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  1. Slightly off topic...perhaps...but... I bught a Vance and Hines for my WR. I just wanted something different, not the same old FMF that everybody seems to get. I am really pleased with V&H. Sounds nice, about medium volume. Performance was great...worked just fine with that jet kit the dealer puts in when they do away with the crankcase vent thing. I forget what it's called. The only thing I don't much care for on it is that they don't use any type of durable emblems...only stickers that say Vance and Hines. Of course, they get scratched off or somthing. I would just think if I were making an exhaust, one of the most important things would be to put the brand name on it. I would want people that see it to know what it was, in case they liked it and wanted one for their bike.
  2. I agree with the above answer. I've got the same year bike. I pulled the wire from the harness connector, rather than cut it...but have no idea why anybody would ever want to connect it again.
  3. I suck at wheelies and I'm just not that much into them, so I don't do them often enough to even get better. I ride streetbikes a lot, and can carve the corners pretty well, but even on the street, I don't do much for wheelies. So, if you don't much like them, I wouldn't worry much about it...but i do understand your wanting to make sure your bike is running right.
  4. Yip, do the grey wire, throttle stop, and the AIV removal. When I bought mine (also leftover new), the dealer agreed to do these things for me. By the time they got in the AIV kit (which has jets in it), and the exhaust insert, I had already put on a Vance and Hines slip on and done the throttle stop and grey wire myself. the dealer agreed to try to tune the carb with the jets to run with the V&H pipe, since they reccomend no jet change for their pipe. The jets that came with the kit worked perfectly with the V&H pipe. The bike runs awesome now.
  5. I think that may be a gap in the weld, so that any water that gets in can drain out the bottom. Even if the frame is cracked somewhere, cracks can be welded easily...but if it's bent, it can be a lot harder to fix.
  6. I run a 120 tire on my 09 wr250. The guys at cycle gear tried to talk me out of it, and said that it would probably rub the chain or something....but I was right...it fits just fine. I like it. It gives a bit more grip, and I don't have as much problems with wheel spin.
  7. I can't really answer anything technical on them, but I don't think I would want an anniversary edition. I'd feel as if it should be kept on a stand in the garage, rather than ridden. Now, if I was in a position where I had a collection of bikes that I didn't ride, I would like to have one.
  8. I'm reading and soaking this up. Don't think I'm ignoring the posts. I have a dunlop tire. It's a 120/100/18. The bike came with a 100/100/18, but I wanted a little more grip, especially now that the bike is tuned in well.
  9. I'm in Knoxville also. I ride windrock most of the time. Shoot me an email or something and maybe we can ride sometime. I'm off work on weekends, and most Fridays. Engloid at aol dot com
  10. Most of my riding is in areas that are a mixture of dirt, mud, and a lot of rocks. I know less pressure helps in softening the bumps, but if I ower pressure too much, I will risk damaging my rims. What pressure do you guys reccomend for rocky areas? Front/back?
  11. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/497089-fcr-o-ring-mod-pics/ I didn't know what it was and this is what I found. The question I have: If I have no bogging, will this mod do anything positive? I just had my bike jetted at the dealer, and it snaps as quick as I can twist the throttle.
  12. The float valve may be sticking, or the float itself. one or the other is the problem. basically, here's how the float works: As the float rises, it pushes up a pin that works as a valve and shuts off the flow of gas into the bowl. As bowl as level drops, the float drops, allowing the float valve to lower and open up. If this little float valve isn't moving freely, it can cause the problem you are having (stuck open), or cause the bowl to not get fuel (stuck closed.) It's a simple fix, really. Gettting to it will be the worst part.
  13. I have a Vance and hines on mine. They reccomend factory jets...however.... Part of me buying mine new, the dealer was going to do the AIV removal. By the time they got the kit, I hd the V&H on it already. The jets that came with the AIV kit worked perfectly. The bike pulls really hard and runs smooth now. Sounds great too.
  14. What reason did the shops give for saying the weld would likely crack? I haven't examined the stock header to be sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is welded tube. From my experience, there are those that know nothing about welding, those are knowledgeable about it, and those that tell you they know a lot about it. If you don't know much about it, those that say they know a lot can be very convincing. Its like the auto mechanic telling an old lady her blinker fluid is low.
  15. Engloid

    Tennessee Windrock

    I'm about 15-20 miles from Windrock, which is in Oliver Springs, TN. If any of you want to go riding, give me a shout. I can tell you about any local hotels, directions, or whatever.
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