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  1. dorkpunch

    Questions with 2001 KTM 640E

    Thats a pretty decent price from the sounds of it. Are the knobbies mounted on a set of rims, or is it just the tires? They are awesome bikes. I have had my '02 for 3 years now and havent had hardly a lick of trouble after 6k miles of street, dirt, and snow.
  2. Heres the thread from when I did all the work. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181721 The part numbers are in there somewhere, but it was just the generic one size fits all dirt bike fender. I'm thinking about trying the new style fender on there this winter, I'll let you know how it works.
  3. dorkpunch

    my 'white' ktm 640 supermoto

    very nice! question for you though- are the radiator shrouds stock? They look a bit bigger than normal. Where did you get the stickers that are on them? I actually have the layout in adobe illustrator for the LC4 decals for anyone that wants to try their hand at making their own graphics.
  4. ktmcyclehutt.com (?) is great- cheap, fast shipping too. Google ktmhutt and it should come up. I cant remember the name of the other one but something like chip munn racing? If you are a member on the ktm talk forum i believe you even get 15% off. Dont know what you are doing, but I put the newer style fender and an acerbis cyclops headlight on my LC4 (same year), and love the look. Thinking about putting the even newer style front fender on there now since my tangle with the deer tweaked it a bit... This is an older pic, but you get the idea.
  5. dorkpunch

    Hey all you XL riders

    Just thought I would post a link to some usefull XL info: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=424841 I've been working on several how-to's and they are posted there, along with some links to other XL websites and threads, this one included!
  6. dorkpunch

    1975 Honda TL 125

    As I understand it, that is correct. The TL had a way low compression ratio, using a different piston would bump it up a bit. It might give you a bit more pop, you might loose a bit of low end grunt though. I loved my TL. It could sit all winter and still fire up on the first kick!
  7. dorkpunch

    74 XL350 backfire on decel

    Is it one loud bang or a bunch of pops? The air cut valve is supposed to re-route the flow of air when the throttle is chopped so the mixture doesnt suddenly go lean... I have some info on that, I'll try and get it back up on my website soon. I have all of the stock jets / settings info on my website under the how-to section. http://dorkpunch.com/ If your plug looks good and there are no other signs that you are running lean (as motorsportman said, highly unlikely with this bike as they were way rich from the factory) I wouldnt worry about it to much. My LC4 pops like crazy on decel, doesnt matter HOW rich you set the screw!
  8. dorkpunch

    1975 Xl 350 (((can I Keep Up)))

    Dont know if you saw my reply to your thread over on advrider, but the 500 would be a much better bike. Still gonna be tough to keep up, but much better.
  9. dorkpunch

    What make & model is this bike?

    maybe a TS-50 with an aftermarket pipe?
  10. dorkpunch

    What make & model is this bike?

    I can think of several Honda's with pipes on the left side... but I dont think this is a Honda. Looks very Suzuki-ish to me. I know, I'm no help at all...
  11. dorkpunch


    I really doubt it. Check them out here: http://trailtech.net/vapor.html
  12. dorkpunch

    CRF250 to CR250 CONVERSION!!

    shirley you cant be serious?!
  13. dorkpunch


    It can run off of internal batteries, or I think even super high voltage. No battery/charging system required.
  14. dorkpunch


    +1 on the Vapor. Works great!
  15. might want to do a search over at advrider.com. I seem to remember reading that if you put new pipes on it, you can start it and let it idle for 15 min and the computer will sort itself out. Dont know if this is true or not though.