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  1. Most bikes have a crank shaft seal at the stator. However the other day when I broke the seal on my stator case on my 99 xr650L I loss all my oil.... Is it supposed to be like that on a 650l? Thanks... JaZz
  2. jazzeyb

    Charge Charge uhhh Not Charging

    I know... (sigh...) That's one of the reasons I got the 650L.. Is so I could work on everything.. IF.. IF I had it to do over, I would have gotten the 650R and I wouldn't be having the well.. same issue. But I have the L, and have modded the crap out of it. The ONLY good thing about it being down this time, is the amount of work I have been able to do to it, with all of those things I haven't had tiome for.. Butman... I am missing the ride more than anything... The shop issue is you should see our Honda Shop here... He is a RIP OFF.. His guys that work in the shop drive 1.5 hrs. down the road to Lumberton to Curry Chainsaw to buy their Hondas, because the owner won't even give them a break. They can get a better deal from a shop they aren't affiliated with... So I'm kinda out on my own on this one.. And am just at that begging for help oiint and time.... Thanks...
  3. jazzeyb

    Charge Charge uhhh Not Charging

    Wow.. 3 months and no replies.. No one knows anything about charging systems on an XR650L or I'm that much of a ^(&*%( that no one wants to respond... Either way.. I'm beging for some help... I've narrowed it down to my 31600-my6-671 regulator, stator, or loose/bad wire/conection somewhere.. But I used contact cleaner, and on every place a wire plugged into something cleaned it... If you can help or have any suggestions after 3 mos. of no preplies... I'd really... really appreciate it....
  4. 99 XR650L A couple of weeks ago, I was riding my XR and my motor stopped. Lights stayed on, but my motor stopped. I messed around, and scratched my head. I jumped my battery w/ my truck, and boom started. The second I removed the cables, nada.. Everything stopped. (But still had power...) So I went and bought a new bike specific battery. Great.. It ran, well for about 4 hours. So I figure I have a bad battery. I take it back, and the shop tests it. It's drained but good. SO they charge it. I put it back on the bike, and great! It works again. But again... Only for about an hour or two... I got it cranked again, and tested from + to ground... 13.6V. I test between terminals.. 13.7 V... What in the heck is going on? Can anyone PLEASE give me hints, suggestions, or ways to test this headache of an issue? A few friends whom I ride with have suggested the regulator. How do I test that? If it is the regulator, is there an after-market one made? I really need some help here guys, and ANY suggestions you can give me, well.. I appreciate it a heck of allot !!!! JaZz
  5. I was gonna purchase a set of EBC pads. My XR uses the 185 series. Since I'm solid street use, I was hoping for suggestions or comments. Without going to 40.00 until I buy an oversized rotor ,, Question being....'the R series or MXS series? Or Not EBC ???
  6. They are the nicest group of guys in the world on a personal basis, but they are known for being the 2nd highest priced goup as well. (Our sucky Honda shop is 1st and isn't worth even mentioning all that is wrong w/ that place...) Everyone in Wilmington, NC is over-priced. (With the exception of Precision Cycles, Inc. of Wilmington, NC and no... I'm not affifiated with them but if you have to have your oil changed 30 bucks is alot better than 158...) But $158 for an oil change? Dude......... That's rape. I'd call the Wilmington, NC main office an complain.(Number on website at www.brittmotorsports.com ) That's where all the Britts are and live. If you call them they'll take care of you, but more-so maybe they'll take care of the New Bern office... They are known for being over-priced, but they are also known for taking care of their customers. There was a lapse of something in New Bern.. That's plain BS. Like evetyone is saying.. It's way easy enough to do on your own and only takes about 10 minutes / cleanup... Trust me.. if I can do it w/out screwing it up... you can to.
  7. jazzeyb

    80 - 90

  8. That was great info on the contact patch. I guess I'm just mind-f&%#ing myself now. I guess the difference is so marginal between a 80 and 90 series on a 120 width tire, it's not gonna matter much anyway, one of the posts I just received back is: "The 90 series tire is taller (marginal) than the 80 series. What this would give you is a taller rear end, steeper fork angle for quicker turning, and a slightly taller final gear ratio for more top end. These are all minute differences from the 80 series tire, but no less valid." Which makes perfect sense! I then again confused my self though by looking at the new AM23 by Avon, that has a tere at 140.65 that will run stable on a 2.15" rim according to motorcycle magazine. Maybe I should just buy the same size I have on now and shut up before my head friggin explodes...... arghhh...
  9. Sorry... The motard guys suggested I come here to this forum... (I'm not running 17" wheels....)It's just frustrating. You'd think a tire size question would be easy, but then you stop and think, "Well, I do have an application unlike most others" and then your next thought is "crap... what have I gone and done and gotten myself into now...." I guess I know how Delorean felt when first starting, except I can't go bankrupt because I is already broke For what it's worth guys, I do appreciate you trying to help. Brian
  10. jazzeyb

    650L street-smushy

    I've seen some of the other pages here. Great Info, and I'm gonna try to do it on my own. But the terms, I don't know yet... Where exactly are the adjustments for the clickers, and for street, does anyone have any tips?
  11. jazzeyb

    80 - 90

    What's the differences I would experience in corner handling between a 120/80 and a 120/90 ? (XR650L 18" x 2.5" rear wheel) I swear after this I won't ask another tire question till next week.... (j/k) xr650L street use... Being newer to bikes than alot of you, it's just hard for me to judge the profile differences of the tire, and what advantages or disadvantages. I know how well the 120/90 works, I just can't figure out what the pros/cons would be with an 80 vs. a 90. I probably should have just asked my question that way the first time. Sorry to be repetative, I just want to learn these things... I tried the dual-sport section and someone posted tonight: "A dirtbike on the street permanently? I'd go buy a streetbike." Now some of the guys like you all that have been around awhile, did respond like some of you did. And I am definitly going with the 120. (Thank you all for your suggestions !!) I just don't know what is more beneficial.. the 80 profile or the 90? (120/80 vs 120/90) Thanks for your patience.. Bri
  12. It's not a suspension question. And no offense... I don't want a street bike. I love dirt bikes. Always have, always will. So for someone who has always loved dirtbikes, and wants the best of both worlds, what better than to buy a project bike and start building it for permanent street use ! (If I wanted to go that route.. aka motard, I'd probably get a KTM.. but I love my XR toooo much to let it go) Which is probably why I'm getting little response to what tire size is best to go with for my application. I've narrowed the width down to 120... But I just can't figure out in my head which profile would be the *most* beneficial.. the 80 or the 90. I see alot of guys overseas that have the XR use either a 120/90 or 130/90 but my thought is that with an 80 series there would be less roll in a tight corner. But if I was right, then wouldn't there be alot more people running the 120/80 ? I am currently running the 120/90 and it's nice. It just feels sometimes like it's going to give or fold over some at 31 psi. on a tight corner... My questions have been disregarded in the 650 group, and the supermotard group suggested I come here. I realize I am in a wierd situation. I AM taking a dirt-bike and making it for street use only. Why some ask? Because it don't get much funner. If I'm in the twisties, I can chump a busa. At a stop light, I bring shame to mustangs, and the whole entire time, I don't have to wait for the weekend to hit the dirt. Rain or shine I can jump on my pig anytime I want to, and well... what can I say.. I do have the best of both worlds!
  13. No suspension Mods... What would you suggest?
  14. jazzeyb

    $168.00 Oil change

    www.brittmotorsports.com (You'd really laugh at how overpriced their used sport bikes are.. I mean it's crazy !!!) The only thing worse than that is the absurdley crappy honda piece of crap wanna-be hole in the wall, non-knowing parts person sell above MSRP dealership 3 miles down the road. The ONLY honest bike shop anywhere near us, is Precision Cycles, Inc. on Amsterdam Way in Wilmington, NC... Oh yeah,.... then there is the harley place... but that's all it will ever be. You're right... It's sad.. At least we have one good shop though !!!
  15. XR 650L .. OEM rim 18" x 2.50" Street use only. Hard riding, tight in corners.... 120/80/18 120/90/18 130/80/18 or 130/90/18 ? Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions !!!!!! Brian