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  1. GHILL28

    YZ250X fork & Shock service

    What do you suggest for the mid then?
  2. GHILL28

    Kyb SSS modified stack

    The MX Tech compression adjuster assembly can do really good things for the KYB shocks. The return valve on it adds low speed rebound damping where the stock unit does not. Just run that with the stock rebound valving on the main, and a more open clicker setting. And it won't be all retarded in whoops and huge braking bumps like a stack of fender washers on the main piston, like what people typically do with these shocks.
  3. Oh the motocross versions that I've ridden have all been fine in the gearbox department. Never even noticed them. This is specific to the FX model (or the WR gearbox).
  4. Well, most of the reviews of the bike mention the hard shifting compared to the MX bike. I've found that to be true.
  5. GHILL28

    What does cavitation feel like?

    Correct. Unless there is hysteresis from friction, or the positive/negative force balance or volume balances are wacky, air forks should behave like a standard spring. Reliability is another issue.
  6. The FX gearbox is notoriously difficult to shift sometimes, especially from 2nd to 3rd sometimes. I'm splitting the cases to fix a hole, so I can fix/modify whatever is needed out of convenience now. Shift dogs/shift drum? Shift shaft/linkage?
  7. GHILL28

    What does cavitation feel like?

    You're never going to "feel" cavitation. Air bubbles and an extreme low pressure zone behind a piston will only exist for a few milliseconds before coming back out of suspension and equalizing back into the fluid from the pressure. Remember, the shaft velocity is what makes the cavitation possible and it's not going to maintain that peak velocity for long. Even when the direction changes, those air bubbles dissolve back into the oil the split second there's any positive pressure on that part of the system (or even before the direction changes, just as long as the vacuum pressure drops enough as it slows down). If there really is cavitation going on, what you most likely would "feel" is hydrolocking from the compression side of the piston, or a really extreme blow-through from a weak base valve, or maybe some bad combination of those behaviors throughout a ride.
  8. GHILL28

    Kyb SSS modified stack

    Sustained dive = engine braking. Convention is to leave it closed on 4T bikes and open on 2T, but that's not always the case with the OEM settings. Yamaha has flip flopped on that through the years on the 4T line.
  9. GHILL28

    Tomac's Bike Setup

    The Kawi has some fundamentally different geometry to it than other bikes. He could still run the rear really low with the rider sag and have a stiff fork setup, but have the geometry of the bike set more for cornering. Tons of things to play with, but only a couple of them to speculate reasonably about from pictures/videos.
  10. GHILL28

    Tomac's Bike Setup

    Also he runs his rear axle all the way back in the swingarm and the forks hiked WAY up in the clamps, based on a couple of bike setup articles posted in the last year.
  11. GHILL28

    Kyb SSS modified stack

    That's the whole reason the bleed stack exists in the first place.
  12. GHILL28

    Tomac's Bike Setup

    I think those bios are old from his 250 days and he's grown a bit since then.
  13. GHILL28

    Tomac's Bike Setup

    I think he is running softer rear spring than one might expect with more preload on it. The rear looks like it rises up quite a bit under braking to load the front compared to other riders.
  14. GHILL28

    Kyb SSS modified stack

    35mm is too much for a 2 stroke. The bike doesn't weigh as much and shouldn't be deflecting the spring on its own the same way as a 4 stroke. Those euro specs are definitely different than the US specs.
  15. GHILL28

    Kyb SSS modified stack

    Stock 15 450F has a crossover in the shock comp stack. The 250F valving might be a better starting point for the 2T. Not ideal, but better maybe