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  1. Chuckster

    Xr650r left radiator ....need help!

    Thanks Steve. I ordered an el cheapo mylers takes some time on turn around. Hoping to ride it last part of vacation.
  2. Woke up this morning and saw a puddle of coolant on floor below my left radiator. Tracking it down, seems to be one of the seems on the tube closest to the frame. Bike has untold number of miles on it I could smell slight coolant smell yesterday. Got to be repaired or replaced..any suggestions? I see fluidyne online for 278 bux, factory part about 280 bux, I know I could send to myler in Utah if still in business, anyone using the ebay cheap copies? Bad timing, no matter what I do the bike is put for this ouple weeks until is get part and install. . During vacation. I'll have to ride my...(ew..) KTM. . Thanks for any help
  3. Chuckster

    New to TT! Just got my 450L! USED!

    Finding one to ride will be the trick. I ride lots of miles on the xr650r and a ktm625sxc kinda shared duty with. Both are ideal dual sports as far as street ability goes. Most fun I've had ripping around was a kdx200..hoping the 450 be somewhere in the middle. That kdx was plated but less than reliable. I'll keep watching and see how the bike develops. I ride remote often. Wyoming, UT, CA, AZ..its got to get back. .hence paying the 20lbs weight penalty vs ktm.
  4. Chuckster

    New to TT! Just got my 450L! USED!

    Jim, If I recall, before you got the crf450l u had 500exc, a drz b4 and now again, bmw, and a xr650r. . Most curious about the xr650r vs crf450l comparison, comfort, atreet, etc. Seems on paper the new honda weight is about the same as the old honda weight. I recently rode a 450 exc 2017 6 days, and honestlythought my high mileage dialed in xr650r handled better everywhere except sub 10 mph. Sand, rocks , flat out, comfy on street. I did some distance on that bike. I don't see how a 450 can be as satisfying, no replacement for displacement kind-of thing.. Curious about that, as we have a few xr650r's in the crew high mileage, not even a top end! I mean 60k plus miles. . Chuck
  5. Chuckster

    Why do people like the Honda XR650R?

    Bike is still winner and champeen! Ran it hard this summer in WY. Teton area, Brooks Lake, Wind River ranges. Still dunno anything that can do the hard trails, turn around and ride 150, 200 miles back at hwy speeds..rain wind. This after Easter trip thru rocks on Elephant Hill UT with other xr650r 's and a 690. Rode dez a couple weeks ago. Been thinking about the Crf450L. Buddy has a 6 days 450 2017. Nice bike. Maybe me,it's me, bike felt heavier, turned slower above 5, 10 mph, lacked in power and suspension (to b fair I borynak stacked my suspension and am please with it) the 450 felt slow. No replacement for displacement, I'll put the Crf450L idea on the back burner. Keep them pigs rollin'
  6. I am also in this situation. The xr650r is such a versatile bike, use it on street, hwy, some single track, some difficult rock stuff like Moab, elephant hill stuff (👌😎favorite trail ever) . Has about 24k on it now. One in our group up in the 60k mile range no work, not even top end. Last week a buddy and I swapped bikes while riding the desert. I rode his 450 6daysmktm. Nice bike, but frankly, I thought it lagged compared to the Big xr650r. Above 10 I could turn better, had much more punch, acceleration, felt almost as heavy, the two bikes, tho his was a little taller. I’d give the edge suspension wise to the xr, but I did borynack stack it. Xr650r and the ktm both had seat concepts seats, mine was much, much more comfy, lots of foam to take the shock out of a whoop if standing wrong or riding seated either on road or dirt back to camp. Simpler, easier to maintain too. Hard to get excited about a modern 450 after that. There’s trips where this xr650r is my only bike. I don’t see the crf450L filling the purpose..yet. When I can rebuild the xr and keep it in service for 2k and get another 50k Miles out of it ..not yet there. Weight appears almost the same. Now if they updated the xr650r with a 6 speed, maybe even e start...I’d be workin overtime at the sperm and blood banks to get the cash🤑
  7. Chuckster

    My CRF450L Build

    Hmmm...I see an xr650r next to the Crf450L.. Does the XR know it's about to be replaced? 🤔🙁 if it knows. .even suspects. . You're in for trouble, they talk! I'll be following your reviews, I have an xr650r , ktm 625 sxc and a xr280. Both are great in dirt in their place. The xr650r is probably my favorite bike of all time, any kind, street or dirt. Just so damn useful. Probably the sxc would go if I bought the new Honda. Probably. This is the first of the new fangled fuel injected bikes that seems tough enough for long term hard duty riding, not needing new piston,other stuff at 8,10k, Honda's guaranteed for 1year unlimited and you can buy 4 , 5 years on top? They think a lot of it so we will. I'll be watching how you enjoy this bike, especially comfort, long rides! I think there's 23k, 24k on my xr650r, one guy in the crew has 64k last time I saw it last season, never even a top end. He's not kind to it either. Hope this new bike is the new xr!
  8. Chuckster

    Bored and tired of the XR, sell or modify?

    I saw this video some time ago. I do a lot of riding to explore, single track with buddies. I also have an xr650r and ktm625sxc I can ride if more open terrain or on a motorhome trip somewhere as my only bike. Variety helps. I also have the 280 kit, bike has all it needs. Gentle enough to cross Death Valley several weeks after a surgery and balance in rocks better than any 2 stroke I've had. When i get bored of the little xr, I pull up the video, try some stuff this Aussie does and remind myself it's not the bike I still stuck and need more practice! You know what's not boring? Riding. Riding an XR when your friends cant ride coz their ktm/husky/crf has a broken, leaking doodad, thingamajig made out of unobtainium currently on back order. That's boring. Get another bike, but keep the XR. As we age, they become better than we !
  9. Chuckster

    MSR oiled dual sport boots

    Guy ran into my buddy on a hilltop at cleghorn. Buddy was wearing those boots. Broken foot 2 places. Had be been wearing his heavy duty alpinestars he would have been fine. Only reason to have these dual sport boots is to walk. Get a good pair gaerne or other hinged boot for this. When the time comes you'll appreciate your foresight.
  10. Chuckster

    XR650L or Beta/KTM/Husky?

    If the pig (xr650r) had e start and 6 gears we'd all have no debate at all!. Kicking it is largely a non event, the torque is so great at low rpm u can gear it high with no troubles slipping clutch in rocks and the gear spread not terribly different, very useful. You can spend 10+k for a 690 and get an equal suspension, maybe, maybe 5 hp more at the top of the rpm, e start and I believe a less reliable bike. You have no kick backup on that and if battery dead truly, you cannot bump start it either as we found out. Low battery, ok. Dead battery, no. I did like the adjustable power band switch on the ktm. Can't comment on maneuvering the bikes as I think both handle equally well when set up. I'm well practiced with 2 strokes so in the rocks, rough I run the pig by using throttle for rpm and chase traction with clutch. Bikrnis well balanced and does fine. Difference is 7k and maybe a walk out vs something that you might be able to Mcgiver out if you had to.
  11. Chuckster

    XR650L or Beta/KTM/Husky?

    Xr650r is the bee's knees. Best. Dual Sport. Ever. Simple to maintain, almost power of the big ktm 690, more comfortable. Suspension is great if you revalue according to Borynack. One guy in the crew has w 690. Nice bike. We have had electric issues in the way out sticks..back of canyonlands, etc. The aftermarket seat concepts isn't ws comfy on that bike as it is on the xr650r. Xr650r isn't made now but if you are handy you can find one in reasonable shape. Fwiw we have one in our crew with 66k verified. No top end, nothing. Ridden like a rented mule. . Rode hard, beaten, and put away wet😆 I just got in from riding remote areas of Wyoming. Comfy for 2,3 hr street stretches, and I think more nimble when set up than a 690 in single track. I have a ktm 625 sxc as well. When I go someplace I absolutely have to come back from I take the Honda. As an exploration tool I can think of none finer. I came to it from a plated xr600. Wellvsorted, parts are available, and very durable, more so than the 650L. Good luck
  12. Chuckster

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    We'll b up there the 26-28th looking like.
  13. Chuckster

    My 2018 Beta 350 RR-S thread

    Really nice... been toying with a beta 350, 390, 430 to hopefully do all thentrail riding job including open dez sub 60 mph. I have an xr650r formhigher speed, more comfortable rides and dual sport, long trips off motorhome. You find this 350 comparible to your 2stroke? I miss a kdx200 I had, and wondering if this bike will cover it all with a plate. That Kdx was light, fast enough for what it did!. Maybe 390 feel more xr400 like?
  14. Chuckster

    Why do people like the Honda XR650R?

    Back from the dead, this topic! I've put almost 15k on mine, previous original owner about 2k, so it's probably half way thru at least the top end. My buddy has 64k on his never opened! Bike has made a great dual sport bike for me. I redid forks, shock according to Borynack, trail bike, made all the difference, that and seat concepts seat. I carry Giant loop saddlebags with it, have camped off it but mostly ride trails, 4x4 roads, explore. I hang it off my motorhome hitch rack, it's been to Utah,ridden Moab, Canyonlands, Elephant Hill, Impossible hill stuff, Sierras, Montana, Wy, Death Valley, AZ, NV., Idaho. You name it! Don't know any other bike that could be this solid, reliable, and still comfortable at 70 mph on highway. It does damn decent onvstreet, use it as an occasional commuter in LA traffic, and on local canyons. Had a kid try to follow me up Azusa Canyon on his r6 bike, he ran wide, into a ditch😲😨 the ol' xr corners real well and torques out of a corner like nobody's business! That on kenda 270 rear or d606. That kenda impresses me.. air down to 10, 12 psi. I got no idea what can do what this does as reliably. I have a ktm sxc as well, decent but not smooth and tuff to work on . If I'm headed into bear country, wife insists I take the xr!
  15. Chuckster

    getting interested in beta 390rrs possibly 500

    Thanks, I ride primarily off road a xr650r for the miles and in my ignorance, not a bad handler for places like Canyonlands, UT, Moab, the Sierra's (not so hot at Kennedy tho') and if I know it's going to be tough, the xr280 or kdx. All my stuff is plated, needs to be to get where I'm going. While the xr280 or kdx have it in the rough, esp the xr280 bounding up ledges, rocks, when things open up or there's sand ..wish I had more. .. and to loop back to the truck on a road or hwy at 65 mph would be great. Have a buddy who rides a ktm 450 2008 model, does this well, but he's had to tear into it at a little over 10k miles including bottom end for $$. At the other extreme in our crew we have an xr650r with over 64k miles not even a top end nor clutch. Guy is a decent rider, I've ridden some of those miles with him. If I can ride hard for a few years and at 20, 30k open the beta and new crank, what ever, I think that's good enough. I've been now to do stupid stuff from time to time like dunk an xr on a river crossing. I know the drill to get the water out, pull vent hoses from carbs, usually lights up. What do you do wit a computer controlled bike? All sealed I hope?I'm going to take a look this weekend. There's a demo on sale I may look at depending on deal and what I see.