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  1. tiemann1

    YSS rear shock

    I would rate my YSS as better than stock. But that is not saying much. I do not know if it is great because I have never tried any other shock like the Fox or Hagon. ...And there is the cost factor to consider also. I ride solo, so seldom am I pushing it to the edge. Mostly I just ride fast trails, no rock crawling. Someone who is half my age and rides in a group of fast riders may chime in. For me on fast off road trails, it does everything I want it to do. No regrets here.
  2. tiemann1

    tonight is NOT my night

    What kind of throttle is that, where did you source it?
  3. tiemann1

    tonight is NOT my night

    Your story reminds me once when my carbs on a TDM failed. I had just bought the bike used the day before. The guy I purchased the bike from sent the correct needles and needle jets to me the next day. He had robbed the parts off of the bike after I test rode it prior to purchase. He then installed worn needles and needle jets when I picked up the bike. During the repair of the carbs, I dropped one needle. I hunted over an hour looking for it. I thought I would roll the bike forward a foot to make sure the needle was not hidden snug under a tire tread. When I did that, I felt a small tug on the bike and lo and behold I found the needle. It had dropped into a chain link and was now smashed against the sprocket. Shit happens,
  4. tiemann1

    YSS rear shock

    If you talked with Klaus at epmperf.com, then yes this guy can just about do anything with a shock. Little bit more expensive than the Brit shock, but he is local in the US. That would simplify any returns or repairs later down the road. I am going to send him my Hyperpro shock off of my Yamaha MT-03 next week. It came with a 5 year warranty that includes a free rebuild. It blew out after a year. I decided to order my second YSS shock for the MT-03 and will keep the Hyperpro as a back up for now.
  5. tiemann1

    Jet Needle & Needle Jet

    The only time I have had bad needle jets was on a Yamaha TDM850 with Mikuni CV carbs. On that bike, the carbs were installed at a 45' angle to the motor intake. Did not take long for the needle jets to oval out. You will know soon if you have a 4 gallon gas tank that needs to be refilled in about one hour. Gas mileage suffers tremendously. I bought a used Keihin carb on Ebay once. Seems I probably took it off the bike 30 times or more when I was trying to set it up. I finally realized the PO had removed the needle jet. Good luck with that. Now if I buy a used carb, I disassemble it completely and verify what I have before I slap it on the moto. Back on topic,
  6. tiemann1

    Pain & More Pain

    I bumped into a friend of mine at the movies a couple of weeks ago. He is 80 yrs old and just bought his first motorcycle about three months ago. Got hit by a drunk driver so he was hobbling around with a cane. He knew that I have been riding 50 yrs so he asked me how many bones have I broken in those years. My reply was "I am 65 yrs old and we are burning daylight here, it would be easier for me to tell you how many bones I have not broken." He got a big laugh out of that but then his ribs started hurting. In all seriousness, would I have changed anything over the last 50 years of riding motorcycles? Hell no, it has been a great ride. Best of luck to you and do not forget the physical therapy afterwards, in my opinion, that is oftentimes the biggest mistake a lot of us make. That is just as important as the surgery.
  7. tiemann1

    CRF230 Jetting questions

    Unable to send you pm. Check your email spam/trash folder plz. PWK/OKO questions. Thx
  8. tiemann1

    CRF230 Jetting questions

    No two bikes are the same. Uncorking usually is 120 MJ, 45 PJ, and 03-05 needle with clip down to fourth notch. You can start there and then tweak it. The OEM carb will bog if you whack the throttle off idle. No sense in trying to fix that with different jetting. You will need a different carb design.
  9. I have not tried the Hagon so I cannot compare the two. I weigh 160 lb and have the YSS MZ366-380TRL-08 (with 11.5 n/m spring) shock from Firefox Racing in England. I paid about 345 USD in March and delivery from England was about 10 days if I remember. Firefox Racing was on Ebay for a while but I think now they are only on facebook. I just bought another YSS shock for my Yamaha MT-03 from Fire Fox Racing and will ride up to Texas to pick it up during the holidays. I had upgraded my MT-03 shock with a $565 USD Hyperpro shock made in the Netherlands and it only lasted a year before it blew out so I punted and went Asian YSS. https://www.facebook.com/FirefoxRacing The Hagon and the YSS are both very good shocks from the reviews I have read. But then anything is better than the OEM shock. I would not waste time and money on the OEM shock. As we say in Texas "You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken shit."
  10. tiemann1


    I don't have a heat gun, do you think a hair dryer can do the job to mold the corner of the tank in some if I need to. Also, is there enough slack in the OEM 2005-2007 CR85 throttle cable to accommodate 2" bar risers or will I need to order a custom cable from motion pro? My bars are about 50 mm up and 25mm fwd over my fork tubes. And lastly, is the OEM 2005-2007 CR85 throttle carb spring stiffer than the OKO spring so it will provide better throttle response off idle? Thanks for your help.
  11. tiemann1


    Will the Mid-Atlantic OKO 28mm carb fit with a Clarke oversize tank or will I need to make other adjustments or purchase other parts to make it fly? Mid-Atlantic sent me Foto #3 of the OKO this morning and it appears the OKO will fit if I can twist the throttle cable towards the frame backbone. Can anyone tell me if the throttle cable position is fixed or can it be rotated?
  12. tiemann1

    Motorcycles that do not Require a Plate

    I was looking at some stats yesterday about worldwide moto sales and was surprised to see that the market in the US has been flat since 2006. The US is only a tiny fraction of world wide sales. Asia moto sales are massive in comparison. Euro moto sales are increasing annually around 6 or 7%. However E bike sales in Euro are skyrocketing at about 50% annually. Here in Jalisco south of Tropic of Cancer we have sunny days just about every day of the year. Very common to find solar panels so free power to juice up the E bike. An E dirt bike is looking good.
  13. tiemann1

    facts on the new CRF250f

    My KLX400R (DR400E) weight was about 262 lb and 36 hp out of the crate. Just saying. I still prefer my light modded 230f. Uncorking it takes a whopping 30 minutes and $10 and at 235 lbs.
  14. tiemann1

    facts on the new CRF250f

    My '09 CRF230F (Brazilian) weighs 235 lbs ..107kg. https://www.honda.mx/motos/modelos/index.php?categoria=off-road&modelo=crf-230-f
  15. tiemann1

    facts on the new CRF250f

    To wrap it up: +3 hp, +30 lbs., -1 gear Good luck with that. In the middle of the road... equals...Road kill. I doubt if sales numbers will compare to the 230F. However, it should move buyers up a step to the CRF250L. So a win for Honda.