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  1. GHILL28

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    24 motos for outdoors Minimum 34 motos for Supercross if you have a heat and a main. Maybe more if he had to do a semi here and there. 3 at MEC. A couple at MXDN. Didn't watch that and I don't know the format. Straight Rhythm if he shows up to that, not sure if/how that counts. So, I'd say that any full time American racer does race about the same, or maybe more. Not drastically different either way.
  2. GHILL28

    All New 2019 Yamaha WR450F Announced

    I'm not sure I'd call a redundant start button a solution for a 100% dead battery...
  3. GHILL28

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Yes - the resident whiners, as part of some "protest". So, about as effective as the endless "protests" of aforementioned Hillary voters.
  4. GHILL28

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Some of you people piss and moan more than Hillary voters after an unexpected loss.
  5. GHILL28

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    You might not want to watch any other forms of racing either on account of someone somewhere doing something shady. For that matter, don't go on the internet or turn on any form of TV either. Don't even go outside. It's just not safe from deceit and sin.
  6. GHILL28

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Remember, Savatgy just has severe PTSD from certain left turns.... on certain laps..... in certain stadiums..... He knows what Tomac would have done, teammates or not. The difference is, he would have risked not getting 2nd in that race, and being on the ground while everyone else went by in the last turn before the finish. Also gotta remember, he didn't ass out anyone else, except himself. There's no net damage to anyone else's position or winnings in the race. JS 1st and ET 2nd? JS or ET gets 100k, and the other walks out with his dick in his hand. ET 1st and JS 2nd? Someone gets a million dollars. Nobody else affected at all. Not blocking anyone. Not shifting around championship points, or race points, in a meaningful way for anyone except themselves in 1st and 2nd.
  7. GHILL28

    Xplor fork solutions

    Why are people still trying to piddle around with these stupid forks? There are worthy replacements available from KYB and Showa all over the place. It's well known that you'll end up dropping $1k on these things and they'll still potentially blow dog. That gets you fork legs, wheel, triples, and a re-valve for something that's proven and competent...
  8. GHILL28

    19 450X Kick option?

    I've seen conflicting information on this. The WR has been advertised to still be able to add it (and so should the FX), but I don't see any provisions for it on the cases.
  9. GHILL28

    2019 yz450f vs FX gearing

    A 49t sprocket is the key for the 450FX
  10. GHILL28

    2019 yz450f vs FX gearing

    I find 1st gear in the FX to be silly except for crawling up some REALLY slow steep twisty crap, but I'm wondering what desert race you're doing where you don't take advantage of the super long legs of the 5th gear?? I use the upper end of 5th all the time in the open stuff.
  11. GHILL28

    Suspension work for Alta

    Any bike that "needs" $1000 of work right out of the box to handle safely for an average sized rider isn't normal, and frankly isn't worth having.
  12. GHILL28

    YZ 450 DIET no thanks

    If they're like any other Kawi, they're probably starting off a hell a lot more than 20% more unreliable without shaving any weight.
  13. GHILL28

    2019 yz450f vs FX gearing

    No there's still a good jump from 2nd to 3rd, even on the 450FX. FX 2nd is approximately equal to the F 1st. 3rd/4th are real similar, and 1st/5th are WAY lower/higher.
  14. GHILL28

    All New 2019 Yamaha WR450F Announced

    That sounds like you bent something, not a handling trait of the bike...
  15. GHILL28


    Sounds like one of the fuses.