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  1. Ride starts too early. Or too late. And there might be a rock on the trail.
  2. Doing some Erzberg training the next few weeks out at the Snake Pit, or nearby to there if you want to come down...
  3. I'm down in Bro-cal, yo. Appreciate the offer however.
  4. Scissor me timbers! I hope you took that picture just for this thread.
  5. So that's how your "rides" go? Guess that means no scissoring.
  6. Probably more than what any other tweaker from the IE could pull off. Although it's way better on mute. Then it looks highly sexual. I'd scissor with her.
  7. Well, what I mean is that I think the likelihood of getting the same setting with two different pipes is small. Very, very small. If you're really that in love with it, you are going to be better off and less frustrated by just getting a pipe and an ECU to match your buddies.
  8. I prefer to "scissor" my bikes, for maximum effect.
  9. The dirt route on East Camino Cielo is called Divide Peak OHV and just recently burned in the Thomas Fire. I doubt it's back open again.
  10. 36mm or 38mm carb? SX head? SX ignition? Which PV spring/setting?
  11. Gawd, I just can't take all the toxic masculinity in here. I better get my clip-on man-bun which will shield me from it.
  12. To be honest, I think that's a lost cause unless you both have stock pipes. And in my experience with that motor, no aftermarket pipe adds any torque below 7k RPM. I ended up back at stock.
  13. I recall that the MXA map for the 2014 was the same (or really damn close) to the stock 2015 map. Your pipes will make everything different too.
  14. How many hours on it now? How does it do versus a half worn M5B? How's the casing versus the M5B and how does it do at higher speed hardpack flat corners? If you had this tire and an M5B in front of you brand new, which would you grab?