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  1. mambeault

    Help a Newbie Learn to Donut

    Another easy way to turn around in a tight spot (especially if it is too rocky to stay on the bike) is to put the bike in neutral, get off, put the kick stand down, crank the bars to the left, and lean the bike way over on the kickstand. Then just a little tug on the fron and the bike will spin on the spot! Easy, quick and no trace. Faster than doing a ten point turn anyways...
  2. mambeault

    I got my arm back!!!!!!!!!

    Man it feels great when that cast finally comes off eh? Mine was killing me because it was rubbing on the pins that were sticking out of my arm so it was such a relief to get it off. It's surprising how quickly the strength and ROM will come back. I went for some physio but didn't need it for very long. My physiotherapist said to use it as much as possible and to push it harder and further than you think you should. He said it should hurt while you are doing it but not too much afterwards. If it hurts a lot more later, you're pushing it too hard, if it doesn't, you're not pushing it hard enough! Hope you're back out riding soon!
  3. mambeault

    Still Confused about Chain/Sprocket

    That is what I mean. It's not exactly 'legal' but it is insured and looks legal form a distance. Thanks for the tips!
  4. mambeault

    Ice Studs

    Apparently sheet metal screws work great as well.
  5. mambeault

    Still Confused about Chain/Sprocket

    I'm on the Island until Dec 28th then I head back up North. So excited! Should be some fun riding up there this winter. I like the idea of changing the front sprocket and seeing what that does. I always like to do as much as I can myself too. Was it difficult to do? If I don't get it done before I go, it will probably wait until spring when I have more money anyway. Being a student sucks!!! Thank god I'm done and can finally start living again! Thanks everyone for posting such good advice.
  6. mambeault

    Stopping in nuetral?

    5. Coast a long way downhill in neutral on a 2 smoke Why? I'm not a two-smoker but I was just curious.
  7. Ok, so I did a search and read all of the threads in this forum about chain and sprocket upgrades and I'm still confused.... I have a Canadian (if that makes a difference) 2004 CRF230. I have done all of the basic mods to it (baffle, snorkle, rejetted...). So here's what I need; Where I ride there are lots of loooooong, steep, hill climbs. My bike just seems to run out of power before I get to the top. I usually start in 3rd pinned and before I get to the top, I'm in 1st praying it's going to make it. I find first gear pretty useless in this bike and rarely, if ever, use it. I'm not worried about losing some topend speed either. What kind of chain/sprocket conversion do you think would be best for me? Will it make first gear more useable or is that always going to be a wasted gear? Will the conversion make my gears shorter or longer or no difference? I don't really understand how this works. Do you just put on the new chain and sprocket and that's it or do you have to make other adjustments as well? Thanks.
  8. mambeault

    I made out at the DMV big time!

    That's how I got my bike plated too! I did put on all of the required lights after though. It still isn't actually legal but it looks legal from far away. I know people who didn't do that, got pulled over and were given a "request for inspection" They either lost their plates or spend way more money getting all of the DOT approved stuff. I spent about $150 CAD to do this and it would have been about $600 if it was all legal. I'd highly reccommend it. Night riding is awesome so having a headlight is great anyway!
  9. mambeault

    YAY! Finally back on my bike!

    For sure! I hope to get a lot more pictures of me riding this winter than I did last summer.
  10. mambeault

    barkbusters/handguards ???

    I have the Acerbis rally pros too. They look pretty trashed but they have done an excellent job of protecting my hands and levers. The only thing is I found they bent too easily. Every time I went down, they would bend enough so that my levers would get stuck or even the rubber around the throttle making it stick on. I have since fixed that problem by putting some plumbing tape under the mounts allowing the handgaurds to rotate rather than bend. Still seems to protect my levers fine. Anyway... been through three sets of handlebars but only one set of bark busters.
  11. mambeault

    post some pics of your injuries...

    These were taken a week after crashing my dirtbike while racing around a paved track. Smart, I know. They also drained 80 cc's of blood out of my knee in two days. Now if only I could figure out how to get a digital copy of my x-rays of my shattered wrist.
  12. mambeault

    YAY! Finally back on my bike!

    Nope! Goin' up north for the winter and I'm going to stud up my tires and ice race!
  13. mambeault

    YAY! Finally back on my bike!

    Feels so good! I really missed it. Thankfully I had thumpertalk to keep me company. Shattered my wrist riding in August and got back on the bike for the first time today. Planned on doing a really easy ride but ended getting lost and on to some tight technical single track. No real problems though, just weak and tired out easily. Nice to see my skills are still there but WOW am I outta shape!
  14. mambeault

    I need your opinion ! ! !

    I don't care either. I always just change standing beside the truck. I do have this AWESOME skirt though that I can put on or take off over my pants. My friend made it for me out of an old pair of Carhart pants. It is the best! It's like a utility skirt (anyone ever see those utilikilts?) and it's carhart so it doesn't matter if I get grease on it working on my bike. Just a suggestion... Would love more skirts like that and would definitely buy some if they were available. (Carharts are too expensive to buy to cut into skirts) Tank tops with built in bras are a great idea to. That's all I ever wear dirtbiking. The racer-back ones from Old Navy work great. Would love some that matched riding pants though and had even better support!
  15. mambeault

    who has an RM100?

    Hey! First off if you read my post, I was only talking about riding trails and not about jumping. Secondly, it was only my opinion (it seems like macgyver was looking for opinions) not gospel. If I don't like your opinion on something, I don't make fun of you!