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  1. c-slak

    Turbine core2 vs Q Stealth mufflers

    I have the same bike and the tc2 passes sound for my local racing series.
  2. Do you know of a dealer in AZ so I can try one on before buying? I've wanted one for a while but can't find any anywhere.
  3. c-slak

    anybody running a lectron carb on cr250 ?

    Metering rod carbs are able to run a much leaner a/f ratio and still have reasonable performance. You will get better mileage if you tune it properly. I wasn't willing to make the trade off. I took the $ from selling my Lectron and bought a desert tank instead. Compared to the Mikuni, you probably wouldn't notice much of a loss in bottom end power with the Lectron. Nobody can really make the call for you.
  4. c-slak

    anybody running a lectron carb on cr250 ?

    Had one. Just sold it. It's a lot of money to spend for better mileage at the expense of bottom end torque.
  5. c-slak

    Leaking base gasket

    No leaks and proper squish = no worries in my book. Part of the reason why I love the rc valve Hondas, will hold 100% on a pressure test if proper. I check every rebuild. 1st time I checked a ktm 300 it wouldn't hold pressure at all. Those powervalves leak like a sieve.
  6. c-slak

    Leaking base gasket

    I personally prefer the cometic base gasket over the oem honda. It is the only gasket on the bike that I can say that for(although I use cometic on the reed valve also because it is VForce). I always seem to get base gasket leaks with the cheap honda paper ones. The Cometic's seal perfect 1st time every time.
  7. c-slak

    CR250 Flywheel weight?

    My guess is the threads on your flywheel aren't in perfect shape. A flywheel puller often has a bit finer threads so that they can thread in very easy. Look at the flywheel puller and then the weight. My guess is the threads are a bit thicker on the weight so it grabs better. I have used multiple different Steahly weights on my bike and they always thread on fine.
  8. c-slak

    2 stroke sustained rev after throttle chop

    Do a leak down test. Sounds like an air leak to me. Everything else would just be guessing and chasing your tail.
  9. c-slak

    03 cr250 performance gains?

    Helps a bit
  10. c-slak

    03 cr250 performance gains?

    Not a fan of fmf on these bikes. Moves the power to all mid range. Pro circuit is a bit better bit not the best either. Hgs or stock is all I will run.
  11. c-slak

    03 cr250 performance gains?

    Fww wouldn't be enough I don't believe.
  12. c-slak

    03 cr250 performance gains?

    Instead of trying to grab second at the end I would say feather the clutch to keep it up in the power. Not sure if that would work though since you are dealing with what looks to be the steepest part of the climb at the very end. Consider yourself lucky, In AZ all of our hill climbs either have rocks everywhere, or are dunes/volcanic cinders. If you really want to throw money at the bike the first thing I would recommend is ditching the Gnarly. Either go back to stock or go with a HGS pipe. That is a max HP type of hill climb and the Gnarly neuters the peak HP on any bike.
  13. c-slak

    03 cr250 performance gains?

    What problems are you having with climbing? In the bottom part of the power? Wheel spin? Is the engine bogging? If you give more info about what type of climbing you are doing I could probably help more. I don't feel I'm missing anything to a 300 right now but I have extensive modifications to my 03. The biggest power changers for me have been the STIC metering block in a Keihin PWK carb and a full Varner built engine. Every other mod pales in comparison. I also run the stock pipe with a PC silencer, 8oz FWW and VForce reeds. I am running stock 13/48 gearing and I can pull any hill that my buddy's 300 can pull. I previously went the big bore route and even tried the gnarly pipe. I didn't like the power delivery at all with that setup.
  14. c-slak

    Finally bought a KTM, now i have a couple questions

    That just is not accurate. 80w gear oil is perfect for your bike. It won't mess anything up changing oil though.
  15. c-slak

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    I sent off my metering block today for the update that APBT mentioned earlier. I have still been having great results with this device and my mileage has remained consistent between 22-25 mpg. This is equivalent to what I was getting prior to the block. The power really is incredible with how cleanly it runs and the insane pull in the mid and top end. I am a glutton for punishment so I am interested if the update will increase the bottom end like others are saying. I have really found the sweet spot with the jetting using an NECH needle which might be a bit rich for you KTM folks but the Suzuki needle really works well with this block. I think the small tip diameter might be the key to not needing such a large main jet with this block. I will make sure and post in this thread of any changes that the updated block provides.