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  1. gregghealy

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Reloacting to Salem Oregon. Drove out and saw some nice trails in Nestucca (spelling...) and hit Albany MX once so far, nice track there. Looking to find trail riders to ride with, other tracks within reasonable distance from Salem etc. This thread is a little intimidating with 1200+ pages but seemed the the place to post.
  2. gregghealy

    Western Montana

    Just got back from this trip. Absolutely amazing! Took off on a few fire road rides up into the continental divide, wolf country by myself, so I was EXTREMELY careful. Buddies were telling me if had to hike out of there after dusk with a limp I was pretty much wolf food. Wanted to share a pretty cool story. On a steep logging road up the side of a really steep 600 foot or so drop to the left two deer, a doe and her baby, dropped down off the hill in front of me. The doe somehow turned and dropped down the steep hill, the fawn kept pace with me just off my front tire. It kept bouncing along and looking back at me right in the eyes every four or five bounces for about 150 yards. All while the late afternoon sun was beaming thru trees and thousands of white "butterfiles" were flying all over the place. A religious dirt biking experience. (the butterflies turned out to be moths that are killing trees, bu they were still cool)
  3. gregghealy

    Montana Western Montana

    Taking a trip to Western Montana this month. I wasnt sure about bringing the bike with me, but this page has me thinking differently... Alot. Ill be based out of the Bitteroot Valley the last few weeks of this month. Bitteroot Valley and close trails It looks like there arent any moto tracks in the valley anymore, or within a reasonable distance... BUT thats gotta be some STELLAR single track. Anybody up there wanna go riding? Medium-advanced ability. Which trails should I focus on? Do any trails run near a/the river, Westfork or any river access? Im sure I can hookup a pack rod somwhere. This is gonna be fun! What about bears, should I mount spray on the bars or anything? That actually has me a little sketched out... Had a grizzly come down a hill at me when I fishing up there when I was 14 or 15. Scared the crap out of me, threw my pole and dove in the river. Thing was freaking huge and pissed...
  4. gregghealy

    Small Truck Motors

    Update: No warranty help at all, no help from dealer. Motor shot, I had no choice but to let the finance company take it back given my current financial meltdown. OUCH. BEWARE: Anybody buying a used F250 in Socal beware of a silver crew cab F250 FX4 V-10, 77,000 miles. Im guessing some "mechanic/used car thief" will buy this thing at auction, half-ass fix the valve train and sell it to some unsuspecting buyer. It will be a time bomb! If anybody wants the VIN to make sure they DONT BUY THIS TRUCK let me know...
  5. I wasnt even thinking of mileage as long as it runs and all the major mechanicals work. Im gonna go check it out and look for rust... I want something I can work on myself, with parts available that can handle a trailer. I think they will take much less than they have marked in that add., nobody buys stick shift anything down here...except sports cars. Ill bet they have been sitting on it for a while. Ill check out some older Dodges too, thanks for the input.
  6. The plan was to sell our trailer and buy a small truck to replace my total loss F250... So Im poking around looking for cheap small trucks and come across this '89 F250 with the 7.3, 4X4 and a manual tranny. Would I be crazy in thinking that this could be a solid tow vehicle that can be kept running relatively inexpensively for quite a while? Worste case a re manufactured 7.3 is $5k, would parts be available for this thing at junk yards?
  7. gregghealy

    Small Truck Motors

    The V10 F250 was an awesome towing machine for us...till it broke. It even got 15mpg on the highway while the bank two cam/valve train was acting like a machine shop. Everybody said no. Bought a top line 75k Ford service plan when I bought it with 30k. The Service Advisor just told me an hour ago corporate/regional is sending some folks over to look at it given it is a rare failure. My fingers are still crossed. What keeps the cam from sliding forward? Thats what failed or was missed, I just saved them a trip! My wifes tranny went in her car the week after my motor took a digger. I just dont have any more cash to throw at these things. Gotta sell some stuff to get a little truck that will hopefully run forever while I save to hopefully fix the truck. Lotta hopefullys there... Im gonna look for a Nissan or Ford 4 banger. In that order just cause Im a little sore still.
  8. My F250 V-10 ate a camshaft, spewed metal and plastic (from the cam sensor) thru the motor. $8k, 1200 miles out of warranty and Ford wont cover it... Anyway, Im coming to terms with that loss, but want to buy a small used truck. No truck, no riding... What manufacturer has the most bullet proof motor in a small truck? 4 banger or V6, Im gonna get a stick so all I have to worry about is clutches hopefully. Any specific make/year/motor that is known for going 300k miles?
  9. gregghealy

    Piute Travel Management starting. Meetings in October.

    I can free my afternoon up on the 7th, but cant afford to drive out there alone from Lake Elsinore. Anybody want to car pool from the general IE area?
  10. gregghealy

    2005 Engine Wear

    Having my 360 hour 2005 rebuilt because the counter shaft seal sprung a leak. I figured I would need a crank, rod...expensive stuff. I was counting on rod, main bearings, crank maybe... $$$ Just heard from mechanic, there is a bearing in the tranny that is slowly coming apart and should be replaced. Nothing else looks worn, but I should replace the main bearings even though "they look fine". And of course replacing the leaky counter shaft seal. Im replacing clutch and throttle cables and the rubber for the tank and radiator mounts as well, they are cracking and disintegrating. These rubber things gave out and cracked before my bottom end showed enough wear for my mechanic to be concerned! This bike has been very very good to me.
  11. gregghealy

    Cam Wear Question

    Discoloration is normal, gouging and scratches are not.
  12. gregghealy

    2005 Bar Riser

    Its bent a little, and the bolt is bent alot..round filed. Ill go with a TAG universal. Thank you gentleman!
  13. gregghealy

    2005 Bar Riser

    Bent one of the bolts on my 05 bar riser (and the bars badly...). I think the riser is tweaked too... It may just be the bolt, BUT I remember reading something about these stock units being a little weak. Should I even trust the thing after a hit hard enough to bend a bolt? Can anybody recommend a replacement riser setup?
  14. gregghealy

    Fork leg storage

    Searched but couldnt find an answer... My bike is going to be disassembled for a few weeks. Is it OK to store the fork legs laying flat on a shelf? Or should they be stored standing up straight?
  15. gregghealy

    rmz 450 rebuild

    I would stick with stock valve train parts. Yep, if your still in spec with no visible signs of wear bolt the head back on, replacing the timing chain may be a good idea while you have it apart. I dont know what the 08 manual says about chain replacement intervals though.