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  1. smoker

    CRF250X Fan Kit Electrical Connections ??

    First, disconnect battery. The wiring harness connectors have plugs in them(tough little buggers to get out.). If you look up from the kickstarter side of the motor, the connectors were taped to the harness. Just remove plugs and plug in fan connections.
  2. smoker

    Pachaug State Forest

    That would be ME!! Never encountered a puddle like that, frozen ice on the bottm. Fortunately, Only dropped the hanlebar in for a short time. BUT, had to bull dog(walk along side the bike) until I made it out. Frigging cold!! Thanks again for the spare glove TJ.
  3. smoker

    Pachaug State Forest

    Sat or Sun?
  4. smoker

    Pachaug State Forest

    Smoke stop:bonk: Maybe if your brake pads are toasted or radiators are overflowing trying to keep up with TJ. Smoking and Riding is a Paradox. Paradox is defined as 1: a tenet contrary to received opinion 2 a : a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true b : a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true c : an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises 3 : one (as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases You want to ride more but you keep smoking:banghead: Don t you remember cigaretts are not addictive!!!haha So quit and ride some more!!
  5. smoker

    06 250X Chain guide

    Bottom line- its a protective component of the drive line. I have thrown a chain off the rear sprocket, wadded the chain up in the front sprocket, and sheared off the shifter all at once with the front guide on!! God only knows what damage it would have caused to ME or the Bike if the front guide was off!!! This caused 1 of only a few DNF's from racing. I actually throw the plastic guide in the garbage as soon as I get a bike because all they do is collect debris and mud and assist in wearing out your chain faster.
  6. smoker

    CRF-X suspention on my CRF-R anyone ever try this ?

    run the partnumbers through motosport.com or service honda. I know the chainguide mount is different in the swingarm from an 04x to 05x.
  7. smoker

    Gearing 14T - 51T

    I am 190lb, and found 14/52 works pretty good with the 270 kit.
  8. I'll be working the event for the 10+ year!! I encourage some New England guys to throw on some sand tires and try it out. Its about 4 hour drive from Hartford, CT. Lucilles Resturant is right across the street from the camping area, and has great inexpensive food.
  9. smoker

    When you buy a cam, do you just.....

    No, not from an OEM X cam to OEM R cam swap years 04-06. TJ mentioned a different keepers and springs for 07, but an 07 cam will drop right into older heads. Actually, the 07R cam is the best performing of the R cams. I think even RHC even said the 07R cam performance is close to his cam. Just remember the position of the unit before taking it off.
  10. smoker

    Might be fun for someone......

    Will be interesting if they actually use a thumpertalk member.
  11. smoker

    When you buy a cam, do you just.....

    I bought an extra cam bearing for my 05 R cam(good mid power hit), so you can start fresh with new cam bearings on both sides. You can simply swap the decompression release from the old cam, besure to use red loctite when you put it in the new cam. You can remove the decomp with the cam installed in the head, but be sure to stuff the head with some "CLEAN" shop towels, so nothing drops in the head.
  12. smoker

    Want Your CRF-X on TV?

    Have an 04 250X. I have some extra new plastic, and it wouldnt be that bad. However, it already has a 270kit, CCC Mods, AP Mod, 05R cam, 06Rhead. No Bog anywhere in power range!! Great idea Jimmi. Thanks for inquiring within Thumpertalk.
  13. smoker

    Is Thomaston Dam open??

    Opening is subject to water levels. Always, call before you go 860-283-5540. Last year it did not open until late June or early July.
  14. smoker

    Fork oil How to

    Dont forget to put some wax paper over the tubes before sliding the seals on. You can easily damage the seals with the sharp edges of the tubes.
  15. smoker

    ap mod help!!!