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  1. omgshesaboy

    Having trouble installing new shock spring

    that was my original thought, but I cant get the top of the shock to budge once the nut is loose, any thoughts?
  2. I recently purchased a BBR spring for my 2003 xr70. I have removed the shock from the bike but cant figure out how to get the top of the shock off to put the new spring in. Do I need a special tool? Thanks for any help
  3. omgshesaboy

    Clutch Issues Photos Please Help

    thank you guys for the input, I ordered the new clutch pack which was fairly inexpensive and am going to carefully hit the basket with a file tonight. Hopefully this will fix the problem for the rest of the season. will update when the repair is complete.
  4. omgshesaboy

    Clutch Issues Photos Please Help

    Hello I am having some clutch issues When I first start the bike to go for a ride I can hit the throttle wide open after letting the clutch lever out, the bike will sound like it is hauling ass but just creeps along for along 15 seconds and then will start to ride somewhat normal. the clutch plates look good and the basket has some grooving in it. any clue on what the issue can be would help me out great. thanks
  5. omgshesaboy

    Where can I get this Fender?

    Sorry I should have clarified I have an 04 450exc but cant seem to find a place to get the 08 fender. Thanks!
  6. Alright, so I replaced my headlight with the newer style headlight shown in the photo below but I cannot seem to find a place to get the front fender to go with it. any ideas?
  7. Alright let me start by saying I have spent parts of the last 3 days searching different forums but still cannot figure this out so lets see if yet another thread on this can get my rear brake functioning again.. Rear brakes were hardly engaging before i decided to tinker with them. I drained all of the fluid out of my rear brake system and back bled with a syringe using the correct DOT 5.1 fluid. The rear master cylinder filled up easily, but when I go to check my brake the brake pedal is just mushy and nothing happens. Is there something I can do differently? Is there possibly a component failure? Thanks
  8. omgshesaboy

    Wheel out of Balance

    Hey everyone I have got a 2004 ktm 450 exc, I recently just put more street friendly tires on and used dyna beeds to balance the wheels. everything feels great until about 60mph. I bought this bike used about a month ago and the rear wheel had duct tape lining the inside rather than a regular rim strip. I left the duct tape in place could this be why the rear wheel is so out of balance at higher speeds?
  9. omgshesaboy

    450 exc tire help please

    Thanks for the input, I ordered my 705's this morning went with the same size's any chance you have a photo of these on your exc? Thanks
  10. omgshesaboy

    450 exc tire help please

    After looking into the shinko 244's a bit I think I might go with those thanks for the heads up. Any input on sizing for my bike?
  11. Hey I just recently picked up an 04 450 exc looking to replace the tires with something a little more road friendly. Thinking about going with the Michelin T63. Anybody running these tires on the street? Any sizing help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. omgshesaboy

    Cracked stator crankcase cover repair process

    the cover is magnesium. I did a good jb weld patch on mine and threw a case saver over it, hasnt leaked a drop in 1000 miles
  13. omgshesaboy

    Gear storage

    depends where I am and how long I am going to be there. somtimes I carry a bike lock and if I am somewhere I am going to be walking around a lot for a while I run the lock through a sleeve on my jacket and lock it to the bike with my helmet. sure beats walking around carrying gear and keeps it from getting stolen
  14. omgshesaboy

    Thinking of selling DRZ400SM and getting WR450

    the only expirience i have is the one in my garage not running
  15. omgshesaboy

    Cam caps stuck! advice?

    wigglewigglewigglewigglewiggle. mine were a pain do not pry them with the allen key.