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  1. Battery grounded well? I noticed in your pic that your positive wire is long. That would use more energy from battery. I would cut that back some.
  2. yz250f 78

    19 yz250f won’t start

    Got to keep these batteries topped off periodically with the correct battery tender
  3. yz250f 78

    Kx100 jetting and spark plug color

    How bout putting in one size bigger main jet and test it.
  4. yz250f 78

    Camshaft wear, feedback please

    Is this a sales pitch? I’m I suppose to run amsoil? Amsoil did the test? I’ll stick with Mobil 1 but thanks!
  5. yz250f 78

    Camshaft wear, feedback please

    Try it. You'll like it
  6. yz250f 78

    KLX 110 WOT Bog, Please help

    Jets get easily clogged. It may not be a jetting problem at all. I’m at 950ft with stock jetting and time and time again I’ll get a bog. The fix for me is cleaning the carb!!!
  7. yz250f 78

    Front brake rotor issue??

    Measure the diameter and let me know. I’m sure I have one. This is what I have and it’s yamaha
  8. yz250f 78

    Front brake rotor issue??

    What bike? I may have a good rotor
  9. When was the last time a helmet was padded correctly? You have a thin layer of padding with a hard foam basically. So no I don’t agree on smaller helmet, less padding! The way helmets are made is really just a extension of your head. There is no padding to protect. Do you remember when one of the bells debut the 6d? Ya he crashed and got knocked out! I don’t care about grammar bro. You got my point. I don’t need to be politically correct. Oh and don’t back peddle now. Your easily trained.
  10. Yes compare one to a bell. Airoh aviator is smaller and lighter! Big and heavy doesn't mean protection. Do you remember when a helmet use to be a piece of leather? I suggest you do some research on size,weight and even materials for the Airoh aviator 2.3. They are smaller and lighter! Look at a racer one time. There skinny neck is exposed with a huge, heavy helmet on there head. Can you amagine the force of a bulky, heavy helmet? Nobody knows better cuz that's all that is offered here in the states. They all follow a helmet trend and that is big,bulky,heavy with a bunch of sales gimmicks. They need to get on the Airoh wagon!
  11. Airoh aviator 2.3 is the shizzzz! Smaller and lighter is the secret! All others are huge bobblehead paper weights with a bunch of new tech BS for sales.
  12. yz250f 78

    CDI Box

    I have several 2012 yz250f cdi boxes
  13. yz250f 78

    About to buy the FCR MX39

    Wow! sorry I did not know this. I checked it out myself. Permanently closed! I guess fuel injection sealed there fate.
  14. yz250f 78

    2019 YZ250F Motor Issues VIN record

    Ya but look at the few problems. These makers have been building motors for awhile now. You would think that they would have “the motor” figured out already. POOR ENGINEERING!!