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  1. TurboChainsaw

    Whats the MX scene like in the Charlotte area?

    probably very similar to where you are minus the snow (although we had our fair share this winter) you have TNT , Cedar Cairn , Iron City , MX421 , Club MX , and Silver Creek within 2 hours in different directions also some other good ones that are a little farther out are Wide Open MX ,Hog Heaven , South of the Border , and Palmetto.
  2. TurboChainsaw

    Wharton back on Geico Honda?!?!

    thank you Honda!! now we don't have to worry about Blake focusing on his "music career" for awhile!
  3. TurboChainsaw

    Wharton the rockstar?

    if he had any sense he would write a bad ass moto song call it Whiskey Throttle Huck a Buck and get them to play it before supercross! It's not like it would be worse than Brett Micheals song
  4. TurboChainsaw

    Is villipoto alright?

    I thought the same thing it looked like Poto was trying to turn but at the speed he was going he just could'nt make it so he said f*#@ it and went and took a dirt nap
  5. TurboChainsaw

    2013 Motocross of Nations

    Dungey looked horrible he seemed way off pace all day. Tomac and Barcia were on pace just had some bad luck.
  6. TurboChainsaw

    What bike to you want to see Reed on for 2014 and why?

    this-----> with a pair of these hanging off the rear fender bc this is what real men ride
  7. TurboChainsaw

    Riding with Jewelry?

    I almost always wear my ring but not when I ride. I tried riding with it a few times but found it to be very uncomfortable so it stays in the truck.
  8. no Ronnie Mac how about the Tigerman
  9. TurboChainsaw

    GoPro vid, 2 laps of my local track

    i saw a few rocks out there
  10. TurboChainsaw

    RV GoPro - Utah