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  1. Has anyone used the two together? I've searched it and not found an answer. If so what brand of tank will work?
  2. rider428

    Chain punched a hole in the crank case

    Definitely looks like it's flipped over
  3. rider428

    Trail Riders

    http://youtu.be/v5VzE5tkzwM A Drz can take you to some great places
  4. rider428

    how hard is to kick without decomp removed?

    I weigh 200 lbs and have an e model with a big bore and single layer base gasket. I have removed the auto decomp and can assure you that you prob will not start the bike without the manual release. It is impressively difficult to kick without the release. The starter will not crank fast enough to start even with it when it's cold. A shorai battery will definitely not do well cranking it when cold. But I would cut the release off again even knowing this.
  5. rider428

    DRZ400E with 434cc bigbore or CRF450X

    A scale that weighed my drz400e at 300lb weighed my buddies 450x at 290. Both bikes have all the off-road guards damper and big tank each with about half a tank of fuel
  6. rider428

    Drz motor swap into Rmz frame

    . After removing the engine from my Drz to split the cases I can say that the engine is what makes it heavy. Maybe just getting a Drz to go along with you Rmz would be a better choice than building a way heavy Rmz? It would make a sweet looking bike if you build it though.
  7. rider428

    Automatic decompression relief

    I use a 440 kit on an E model with a single layer base gasket. I cut the auto decomp off the cam to prevent failure and get rid of the noise it made when decending a hill. It is impossible to kick over without using the manual decomp to properly position the engine. If the auto decomp has been removed or is not working as Noble said I would suspect it would be tough to kick over as well if their is no manual release installed.
  8. rider428

    Where DRZ does not work well

    A Drz will get you there, just maybe not at race speed.
  9. rider428

    Where DRZ does not work well

  10. rider428

    Particles in Oil and Jetting Q's

    The oil pump pickup screen could clog up, and the only way to clean it is to split the cases.
  11. rider428

    Particles in Oil and Jetting Q's

    The foreign material looks pretty similar to the stuff that is inside the crankcase breather box that is bolted to the frame just over where the kickstarter plug is.
  12. rider428

    400e rear tire

    mt 43 with tubliss in action on a drz400e
  13. rider428

    Trying to find exhaust that will meet 96db

    I use an rs2 slip on on an E with a 440 and it works great for trailriding with the quiet insert in. It is not bad hard on the ears, but it is some what loud from a distance, people will here you. I have not been in a sound check. The yoshi compliments the bike well for the average rider.
  14. rider428

    Tire changing stand