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  1. jawknee21

    7/8 to 1/8 bars

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/BAR-MOUNT-SUZUKI-DRZ400SM-HANDLEBAR-MOUNT-28mm-BAR-CLAMP-1-1-8-2010-2019-DRZ400/253688048195?hash=item3b10fc6a43:g:xsYAAMXQCtlRO3iU i bought this one when i switched bars. its kinda cool because it holds your bars in position if you want to take them off the bike for any reason..
  2. looking to change my rear sprocket but im not super excited about paying $30 for a sprocket. what other bikes have the same bolt pattern?
  3. I found out how to reset it but it goes to 45 hours. how do I change it to something else? i know people have been using 15 hours. what does everyone else use on their 701?
  4. jawknee21

    Switch hitting

    You gonna sell the wr?
  5. jawknee21

    About to dive into the BB/Cam install

    Single layer base gasket will raise compression. Both of mine have it and i just make sure I always run premium gas. Valve cover gasket is reusable I used non synthetic oil for my break in and changed it like 50 miles after I did the break in. Might as well do the cam chain while it's apart. I have a wiseco in mine and it seems fine. I know nothing about jetting
  6. I always change both of them since they both come in the rebuild kit. I can't ever tell what fixed it but its fixed when I'm done..
  7. jawknee21

    cold starting rubbish

    Maybe get the battery tested? The cold could've killed it. Could have a bad cell or something
  8. Yea. It's probably the needle and seat. Did you pull your own carb yet? You can just turn it off when you're not riding but that is just putting off fixing another problem..
  9. The needle and seat in the carb should prevent this but a manual petcock would also keep that from happening
  10. jawknee21

    Cylinder head gasket fitment?

    I think thats normal. Did you use any copper coat?
  11. jawknee21

    2013 wr450 service manual?

    No they don't have it. But thanks
  12. jawknee21

    2013 wr450 service manual?

    I have to do fork seals and cant find a manual online anywhere thats not $75. does anyone have one (digital) or one to sell?
  13. jawknee21

    FCR and jet identification help

    no idea. whats that supposed to mean?
  14. jawknee21

    FCR and jet identification help

    too bad eddie isnt still around. Maybe try calling him?