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  1. trailmaster450

    Help valve issues on the 450r

    OK a little background info I re ringed my bike and found out that the left intake valve is cupped in to the head and needs replacing. so I want to get stainless valves all around. I hear that stainless are a whole lot better than stock they never need adjustment. I know about the white diamond valves made by kibblewhite but nowone sells them I have tried all parts distributors and companies and nothing. my local tried to get them and they said the they were discontinued. i can get the spring kit but not the valves. does anybody know where I can get them??
  2. trailmaster450

    04 flywheel on a 02 test result.

    what about more lowend power in general?
  3. trailmaster450

    Front Fork Seal Replacement

    go to rockey mountian.com and look for fork savers to keep out dirt
  4. trailmaster450

    Its a small world after all !!!!!!

    Guess what my boss told me today that his wife is bestfriends with the host of the dirt rider magizine show (molly colburn)on oln chanel and she even graduated from the same high school that Im going to. so my bosses wife is going to write her to see I she could talk to the producers to see if they could come over to my neck of the woods to do a show on our riding areas awasome if it happens Thanx
  5. trailmaster450

    Zipty fuel screw verses stock.

    I got one and all the only diffrence is the easy adjust screw
  6. trailmaster450

    Pics of my 05 CRF450

    looks good but your going to jump it and fold that thing in half. :cry: hey pollish the swing arm and the twin spars that saves weaight and looks awasome
  7. trailmaster450

    need help water pump weep hole

    no the reason it leaks is the pump shaft is wearing down smaller than the seal.(look at the shaft for a small grove in it) but you need to replace the seal and the shaft to.
  8. trailmaster450

    Knocking noise at idle

    all the 02 knock at low idle just the first year bike design I know mine does alot but dont worry
  9. trailmaster450

    engine ice and a 15 pound cap ????????????

    I got my ice at the local dealer I ordered it
  10. Does engine ice only worl well with the high a pressure cap Thanx
  11. trailmaster450

    just cleaned my carb and it dosentt idle W.T.F ????????

    nope It was the backfire plate on the slide I put it in upside down. now Its ready for the JD kit thanx TT members I wont do that again
  12. trailmaster450

    just cleaned my carb and it dosentt idle W.T.F ????????

    the plate twards the enginr right??
  13. trailmaster450

    just cleaned my carb and it dosentt idle W.T.F ????????

    could it be a slow jet cloged
  14. Hi your needles are marked for high elev-hot/low elev-cold what would be the best set up me that rides from 1400-10,000 and coming into winter for the 02 crf450???? thanx jd
  15. just cleaned my card last weekend, in preperation for my jd kit and now the sob wont idle????/ i think that I got a litle pice of gook lodged up somewhere in the carb can you guys help? thanx