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  1. The factory manual states 27.95mm +/-1mm.
  2. While I'm waiting on the snail mail to drop off a factory service manual for the bike I'd like to get the carb taken care of. I have the carb apart and cleaned already, I just want to check float level before reinstalling. Does anyone know the float level for an 82 sp500? There seems to be very minimal info on these bikes on the web
  3. I'm kind of at a loss. Every two weeks or so I'm putting a left front turn signal in my 1984 XT600. I ride it 200 miles or so a week. The bike has a new voltage regulator as of 6 months ago but this problem didn't start until 2 months ago or so. Battery is also around 4 months old. It just seems odd it's only one bulb being blown. Any thoughts or ideas on the cause.
  4. Retro rocket can probably make you a custom pipe if you wanted.
  5. Don't get a one size fits all carb unless you're going to replace all the jets, slides, needles, etc before you install it. A carb setup by sudco is worth the extra money.
  6. Your voltage regulator isn't doing it's job most likely. Check on the condition of that and make sure it's hooked up properly.
  7. Did you run into any fitment issues? I saw on racetechs website it said you might have to bend a hoop on the frame. I've acquired a yz250 shock but it hasn't been fitted yet.
  8. Boyesen reeds are generally accepted as a way to increase low end grunt. Theyre cheap and easy to install. Just make sure you remove the reed limiters or they won't perform any better than stock reeds.
  9. I'll preface this with... I race an AHRMA vintage hare scramble series but the classes are basically the same. My preference is post vintage because the bikes are usually more plentiful, as are the parts. They also are easier to ride and won't wear you out so much. Quite a few people ride in both vintage and post vintage races like you stated. There are significantly more racers in the post vintage race. In the end it's mainly about riding a bike that makes you happy as these events arent super competitive or anything.
  10. The things probably been well abused. It's not a great deal. And you'll struggle making any money if your into flipping it. People that want these bikes want them in mostly original condition. Even a nice clean unmolested 490 doesn't go for much more than a grand.
  11. Let me know if you need ohm values to test your ingnition system. Get the part numbers of the parts you want to get and search them on boats.net. They list other models the part was used in. 84-86 IT200 parts will be the same in most cases.
  12. Did your bike not come with them or did the coil/backing plate or flywheel assembly work it's way loose and chewed up the flywheel and coils? If it worked itself loose prepare to put a new lower end in it... I've seen it happen a few times on 200s and IT 175s. The excess vibrations from the worn parts lead to the parts working themselves loose.
  13. That's inch measurement, .020 inches is about .5mm or first over bore. You definitely need to have the cylinder checked out before you buy the piston. Keep in mind you'll need rings, a wrist pin, and wrist pin bearing. Also a brief ebay search pulled up a significant number of available piston kits.
  14. I assume you mean 2mm? Not .2? Usually they go up in .5 mm increments. You have to get your cylinder measured. Even with low miles there's no guarantee your cylinder is not already bored over a time or two. Generally 2mm overbore is as much as you can do. After that it's time for a sleeve or new cylinder.
  15. I think he's referring to the motard XT. You are correct, mine is stock.
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