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  1. Go Big Red

    What's wrong with this bike !?

    I had the same thing with my 250x. Not saying it’s the cause but it’s worth a check
  2. Go Big Red

    How are we gonna change

    Hence why America will fail 😭 and Canadian MX will one day rule
  3. Go Big Red

    How are we gonna change

    I giggle at these posts or debates whenever they come up. The point system is set. Whatever it is, you ride and manage that system to win. If you are rewarded for wins, then you better stack up the Ws. If it’s set up for consistency, then you better finish every race and finish high. If they change the points again to try and make a certain rider the champ, so be it. It’s kinda bullshit, but it is what it is. aren’t we too too close to the outdoors to even have a December kinda debate topic? Let’s get away from our damn computers and phones and go ride. See you at motowest 😆
  4. Go Big Red

    No mess chain lube ?

    Is this a TT troll for some paid advertisement?
  5. Go Big Red

    What do you hate about your dirtbike?

    The problem I have on one of my bikes that I wish it never had is that it says Suzuki.
  6. Go Big Red

    CDI retard and advance honda xr200

    Old thread but someone chime in. This system seems an awful lot like an old GM HEI system with springs to bring in or slow down total timing and rotating the cap to advance or retard initial timing. Is that correct? Just want to be sure before I start messing with it. And if that’s the case, does this motor respond better to a little more initial timing for low end power or is it a different theory for the little thumper?
  7. Go Big Red

    Xr50 stuck throttle

    Well, that is my recommendation. To first take it off and try cleaning out the pilot jet. It is the brass tube located inside the bowl. Easy to get clogged up and very hard to clean. Some carb cleaner, copper wire, and compressed air are the best place to start. There are other things to try, but I would start there. I am assuming it ran great earlier, but then it sat around for a while and when you tried to run it you experienced these issues
  8. Go Big Red

    Xr50 stuck throttle

    Sounds like a carb issue and running lean instead of a cable problem. What’s your experience level with a wrench and tuning? This can be an easy fix if you know your way around the carb or what to check.
  9. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but you gotta trust me on this one. I have been the guy who put a band aide on everything and it always bit me in the butt. Split the cases and replace the half that is damaged. Or take it to your buddy that runs a mig welder, he will drop in some .025 aluminum wire, and zip it closed in about two minutes. Then clean up the threads and put her back together. These engines are perfect for a splitting rookie to pop the proverbial cherry. Just watch a few videos, beg...borrow...or steal a flywheel puller and case splitter. With a little luck you may not even need the splitter or the crank puller and can sneak them out and apart. Either way, stop the chain of errors that created this issue in the first place. do it right, and you will only do it once. I’d bet a new shiny penny you can knock this out in a weekend once the gasket kit arrives
  10. Go Big Red

    03 xr100 need new head or engine or?

    Bottom ends have been pretty bullet proof for us. i have come across a few "parts" bikes i bought because of the same scored and worn cam journal situation you have. looked identical. The 100 my son rides now is the bottom end from that hashed head and the top end from a better motor that had some serious case wear at the frame mounting points. Long story short, I think you are going to be OK "no pun intended" when you fire it up I have seen one other XR80 that had a roasted top end, but the bottom end was still pretty tight. I dont know why but i just really like those damn little XRs and like seeing them taken care of when they need a little love. And on behalf of my wife who is a born and bred girl from Lawton....BOOMER!!!!!
  11. E-start will be on all bikes in the future. And tampons will be used by guys who wear skinny jeans. And there will always be an excuse as to why both are the right things to do.
  12. Go Big Red

    1987 XR200R Clutch

    Older post and not sure if you got follow up. Car oil is not a good thing for wet clutch systems. Car oil, especially synthetic, has additives that break down the material on your friction plates. Most likely, and you never know until you open it up, the oil ate away the material and ruined the clutch friction plates. It’s a good idea to replace friction plates and steels at the same time but you can also just replace the friction plates I doubt the steels are your problem. Even when the dimples are worn down the clutch will still bite if the friction plates are in good shape as for oil, if you need to save money, use rotella t. It is a non energy conserving oil and doesn’t have the additives that break down the friction plates. Guys on the XR600R forum have been using it for years, myself included. There are other car oils that can be used, but you need to know what to look for. Generally, the dinasour grade rotella will be fine
  13. Go Big Red

    crf100 tk racing suspension link

    I would bet if you called all balls they could cobble something together. I took measurement on my XR600R that has a 650r rear wheel. They sent me a spacer that worked perfectly. Might be able to do the same for the linkage
  14. Go Big Red

    wide foot pegs for a 2002 xr200r?

    Now this could be promising. What’s the minor mod. Widening the opening on the peg, narrow the mount point, or shimming with some washers.
  15. Go Big Red

    Harbor freight tools to help with the yz build.

    You will find that a press will come in handy for several projects. Some things not even what it’s typically intended for. You made a good choice adding this to the Home garage.