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  1. heythatsmybike

    What does your bike look like at the moment?

    Been raining here...a lot lately! Had to get out and ride anyway.
  2. heythatsmybike

    Difference between c class and beginner?

    Around here, beginner class is usually for beginners and slower riders. And C class is for B class sandbaggers to dominate, and take fancy piece of wood home!
  3. heythatsmybike

    How do you transport your bike(s)?

    Sometimes this... And sometimes this...
  4. heythatsmybike

    Crank Polishing

    Anyone that says they haven't polished their crank is a lier
  5. heythatsmybike

    powder coating rims with tires on

    Just my opinion, but if you leave the spokes on when you powder coat it..... It's gonna look like you left the spokes on when you powder coated it. Also if you don't prep around the spoke holes really well, then you may end up with chipping and flaking. Just because something can be done....doesn't mean it should be.
  6. heythatsmybike

    What kept you from riding this weekend?

    Damn loggers Where I ride....is about 8 to 9 miles of trails and an mx track (all private land) About 30 seconds into the trail, stopped to remove a small tree that was lying diagonally over the trail. (Normally I would just ride over it, but this one was at a really bad angle) anyway... Once that was out of the way, I continued down the trail. In less than 100 yrds, it looked like a bomb had gone off! Entire trail sections (single track and quad trails) were completely wiped out, gone, dozed, demolished! Downed trees and tops where everywhere! The owner of the land had no idea (until I informed him) that over half of the trails (that we all built over the course of the last 5 yrs) were no more. He assumed the they would have stayed off the trails. They didn't!
  7. heythatsmybike

    What do you do when you're not riding?

    Shooting guns Fly fishing Playing drums Drinking beer Bang the wife Oh...and spend tons of time tryin to keep up with the ml "is my bike really bla bla bla thread"
  8. heythatsmybike

    The Other 39....

    I think, if there is a god....hopefully he would have better things to do than help someone win a race, a game, a grammy, or any thing that would further your bank account. I would like to think that praying for personal gain is not what religion is about. Just my opinion of course. Thank god for allowing you to breath another day...not win a race.
  9. heythatsmybike

    Tip of the day

  10. heythatsmybike

    Stanky Mo Fo!

    Sounds like a good excuse to get her out of those clothes, and into the shower!
  11. heythatsmybike

    Ghetto fixing the shifter!

    I believe you have to pull the outer case cover (clutch side) I replaced one on a '99 yz125...but its been a while and memory is a little fuzzy
  12. heythatsmybike

    Ghetto fixing the shifter!

    I've had to do this also.Works pretty good, (didn't use a dremel tool though)...I was out riding when it happened. Made it back to the truck, cut some small slivers of can (3 to 4 of them, bout an eighth of an inch wide or so) slipped them in between the shift shaft and shifter, snugged it up, rode out the rest of the day with no issues.
  13. heythatsmybike

    What's the worst that can happen?

    It's called fictitious tags...comes with a couple hundred dollar fine around here. I speak from experience(though it was a car, in my case) I figure it would be about the same for a bike.
  14. heythatsmybike

    anyone use troy lee knee pads?

    Just offer him some pie. Usually calms him and put him right to sleep.
  15. heythatsmybike

    Does anyone make there own equipment?

    Hahaa...yeah I was kinda waiting for that! She's all better now though. Got a brand new fmf gnarly! Actually that little dent aint shit..I have to post a pic of it before I removed it.