not qualify. Read it and weep. Or leak, as the case may be. https://rotella.shell.com/en_us/products/full-synthetic-and-blend-oil/t5/_jcr_content/par/textimage_817110047.stream/1506812675980/ba7d1898d71c3bd21817d8e21c608db1dd6178e3/t5-15w-40.pdf I use the T-6 15W-40 in my bike, which does have the JASO cert. Good oil for a reasonable price. Sidenote: I am considering switching from Mobil 1 to the Rotella Gas Truck 5W-20 for my 2001 F250 SD with 140K miles. Other contender is the Valvoline 5W-20 full synth "maxlife". Giving the latter a try on my next truck oil change (this weekend).
  9. Add to that, the T-5 doesn't have JASO MA-MA2 cert, last time I checked.
  10. Reviving this zombie thread. I own a Clarke 3.9, ordered both IMS tanks to see which would fit best with a carb mod I did. In the process of washing out the tanks, it provided me with the opportunity to measure their true capacities. Each was filled to the top of the neck for consistency. Capacities: IMS 3.2 = 3.1 gallons IMS 4.0 = 4.3 gallons Clarke 3.9 = 4.3 gallons Note: The IMS 4.0 would yield quite a bit less distance than the Clarke, IMO without some gymnastics as about 1/2 the fuel in the shrouds is below the petcock, thus is difficult to access. Unless you want to wheelie it out. ? For my purposes, the best fit/ least number of mods required were, in order: IMS 4.0 Clarke 3.9 IMS 3.2 YMMV
  11. There is very little that is worse for rubber than alcohol. FWIW.
  12. Depends on how adept you are at working in tight spaces and whether you can get Manuel D. Exterity to help out.
  13. Carb tuning question: What condition is indicated by a slight delay/stumble when accelerating from idle when the engine is warmed up? Usually occurs after deceleration.
  14. Yes, I am using the Raptor petcock. Cheap and easy replacement. Fuel line does not interfere with the choke on my bike as I have the Clarke 3.9 tank, which renders the petcock even with the carb inlet. See photo. I jettisoned the remote cable. Available to anyone that wants it for $30.
  15. There a lot fewer riders, overall. On the 4th, our group of three were the only two-wheelers seen all day, including parked or in transit. Plenty of ATVs and UTVs, though.
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