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  1. Hi All...With gas being as high as it is I'm looking to pick up a set of spare wheels I can put some cheap rubber on for the road this summer. Does anybody know what other model and year Honda wheels would be a direct bolt on for a 99 XR4 ? I'm thinking of running some DOT tires on the road and saving my good tires for my off road trips up north in Michigan. Thanks Steve:busted:
  2. L354

    XR4 Eibach Springs

    HHHHMMMMM....tell me more about shim stack mods.
  3. L354

    XR4 Eibach Springs

    Hi All...I just got my set of Eibach fork springs for my 99 XR4. After looking over the instrution sheet I got more questions then I did before I looked at it.Hoping some of you guys that have put them in can help me out. Heres some info on me and the bike. Forks are all stock Springs are Series 996, 45Kg My weight is 195-200 without gear Ok now for the questions, How much perload spacer do I need and how do I figure this out ? ( install sheet says 5-10mm, no more then 10mm) Do you put the washers on top and bottom of the preload spacer and do the washers count as part of the 5-10mm preload spacer ? What is everybody running for fork oil weight ? Anything else I should look for or any other info will be helpfull. Thanks....Steve:busted:
  4. L354

    Mounds in Genesse County

    The place called Range Road is just west of Port Huron near I-94 & Range road. I live about 2 mi. from it......Dont waste your time the place is pretty much trashed. I also heard that they are trying to close it down anyway. Was a fun place to ride about 10-15 yrs. ago....now its pretty well shot. Steve
  5. L354

    tb88 kit

    Was looking at a tb88 kit for my sons 04 CRF70 and got a couple questions. 1. Well it run with a jetted stock carb ? 2. Is the stock pipe ok ? 3. Do you really need to replace the stock oil pump with a high volume pump ? Thanks Steve
  6. L354

    Wanted : XR / CRF 70

    Thanks All...Just picked up a clean 04 CRF70 for him....looked all over for one and ended up buying it about 2 miles from my house...go figure. Thanks Steve
  7. L354

    XR4 Fork Springs

    I've got a little extra cash so I'm thinking about a set of fork springs for my 99 XR4. 1. Whats everybody using...Eibach, Race Tech, Progressive Suspension ? 2. How was the install and directions ? 3. Any problems after you put them in ? Last, but most important....How do you like them? I'm kinda leaning towards the Eibach, it sounds like they are more bike specific....ie no spacers or shims needed. Would like to hear what everybody has to say about any of the brands. Thanks Steve
  8. L354

    The xr400 to 426

    I put in the 11:1 426 kit last winter and have run it all summer and fall. I did get a good boost in power, not hugh by any means but I'll take what I can get. I jetted with 60/160 and havent had any overheating problems (may go down to a 158 main and see what happens). I run 91-93 pump gas and get a very little ping only when running slow in high temps. Its a good improvment for the money and doesnt seem to hurt reliability, go for it. Steve
  9. L354

    Wanted : XR / CRF 70

    Motox : Sorry already sold the 50. Thanks Steve
  10. L354

    Wanted : XR / CRF 70

    Hey All, Hope everybody had a great X-mas. My son has out grown his XR50 so I'm lookin for a clean XR/CRF70 for him. I'm in Port Huron area and was hoping to find something in SE Michigan. If you have one or know of one drop me a PM with a phone # , location and price. Thanks Steve
  11. I'm looking at moving my son up from a XR50 to a 70, I'm wondering if there is any real difference in the 2000 and up XR70s and the newer CRF70s. It looks like only plastic thats changed, but I'm not sure. Also does anyone know if the CRF plastic will fit on the XR ? Thanks Steve
  12. L354

    XR4 Vortex Header ?

    Hey All.....I was just lookin thru my December Dirt Bike mag. and found an ad for this strange looking header called Pulse Vortex Header. They also sell a carb system called Pulse Charged Intake. The header is an odd looking donut shaped thing with two pipes coming out of it, then going back into one pipe. Its made by a company called McCords Pulse Engineering. Was wondering if anybody has seen, heard or bought any of this stuff for an XR4. Thanks Steve
  13. L354

    Brevort to Newberry

    Hey all.....Just watchin the snow fall.....but thinking about next year already. Has anybody riden or know anything about the Brevort to Newberry trail ? I was thinking of an overnite ride, spending the nite in Newberry then coming back the next day. I'm not even sure if its a long enuff ride to make into an overniter. Any info, like trail type, good time of year to go, gas stops, would be helpfull. hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm...speakin of snow...guess I should go see if the kids XR100 motor really will fit on the snowblower.... Thanks All Steve
  14. L354

    XR400 High comp run in?

    I agree with Rockjocky....It seems that the heating and cooling cycles are importent when you do a breakin on a new piston and bore. When I did my 426 kit I ran it thru about a half dozen cycles before I started to really get on the gas hard. Also its not good to run at steady RPMs, try to run RPMs up and down...but not so low as to make the motor lug.
  15. Hey all...was just wondering what any of you vintage guys think a 77 CR125 Elsinore is worth. It looks just about mint, runs good and is all there....any ideas ? Thanks Steve