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  1. crfmatt

    Any pics of a YZ w/ black wheels?

    Hey Desert Devil, How about some pics of the truck?
  2. Its a 1992, it has a 5.0L (305 new crate motor), extended cab, shortbed
  3. Thanks for the help...onto the next option (since Im still saving for dual exhaust...) My dad said if I replaced the muffler with a Glass pack i would still get a good sound. So Im wondering what would be better, a glasspack or a Flowmaster Super 40?
  4. It would be under the bed...
  5. Ok heres the situation...I am going to get flowmaster dual exhaust for my truck (chevy 1500) next month...untill then is it bad to cut the exhaust right before the muffler? Cause I would really like it to rumble. Sorry I know your thinking another dumb kid like getdrunk but please help.
  6. crfmatt

    Radiator Guards??

    There was a post on here about how the Unabikers didnt fit well at all (426) but maybe they are good for the 450's...
  7. crfmatt

    biulding a muscle truck

    That toyota must be insane...Did you put a Solid axle on it or is it stock?
  8. Already work 2 jobs... Just I wouldnt wanna get a truck that he doesnt want me to get because then when I need help with something on it he would just be like I told you not to get it. Oh well though I may have found a deal on a diffrent truck (without a bedlined body lol)
  9. I havent bought it...was just looking at it.
  10. Who cares ur truck is better than your co-workers fords..IMO But ya, I love ur truck!
  11. Hey, Sorry no help but I would reccomend you to TTORA they are VERY helpful and will answer any question you have. It is just like a TT for Toyota's but without all the 9yr olds... http://www.tacomaterritory.com/forum/
  12. You can do many things to improve it...New spark plugs, clean injectors, new airfilter, change fluids, aftermarket exhaust for better flow, performance chip on the economy setting, and ofcourse dont have a lead foot! Hope that helps you out...
  13. Im hoping it wasnt done to cover anything up, if not I LOVE the idea of it since I wouldnt worry about scratching it up while getting out to riding spots Heres some pics of it (And yes it has new tires now..) http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i109/matt_29_29/16atkpf.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i109/matt_29_29/16atlja.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i109/matt_29_29/16atkww.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i109/matt_29_29/16atl60.jpg
  14. It has 140K miles.., 5.7 Liter (chevy 350), power everything, CD player, CB radio, Winch, off road lights on the bumper, On-board air with a 5gal tank and hose real in the bed, good tires and wheels, and a hi-lift jack mounted to the tailgate And the best part of all the owner is willing to take $4,000 cash!
  15. I have been trying to find a good truck for months now...Finally I found a 1995 chevy 1500 that I really like. It is all set up for off road, the only problem is the body is sprayed with bed liner (like rhino). I like the finish of it, its very rugged and I wouldnt be worried about scratching it off roading...The only problem is my dad thinks its very stupid to spray the whole body not just the bed. I would just buy the truck since I like it but Im 16 and kinda have to get something my dad approves of. How can I make him realize its not bad thats its bed lined...or is it a bad thing?????