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  1. RocketGirl

    Stonyford Presidents Day Weekend

    It was insane all the people and especially all the people on the lower trails. First time we tried to go out riding we got turned around by the rangers because someone had an accident and they were waiting for the helicopter. It was a great weekend though, perfect weather and riding. I only went out once but it was a fun ride, I didn't really like the quads and buggies coming at me on some of the trails.
  2. RocketGirl


    Those girls must have never had there boobs touched before to fall for that. Pretty desperate:awww:
  3. RocketGirl

    Moonrocks Easter camping

    Hi Mothermac, It was great to meet you guys and my kids had a ton of fun with your kids. It was great to have someone to ride with, I with we could have ridden more. Moonrocks is one of my favorite places to ride. I hope you were able to ride more after we left there are tons of little trails. The snow pics are great, you got quite a bit, I wish we would have had our camera to take some pictures of the snow on our drive home, it was beautiful.
  4. RocketGirl

    Is stonyford for women riders....

    Have fun!! Stonyford is alot of fun. The trails are pretty nice, the only thing I can remember stopping and not going any farther was when we started down a hill that was a blackdiamond. Just try whatever you are comfortable with. I find I like the trails higher up in the tree's, not so many rock. Those are the trails Zekedawg mentioned above. (he happens to be my guide and husband.) Did I see you post some pictures before riding in Redding???
  5. RocketGirl

    norcal thumpettes are you there?

    I live in Chico right now and will be moving to Redding around June. Maybe we could hook up and ride. Are you really familar with the Riding area's in the Redding area? My husband sometimes rides some area's up there but they are very steep and not my idea of a fun ride. What kind of riding do you like?
  6. RocketGirl

    so ladies...its wednesday....

    Going to Stonyford for the weekend, should be alot of fun.
  7. RocketGirl

    Aaaahhhhh, the drama....

    DRZ sorry to hear about the drama, I felt a little bit of that when I first started riding because I always rode with the guys. I have the same great friends and your friends hopefully will get over it. I think the jealousy comes from not being involved in something there spouses get so much enjoyment from and it cuts out time with there spouse. I know I get like that when my husband goes hunting. I imagine if he went hunting with some guys and a chick I would feel some jealousy.(MAYBE ALOT ) Try not to get you down and when you get a bike definately go riding with zekedawg and I sometime.
  8. RocketGirl

    Upper Michigan Ride Pics

    Great pictures! Looks like a great ride and the trails look nice.
  9. RocketGirl

    Need some riding in sand advice...

    I try to ride in sand standing and riding as fast as I can also helps. Hope that helps. I ride with another girl who use to ride the same bike you do and she had alot of trouble in the sand. Since she has switched to a crf 230 she feels like the bigger bike has helped. You will probably notice that each time you will get better, so just keep riding.
  10. RocketGirl

    Stonyford question

    Bob, I would recommend renting something with a heater this time of year, gets pretty cold, Boomer might get cold. People are normally pretty mellow on holiday weekends. I would try to get in one of the smaller camping loops instead of the big flat.
  11. RocketGirl

    Moonrocks, NV 9/30/05 to 10/2/05

    I am counting down the days, I can't wait! Damone I hope you and Mendi decide to come, it's been a long time since we have all got together. Marc and Kelly we will see you there.
  12. RocketGirl

    Riding in Norcal

    Give yourself a break Kim, your a great rider and you don't hold anyone back. I really enjoyed riding with you at Forest Hill. I do understand the mental stuff though, I do the same thing to myself all the time. It's not how fast you ride, it's all about having fun.
  13. RocketGirl

    Ride August 14th.

    I think I want to come along. Sounds like fun and I haven't ridden for awhile. See you later.
  14. RocketGirl

    First Time Riding!

    Looks like you have caught the bug, enjoy! It looks like you had a great time!