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  1. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    Awesome. I think I'll go with the bung setup as I think it will be a cool addition to leave it on permanent. Plus, I'm a bit of a geek. I shot MRD an email and asked if they are able to weld in a bung with the purchase of a Z-Pro exhaust. If not, I'm sure I can find a local welder that can handle the task.
  2. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    I found a SUPER helpful video on YouTube that explains how jetting works on a FCR carb. This guy managed to add a A/F meter to a CRF450 to get a super accurate reading on jetting. I need to get my hands on one of these. I wonder if MRD can weld in a bung if I order a new pipe..
  3. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    53 is pretty solid for a DRZ. Nice work. My butt dyno is reading 40-43 right now after I put in the EMR needle 4th clip and raised the pilot to 45. Runs much smoother. Added the 35 leak and timed the AP. I don't get anymore bog coming off of idle anymore and the decel popping isn't as intense. Pretty satisfied. Plug was very white when I pulled it before jetting so I need to follow up tomorrow and see how it looks. I've been riding for about 7 years now on and off. Mainly street bikes the past 3 years. My riding style is getting progressively more aggressive which is why I ditched the 636 and bought a DRZ. I knew I was on the wrong bike when I caught myself jumping speed bumps on a supersport. I feel much better pulling wheelies and doing hooligan stuff on a supermoto ­čÖâ
  4. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    Ahh, OK that clears things up a bit. Are those grinds safe to drop in without checking valve to piston gap? Also do you run 1 or 3 layer base gasket with your setup?
  5. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    I plan to get a MRD Z Pro soon. I'm on the fence about swapping stock 2 piece valves for Ferrea SS valves and springs, since the stockers looked pretty nasty when I had the head off. They seal fine but with the way I beat the hell out of this bike they are short lived. For valve jobs only the seats have to be cut and do not lap the valves... right? Also would you care to explain the difference between the /540 and /539 webs? Shoot, with all of the supporting mods already in consideration I am not too far off from throwing a stroker crank in there LOL. These bikes have a bad habit of opening your wallet.
  6. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    I'm all about that explosive power. I owned a stock DRZ S model a few years back, no JD jets or 3x3 mod. It was so sluggish. With the FCR41 the front wheel comes right up when I yank the throttle, even with slightly off jetting. The more aggressive, the better. I sold my 2015 kawi 636 so I've been itching for power!
  7. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    Got some good news regarding the carb. To end all the debates on how a 41 is too big, OEMDirtbikeparts.com is putting a stock DRZ on the dyno with the 41 kit this weekend. Ill share results when it's posted. Maybe if were lucky he will share jetting too, but doubt it.
  8. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    Right now it seems to like the 42 pilot on idle. Still get a fair bit of popping on decel but it's kind of an older FMF setup that I'm running. However I did replace the exhaust gasket on the head when I did the big bore upgrade a couple weeks ago, so shouldn't have any leaks there. May try to bump back up to the 45 with the new needle and see where that gets me.
  9. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    Possibly, but not right now. I'm pretty content with the power and would rather invest in a second motorcycle than trying to get 10 more horsepower out of a DRZ and spend 1k in the process.. I may pick up a MRD in a few weeks but that's about all. I know the 41mm is not ideal but it's what I have, and much better than the stock vacuum carb. I've seen these carbs run fantastic on even stock bore motors.
  10. Methotic

    FCR41 Big bore jetting

    Jets came in the mail today from Jets R Us. I have a FCR41MX with some funky jetting that I'm trying to get squared away. Currently it runs a 178 main, 42 pilot, NKBT needle on 3rd clip, and 70 leak jet. I get alot of bog from idle when snapping to wide open throttle. From my understanding these bikes can take a full shot on the AP. I ordered a 35 leak jet. I also picked up a EMR needle to replace the NKBT. Where should I be on main jet? I ordered a 170 and 165 main. I have a pilot jets in my toolbox ranging from 40-48. Any advice to where I should start from? FMF Powerbomb header, FMF spark arrestor, cylinder works Big Bore w/ 3 layer base gasket, and of course an FCR41. Sea level hot climate
  11. Methotic

    Webs camshafts - are these useable?

    Got more in depth pics, these a decent size chunk missing from one of the lobe sides. I'll pass lol
  12. Methotic

    Webs camshafts - are these useable?

    @ohiodrz400sm DRZ wizard, whats your opinion on these? Too me they look too far gone for the price..
  13. Stumbled on a set of 539/540 cams for sale. Owner wants 450$. Pictures worry me a bit since there seems to be pretty deep gouging in cam lobes. Tell me, are these salvageable?
  14. Methotic

    FCR39MX pilot screw question

    So strange question for you, not looking to hijack thread. What would you suggest if pilot screw does not change idle? All the way in and doesn't die, 3 turns out and same idle? Also a bit of popping on decel with no known vacuum leaks on a 45 pilot. Mixture screw is a cheapo plastic aftermarket type. Picking up an alloy Moose Racing one tonight at the KTM dealer to rule out a crappy part. Oh, also a bit hard to start when warm. Likes to backfire.
  15. Methotic

    470 Stroker build shopping list - Worn out DRZ :(

    Ok, got my hands dirty for once this weekend. Here is some pictures of the top end.. also crank seems ok. There is a little bit of movement side to side on the connecting rod but no up and down movement.. I assume this is good? Top end is disgusting. Carbon build up all over piston and bits of dirt stuck on it. Scoring in cylinder for small debris. I wish I didn't leave my calipers at work, I'd measure them for spec but I'm sure its shot anyhow.