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  1. *History - took me a full year to get my 2 stroke back together. The original cylinder was sleeved crooked and now has a refurbed one with new piston, bearings, etc.... Broke it in and on the last lap of my last moto of the day(isn't it always when something happens?) I hear a weird sputtering noise coming from the right side of the motor. *After I turned off the camera, the noise went away, then came back. No loss of power was had, the "hit" was where it was supposed to be, and nothing was shooting out the pipe that I could see. I drained the oil and no major chunks came out. Pulled the part of the power valve cover off and saw nothing disconnected and the same with the clutch cover. Hopefully I timed it right, but bucks for a second in the corner and then you can hear it sputter a bit. http://youtu.be/u36tFFhISHM?t=6m4s
  2. T-Dub512

    Video of James Stewart taking a pill on the gate @ MEC 2013

    He was probably thinking "They'll see this and ban him right away!" But rather its been 8 months to get anyone to give a crap, cause no one said anything when it aired LIVE.
  3. T-Dub512

    Why don't people use kx65's as a pit bike?

    As far as racing goes, I believe they "outlaw"d 2 strokes(sounds familiar to the pros huh) But they will move a man just fine... 5'10, 205lbs in full gear. Also they use the same body as a KLX 110 so tall seat/bars/graphics transfer over. The hardest thing I found was finding a way to upgrade suspension without getting crazy in the budget. Motor mods would be a snap, PC pipe and a big bore kit.
  4. T-Dub512

    barcia to JGR

    Ha just saw that photo on FB and then 3 minutes later... *content removed due to copyright restrictions*
  5. T-Dub512

    Mxa's pipe test 2014 yz450f

    Thanks for posting this! I always thought pipes on 450s were a waste of money to add HP and quite the contrary right up until I sold my old '12 KX450, a friend let me run his DEP full carbon pipe from Japan on it, and I completely rethink what a pipe does for a bike. Esp for one with such a jerky powerboard(not the YZ, the KX). I kind of wish they would post laptimes, however I suppose the drawback to that would be what pipes worked best for which riders(which they did show the scoring) on that particular track. *example - the intermediate rider having the fastest lap time because of the heavy mid-range hit of the PC pipe due to the track/conditions. However the overall feeling of the Dr. D producing the 2nd fastest time amongst the novice, vet, and pro thus leaving them less tired and able to put in more laps.(sort of like a 1 fast lap vs 5 average paced laps)
  6. T-Dub512

    My 2014 first ride report

    I gotta say, in stock trim this bike is the tits! I've been loving mine too!
  7. T-Dub512

    Peick = RCH

    If I recall, Hill is only signed to RCH for SX-only deals and RacerX/Transworld/Vital said his SX only deal is up this year anyway. I think RCH is wanting long term indoor/outdoors. It's an awesome move for Weston and RCH both. He's a rider that deserves more of a chance(I know his sponsors helped him a LONG way) but he's proven he can run at the top when past title winners have a hard time handling him. I wouldn't care what people said about him on the factory supported bike. No one wins ALL the time, but he'll have a better shot at more consistent podiums. Every day there's a new thread on this forum about how much James Stewart sucks, yet he's got the 2nd most SX wins, 2nd rider ever to go 24-0 outdoors, and is considered one of the all time greats. I could go on to rant about Dungeys title wins too, but history is written and nothing can "un-win" all that.
  8. T-Dub512

    After a 2 year break bought me a 2014

    Bike looks great! Is that the Stainless or Ti Dr.D pipe? And did you notice any weight savings between it and the stock system?
  9. T-Dub512

    Custom Seat covers?

    Can someone point me in the direction for a FULLY custom seat cover for the 2014 YZ450? All my standard go-to's either A: dont have the color scheme I want B: even carry seat covers for the '14 yet. I've tried GUTS racing, SDG, TractionMX and came up short...
  10. New to the party... Picked up it from the dealer, straight to the track. Break-in complete and now for the tear down to grease it up, change the oil, and all the other fun necessities that go with a new bike. Came from a '12 KX450, bought it after riding a '13 for a few weeks, and so glad to be back on Yamaha(this makes #6 since I started riding).
  11. T-Dub512

    What is everyone thinking of the new supercross.

    I like the extra racing but the order of events is terrible for tv... The order SHOULD run like A1: 450 heats 250 heats 450 semis 250 lcq 450 lcq 250 main 450 main But because it doesn't tells me it must be easier to get out on the track and fix all the turns/jumps and get that in order as opposed to better tv time. Still... Throwing 450 riders from the Semi straight to the LCQ doesn't leave alot of time to run back to the pit for a change or repair before they have to be on the line for the LCQ.
  12. T-Dub512

    Lets see The Rm's

    $1000 for the bike off a Craigslist ad $1000 in online/local shop purchased parts $200 to get a friend to help rebuild the carb and change the fork seals Had the time of my life today after 4 months of tweaking on the bike, waiting for parts and waiting for the right track/time to bring it out! I am hooked!
  13. T-Dub512

    RM125 front sproket what do i need to get it off?

    Its a snap ring. Never saw it before either in my life and was real nervous about running it... But after putting a new one on - it sticks pretty well on there! Don't be cheap, BUY THE PLIERS! I had a buddy tell me 2 icepicks or tiny screw drivers would get it, but to hell with that. Just get the proper tool to do the job. It's on there snugger than you think. *also another forum member suggested to me to put a dab of RVT, kinda silicone sealer just as a precaution to prevent it from vibrating off.
  14. T-Dub512

    Proud New Owner...

    Ok a little update on Stage 1 of this "rebuild" Had to fight between BTO and Motosport to get all the parts I wanted but so far here is the list: New Talon sprocket set, new front Pirelli, new grips(half old half new), Reflex clutch perch, MotionPro throttle/clutch cables, new plastics including '13 Fender, new spark plug, new wheel bearings, new bolts scattered throughout... Waiting on a few backorder items like the Reflex brake lever, carb vent line kit, radiator hose kit, radiator louvers(aka the radiator plastic protectors). And I'm also waiting on funds to send the suspension off for a full rebuild/revalve/respring. And to top things off maybe a new set of wheels. Its been alot of work and fun unassembling - figuring out how things work - then reassembling. But I feel like I know the bike better. *****Also major disclaimer - for everyone wanting to swap the new style front fenders over - SPEND THE MONEY AND GET THE MATCHING PLATE!***** it gets tricky to mate up the old stocker to the new style fender since they angle half of it up into the plate area.
  15. T-Dub512

    Proud New Owner...

    Sweet thanks for the tip! I just don't want the sprocket coming off during my first real MX shakedown. I paid a whopping $1000 for this bike so I expect I will hit a snag or issue within the first day at the track(already got fork seals and fluids on order).