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  1. Idk, I guess the noise bothers people most. I use to live in a neighborhood and literally had a guy walk out in his front yard with a bat. All I was doing was taking the bike through the gears after an oil change.
  2. Motomotives

    How do you transport your bike(s)?

    Trailer if im riding with a group
  3. Motomotives

    How do you mount your GoPro/Helmet cam?

    Just kinda have to mess around with what you want captured video to look like. I mounted mine near the very top (slightly favoring the front side) of my helmet so I could get shots from both ahead and behind at other riders with the same mount. FYI...I've messed around with mounting to different spots on the bike (including using the handle bar mount sold separately) and the camera seems to jump all over the place. Anyone else experienced this?
  4. Motomotives

    Do you dislike freestyle motocross?

    I think its entertaining and awesome to see live. The sport is progressing fast and the tricks those guys pull are incredible. I have respect for how they put their bodies on the line for the fans. RIP Jeremy Lusk. I've heard a lot of pro FMX riders saying they wish the foam pit was never invented because of how technical the tricks are getting. Although, it probably wouldn't be where it is now without them. 720's, double backs, and front flips now...crazy! My favorite though is definitely the Moto X speed and style event at the X Games. Combines FMX and racing as you get judged on both speed and tricks pulled.
  5. Need some feedback on this one. I'm interested in finding out how most of us transport our bikes. Doing some research on the most common method and can't seem find a reliable survey. Let me know who prefers van, truck, open trailer, closed trailer, toy hauler, or receiver hitch rack. Look forward to the results and will post percentages. Thanks guys.