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  1. I'm pretty sure Krannie should be an astronaut, because he's from another planet! http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1042902-why-ktm-motorcycles-are-ruining-off-road-motorcycle-riding/
  2. josh8811


    Are you planning to change that pads? Are you a casual reader Krannie? If so, I recommend reading the book "Sportbike Riding Techniques". Although it obviously applies directly to sport bikes, there's TONS to read about basic motorcycling.. IE braking, turning, importance of body position, weight transfer, etc.. I've got a feeling you are snatching the brake. You go from no brake and with a quick motion grab the brake, this locks it up. Anyway, order the book on amazon..
  3. josh8811


    Reducing the size of the brake pad will not reduce the braking force, it will only reduce the area it's distributed over. I also believe it will increase heat, and wear to both the pad and rotor.. Bad idea.. No matter how old you (think) you are, I'm pretty sure you can learn to use a more powerful front brake.
  4. josh8811

    450 SXF skid plate

    TM Designs
  5. josh8811

    Will the '14 KTMs have Air Forks?

    Smart people learn from other peoples mistakes BRO...
  6. josh8811

    2 sroke v 4 stroke

    I like both also.. Ive got 3 2-strokes and 1 4-stroke 2012 300XC 2011 YZ450 2004 YZ250 2003 CR250 I really only ride the two newer ones.. The YZ250 belongs to a father/son who come down and ride several times a year.. I bought, maintain, clean, and love the bike so I'll call it sorta mine. When I ride my 450, I feel like I'm on the fastest/meanest bike ever made.. I can just crack the throttle and fly like superman off the smallest of jumps with a seat bounce When I ride my 300, I feel like I'm on the finest, most refined desert/single track/enduro bike ever made.. I can crawl up a tree, or shoot roost 30 feet high.. It turns a little better than my 450, and is less taxing to ride at a spirited Over30 AM race pace.. A 450, on a dead engine hare scramble starting line is LAME!! Will or won't this POS start?! I doubt I will ever ride track aggressively on a smoker again.. Carry on with your argument, I'm going to drink a beer and stare at my bikes..
  7. josh8811

    GPS thoughts & opinons?

    http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-Foretrex-401-Waterproof-Hiking/dp/B002EOSQII And this.. http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-Forerunner-Bicycle-Mount-Kit/dp/B000VK5BMQ/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1336246062&sr=1-6
  8. josh8811

    2 sroke v 4 stroke

    I farted
  9. josh8811

    Need a spark arrestor - FMF Q Stealth or Hardparts?

    Can you post a picture of the actual arrester please?
  10. josh8811

    Gearing 12-48?

    Bad idea all the way around.. Your chain will eat the swing arm slider Your chain will stretch out faster than normal because of the excessively tight radius of traveling around the tiny front sprocket
  11. The best mod of all is a rekluse core exp
  12. All you really need is a slip on...I've read a lot that there's almost no gain from aftermarket headers.. I've got an akra, gytr tuner, 2 teeth in the rear, and a fly wheel weight.. Can't imagine wanting a faster bike.. I ride 80% desert and 20% track
  13. You traded you SG12's for fox boots?!?! Sorry to rub salt in a wound, but not your best work bevis
  14. josh8811

    Pipe Guards

    Flatland racing..