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  1. davidhar

    Tips for solo riders...

    Really, getting all butt hurt because I pointed out you are committing 4 felonies every time your ride? Between the flat black spray painted bike, the pot leaf profile pic, the obsession with Narcotic pain killers you bought off the street corner (I was really expecting some kinda lame excuse...), the insistence for carrying a gun that doesn't fit your needs, and the Fack the police and the law attitude, I think I now see why everyone near you is so concerned about weirdos in the woods. They're talking about you when you're off the bike wandering. So how many times in those six years have you used the handgun or the street narcotics to save your life or someone else's? So the first post was bullshit - you don't have every tool and accessory to strip to the frame, you have a wallet sized allen wrench set. Also, I see several regular old bolts on your bike, like the fork clamps, so I'm calling BS on the 'changed every bolt' bit. Also looks like the lower battery cover bolt is still the 8mm OEM bolt, but maybe not. Got a torque wrench for the axles and motor mounts? Then you are incompetent with firearms, because that little .45 will be pretty useless for every one of those. * Mountain lion - it will be on you before you get enough shots in to kill it with such a slow slug. In bear territory they usually carry .357/.44 Magnums and bear pepper spray for this exact reason. Same holds true for rutting buck, if you've done something stupid enough to anger one such that it won't just run away. Imagine how easy hunting would be if the big bucks always ran AT the tree stands! * "6 foot Indian with rifle pointed at you" - With gun, you reach for your holstered gun to fire back, he sees you grabbing for a gun, and you have a rifle slug hole in your chest before you can draw. By the way, What's special about his height? Are "5 1/2 foot indians" a different tribe? * Booby trapped pot field - what the fack do the booby traps care if you have a gun? Pikes will impale you just the same. If your concern is the armed drug guard, see Indian above, as he will have heard the bike and have you in his sights before you even know where you are. I'm all for carrying, and often do myself depending upon where I am riding - and always legally. But that's not a great choice for the reasons you're claiming; and of course it's illegal as hell. I will admit that's a pretty nice setup for the saw mount. Well done. Yet earlier in this thread you called the guy an idiot for suggesting having some rope or a ratchet strap for hill side rests because "If you cant get out by benching a new trail to get back on trail, or twisting bike around before lifting, you probably wont get out anyway. I have been in some really shitty situations alone and have learned how to get out by manipulating the bike depending on situation." So that chainsaw should be pretty useless according to you. Go around any fallen trees, per you.
  2. davidhar

    Gas prices rising!

    Good god... So this off the way nutiness is what happens to people when pot is decriminalized...
  3. davidhar

    Flipping bikes, really worth it?

    No amount of diesel will get all the bits from a piston blow up out of the case. There's probably some chunks that wouldn't even fit through the oil drain, and even tiny shits can F a bearing bad. Crazy - get the tools or pay someone to split the case. Do it right or not at all.
  4. How many hours are you putting on a piston to get it down to $2/hr? 100+ hours on a MX 2st? I have noticed quite a few people mentioning trail/enduro bikes that do not need as frequent maintenance as MX bikes as in the OP question...
  5. davidhar

    UGLY watercooled engines.

    Because the numb nuts OP brought up every side item you mention by demanding that worthless cooling fins be added on water cooled engines, fragging their functionality. Get a little mud on the pretty fins and they turn into a heat reservoir and insulator, in addition to all the problems mentioned already. And why? so he can try to justify shrinking the radiators by 1/8 of an inch, because that's about all the load some aluminum fins on the side of the cylinder would take off the radiator.
  6. davidhar

    Tips for solo riders...

    I want to see how you carry a day's supply of food water, every possible tool for a bike tear down, a freaking CHAINSAW, and everything else on your bike for a single day's ride. I imagine it looking like an overloaded adventure touring bike, like this #9 - Illegal in California, open carry or concealed carry. I would disagree on .45 acp, but you may be taking into account a magazine capacity restriction no one else has to live by. #10 - Nor Co is a Schedule 3 Narcotic controlled substance. Possession of it without a current legitimate prescription (that says yous should be taking it right now, not an old prescription) is in the same penalty statute as possession of 100 pounds of Marijuana - up to 5 years and $250,000 fine.. Possessions of a firearm with possession of narcotics or while using narcotics is an even worse penalty. You may want to reconsider carrying around narcotics. Or hell, just carry around some heroin for pain killer and Meth for a motivator if you crash. Underlined are my notes
  7. About 1/2 a mile back on the trails I found a dog collar strapped around a tree. Sharpee marker was written on it "Rex RIP 7-11-14". Left us with quite a somber feeling the rest of the trip, especially since I was there with my dog.
  8. davidhar

    What caused this to blow

    I can tell you exactly what caused that - lack of quality maintenance!
  9. davidhar

    ACT wide ratio transmission

    Go back tot eh bolded step and check if you can get things to move every step of the way. Open it back up until it can move, then one step/one bolt/piece at a time close it up and check between every step. That's about the only way to find when/where it starts binding. Click the shift lever up/down is the only way to check what gear you're in with the case closed.
  10. davidhar

    ACT wide ratio transmission

    Sold as a set, but you could probably selectively install 4th and fifth gears, leaving the stock 2-3 in place (stock first place always stays)
  11. davidhar

    Yamaha's stab at KTM

    Yamaha doesn't have a two stroke woods bike, at all. OP was wishing the YZ250 would be updated like the YZ250FX and WR-F. The only Yamaha woods bikes (all four stroke) have a electric start, another thing that has been stated as a 'bad' for the KTM in all previous posts. Now why would I have been thinking everyone in this &%$#@!ing thread has been talking about the YZ250....? That would be the YZ250, not the just recently spawned into existence YZ250FX woods bike. And as far as woods bikes... YZ250FX MSRP - $8749 (2015) 250 XC MSRP - $8199 (a year old MSRP, couldn't find '15 prices) So where's this giant gap between KTM and Yamaha? Only thing I see is a price gap in bike type, regardless of manufacturer. Suspension wise - well, really any bike should be set up for the rider's weight if not at manufactured spring rates. Personal preference and what you use the bike for really decides what works best for you. I'll give you that they can be equal or Yamaha suspension better.
  12. davidhar

    Yamaha's stab at KTM

    The &%$#@! are you talking about? 2014 YZ250 MSRP - 7150, 7290 in 2015 2014 250SX MSRP - 7199 (couldn't find 2015 MSRP right off) $49 worth of crap to deck a bike out with? And to get an engine that has had no real updates in a decade, lesser suspension, etc. You got a real winner there.
  13. Here's the real key - in some, in some, in some... Having an off road only vehicle sitting on the road can be grounds for towing in the right region. No motor running in some areas. Or a Free for all. Also remember that this is not a US only forum, so I'm sure the aussies and Canadians have some different rules. While in Quebec I saw marked snowmobile/ATV trails for miles along the side of the interstate, with their own mini-stop signs at intersections and all. In the county my father lives in (farming) any off road vehicle is legal on any unpaved/gravel/dirt road during sunlight hours. Headlight and tail light (no brake light needed) and the after dark hours are yours. Crossing paved roads between unpaved perfectly okay. Riding in the ditch under 25 (As i recall) legal. The adjacent county - no off road or unplated vehicles on any road, paved or unpaved, at any time. Must be full DOT street legal with plate or will be stopped. Amazing what kind of difference a county line can make, isn't it?
  14. davidhar

    Carrying while riding...

    Well, this turned into a TS dungeon brawl argument plenty quick...
  15. davidhar

    Ethanol removal

    I'm curious OP, how exactly do you THINK you have removed ethanol from gas in small scale already? Short of distillation, you're not. And that much heat on something as flammable as gas is unbelievably dangerous without the proper industrial safety controls.