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  1. nljustin

    Race Solo Pro Cash Purse

    What a class act
  2. nljustin

    More info on the Los Ancianos Tecate Hare Scrambles

    Rumors were swirling that you were going to Ironman this year... Note: I made a mistake on lap mileages. The morning race is approx a 12 mile loop. The afternoon race is approx 24 mile loop. We'll know exact mileages by this weekend, but PRO/A/B riders be prepared for a tough race
  3. nljustin

    More info on the Los Ancianos Tecate Hare Scrambles

    Sportsman/women: two hour race starting at 9:00 AM (approx 12 mile loop) Pro, A, B classes: two hour race starting at 1:00 PM (approx 24 mile loop) Ironman class: race both morning and afternoon sessions http://www.losancianos.com/2009-tecate-hare-scrambles[/url Directions to the race staging area coming soon... Start your rain dance now!
  4. nljustin

    Mr griswald..502x

    Awesome job Gary. It was great meeting you down there. I stopped by your van in San Matias and chatted with a couple folks in there... you 'Bama folks are just too darn nice.
  5. nljustin

    5 Minutes With Steve Hengeveld

    That's funny - Robby claims his crash cost them the race: "The last three nights I’ve woken up before dawn thinking about it. There’s no doubt if I hadn’t gone down we would’ve won the race. Its gonna haunt me for a while." I'd like to think a multitude of factors contributed to the loss (of only 2.5 minutes over a ~700 mile course!)... harping on one bad decision seems kinda silly, but what do I know? Check out the tweaked bars they had to contend with the last couple hundred miles of the race: Awesome competitors.
  6. nljustin

    Nuetech Tubliss.... becoming a fan

    I just ordered a 21" Tubliss... we'll see how that goes. I can't imagine a C02 cartridge has enough pressure for 100+ psi. It usually take two of those things to fill up a standard tube to about 14 psi.
  7. nljustin

    2009 Baja 1000 Scoring and Results

    SCORE, IRC, Chain Guide and CPRFab all contributed to a clean, drama-free and damn good race. All of the effort that went into making sure the new rules were clear and well understood is most appreciated. I was equally impressed by the quick turn-around with the results. Nice job everyone. It was a level playing field and the best won, plain and simple. This was one of the best SCORE races I've been a part of in 5 short years.
  8. nljustin

    James Hall 5x Solo Crash Helmet Cam

    What a stud. It takes serious commitment and determination to finish after a crash like that. Congrats on finishing.
  9. nljustin

    2009 BAJA 1000 - 103x WRITE UP

    Great pics all around. Congrats!
  10. nljustin

    Roger Hurd Returns to Baja with a New Team and a New Challenge!

    I saw Roger come through Nuevo Junction carrying some impressive speed. He looked like he was in his element. Congrats to Anna's team.
  11. nljustin

    309x Ron Wilson Spot link - Spy photo - Thank you

    Pretty f-ing impressive Ron. Congratulations. This was an absolutely brutal course and to solo the entire thing is an accomplishment in itself, but 2nd in class 30 and a probable top 10 overall is...
  12. nljustin

    Hotel rooms in Ensenada

    Yesterday, I overheard someone say they called 15 different hotels in Ensenada and all were booked. Playa Saldamando is a lovely campground. Might be chilly
  13. nljustin

    Baja 1000 - Rider needed - Urgent

    I hope you didn't get too far before you got the message. Sucks for the team< I feel bad, but such is Baja. I'm headed back down tomorrow and will be chase b*tch so I'm sure I'll see you.
  14. nljustin

    Baja 1000 - Rider needed - Urgent

    Thanks. Destry and Connor looked really good on Saturday.
  15. nljustin

    Baja 1000 - Rider needed - Urgent

    Tall man, long fall. Broke my wrist yesterday dancing through the Summit rocks. Sounds like there's been a lot of carnage out there. Looks like we have some solid prospects. It wouldn't be Baja without last minute madness... yeehaw. Go 308x and 600x!