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  1. mrjata

    Octane Ratings: higher = better performance, right?

    FINALLY! Great write up! Running a racing fuel company for decades, I fought this argument all the time. If you don't need octane, quit paying for it!! Burn rate is a whole different can of worms. Thanks for this!!
  2. mrjata

    Yz250 2007 top end rebuild now won't run

    A torn gasket can cause all kinds of weird things. All looks good, new gasket and then check it again. Might get an extra plug when you are out to be safe.
  3. mrjata

    Yz250 2007 top end rebuild now won't run

    I doubt that you have hurt anything with a bad gasket. Doubt that you "starved" the bearings for lube. I think you will be alright. Make sure that both surfaces and clean and flat.
  4. mrjata

    Yz250 2007 top end rebuild now won't run

    After looking, not sure how anything could be getting there to make the smoke...humm??? And I edit again........is there a water passage around the exhaust? or the front of the jug? Pulling coolant will make smoke, a lot of it and wet the plug
  5. From here. it looks like the front tank spacer for the back bone of the frame.
  6. mrjata

    Yz250 2007 top end rebuild now won't run

    Does the exhaust smell sweet? I was thinking maybe a head gasket leak?? Does the plug feel oily? or just wet? Does it look like fluid beads up on it? You can always taste it :')
  7. And park on a hill to push start it...been there.....
  8. Trying to recover from double knee surgery and things don't bend like they used to at my age.
  9. mrjata

    premix in tank

    Not yet, but get it burned up. You are on the down hill slide.
  10. Need input on value. 09 yz450f, valves in spec, new back tire (tonight) front tire 90%, all bearings in the frame either greased or replaced, new wheel bearings and seals, new fork seals, new x-ring chain, new gear set, 13/50, new break pads front and back, new clutch cable, repacked OEM muffler with all the restrictions removed from from the inside (straight pipe), idle screw replacement, seat perfect, white plastics, scratched but nothing broken. Can you give me a value? It might not be the bike for me. Might be selling it.
  11. mrjata

    09 SE should I change graphics?

    That is what I was thinking, too. If I go with new plastic/graphics, I am going old school and go yellow plastic and black/yellow graphics like some of my older bikes had on the metal tanks. Ya I am that old. Thanks
  12. Going through a 09 SE, should I keep the graphics? Are they something special? I would like to replace them but don't want to hurt the value of the bike.
  13. YA, 30 miles south of Maryville. Knobby Hill is 4 mi south of me and never been on the track.
  14. Good ideas, will sway my thinking too. I am in the NW corner of the state. 30 min from Iowa, Kansas or Nebraska. I ride mostly loose dirt, sand to clay. Not many rocky areas for me.
  15. Checked valves today. Metric feeler gauge-$5, shop manual $20, good advice from Thumper Talk, no valve adjustment needed, at the low end of spec. NO ADJUSTMENT NEEDED- PRICELESS!! Panic averted. Not to get a good hour meter. How is this one?? http://www.ebay.com/itm/291389125971?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Almost ready to ride. Need a tire, nothing fancy. Who has the cheapest tires?? Shopping Ebay 120/90-19. Liking the VEE tires.