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  1. I feel like I need to say something but what can be said at a time like this. Apparently God had a job to do that he needed someone like Garrett to handle for him. He's in a much better place right now. Perfect weather, no mechanical problems, suspension set up perfectly, tracks groomed to perfection....... Garrett, you'll be sorely missed. Godspeed, my young friend.
  2. MX_Tuner

    ***YZ 450F on scale (PHOTO)***

    Not 4 lbs worth.....
  3. MX_Tuner

    CRF250R is official

    For those of you complaining about the seat height, why in the world don't you have your bieks lowered?!?! If it is that big of an issue, then cough up the $300 and get it done! It is well worth it and you'll wonder why the heck you waited so long. The process is completely reversible if done right so that won't adversely affect the resale value. In fact, to the right prospective buyer, it might make it even more valuable!
  4. MX_Tuner

    It was just a matter of time

    NeWRiver, you're forgetting one critical fact. Sceptor knows all and tells all. After all, he are an engineer! How dare you question him. No free stickers for you!
  5. MX_Tuner

    Honda very smart move!!!!

    And did you happen to notice the release date of this supposed bike? Yup, a YEAR from now. Late summer of '03. Rumor has it the thing is too slow to compete with the YZF250 and Honda doesn't want to release somethign that isn't competitive. Can't say as I blame them....
  6. MX_Tuner


    Hey Garrett, What in the world happened to the shock in your picture of the oil filters?!?!?!? E-mail me if you'd like....
  7. MX_Tuner

    02 CRF450 to 03 YZ450F

    Once you get a decent tire on the front, it'll turn a lot nicer. Plus, you can raise the forks to get it to carve a little better. Definitely set the sag right away. Even if it changes a little as things soften up, it's still much better to have it right since you're dealing with a cornering issue. Besides, it ain't gonna change much.
  8. MX_Tuner

    2000 YZ426 shock question

    The tenth digit being an "A" indicates your bike is a 2000 model. Your shock is off a '99 or earlier model. You need to screw in the piece you've been unscrewing. In fact, it should have been leaking oil if it were unscrewed 4 turns since the oil is supposed to be under about 150-175 psi of pressure. I'd have the shock serviced and inspected.
  9. MX_Tuner

    White Bro. E series pipe owners....

    Have you tried contacting White Bros?
  10. MX_Tuner

    450f grabby clutch

    The one I rode did the same thing since brand new with the original oil in it. I was talking with a friend of mine who works at a Yamaha dealer. He hadn't heard of any complaints but said it sounded like the same noise they were having with some R1's. Apparently it is the "jutter spring", the first friction plate with the spring in the center of it, that makes the noise. According to him, the hot set up with the R1 was to remove the first plate and replace it with another friction plate like the others. He's goign to call Yamaha and see if they have any official word on it.
  11. MX_Tuner

    Regarding the New MotoGP Class

    One other big limiting factor with the new four strokes is the current tire technology. Sure they could get a LOT more horsepower out of a four stroke but they'd never be able to get it to hook up.
  12. MX_Tuner

    head gasket

    Which crush washers are you referring to? If you're talking about the ones that seal the external oil line, I've had good success reusing the old ones. As a general rule, all manufacturers recommend replacing *any* sealing washers.
  13. MX_Tuner


    Hey Stumpy, e-mail me when you get a chance. I have some "Shocking" info for you. Thanks,
  14. MX_Tuner

    Front brake problems

    Apparently some are confusing DOT 5 and DOT 5.1. There is a big difference. DOT 5 is silicone based fluid and can not be mixed with any other type fluid. DOT 5.1 is completely compatible with the DOT 3 and DOT 4 fluids. Motul sells DOT 5.1 and is a very good fluid. Brake fluid is not all the same, even as far as DOT numbers go. I get a noticeably better feeling lever with Motul than any other high performace fluid.
  15. MX_Tuner

    YZ450 shipments halted?

    No, Greg, you have it right. So many shops try to make a touchdown with every sale instead of trying to win the game by creating long time relationships with each prospective buyer.