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  1. helix66

    Where did you ride?

    Need a tyre siping tool stat
  2. helix66

    The Snake Pit happened today

    They sell a sweet hole kit for $1.63
  3. helix66

    Secret pm camping and riding thread

    Don't forget to add the "On-going" part to the title.....and the "sss-Rider report" thread.
  4. helix66

    Where did you ride?

    ABSOLUTELY!! That been a consistent problem for me, basically I need to spend a day at that hill....just not when it's 90* ...Frankie, when you listen to my sorry assed attempts you can hear me back off the throttle, I should have clutched it instead. I have no problem doing that in the rocks or on single track but the climbs mess me head and vaajayjay
  5. helix66

    Where did you ride?

    Guess I gotta fess up as the other half of the gang that couldn't ride straight.....I did clean this thing once but seems like years ago now and doesn't count anyway. ......more cowbell. First run looking for the rocks Third time no charm
  6. helix66

    Fuel mixture help

    X2 Watch the slavens video.
  7. helix66

    '16 xcfw 350 plating

    If you already have hand guards then I think you can just get the LED part and cut them in yourself. I think the cycras are a lot better than the $A hand guards.
  8. helix66

    '16 xcfw 350 plating

    I put the kit from $ica$$ on a while ago, I was just looking into possibilities for the future. None of this stuff is DOT but it's enough to give the impression of legality.
  9. helix66

    '16 xcfw 350 plating

    Thanks for that! Do the turn sigs work while the tail light is on? The pix on eBay didn't show that.
  10. helix66

    '16 xcfw 350 plating

    Do you have a link for that tail light?
  11. helix66

    Can anyone confirm LPNF still open? 10/30/16

    Any validation to that rumor?
  12. helix66

    What's a schmo to do?

  13. helix66

    Anyone riding around Las Vegas

    Let me know if you'd Dazo ever hit up Nelson....I'd pay for your gas if you hated it......but I'm no working out there any more!
  14. helix66

    Snake pit revisited Nov 5th

    You mean tractor...
  15. helix66

    What's a schmo to do?

    Were the stock ones worn out? I'm wondering how you can tell. The v4 made a difference huh?