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  1. SXGalCRF250R

    The number is 48..... (DonO)

    Happy Birthday DonO!!! :mad:
  2. SXGalCRF250R

    meeting date for New jersey ATV park plans

    Where is Maurice River Township?
  3. SXGalCRF250R

    We made it to NJ safe and sound.

    Hey all, Just dropping a quick line to say that we made it to NJ in one piece. We will definitely miss the tracks and Croom down in FL but we will continue to be a part of the MX community. We'll be lurking around the Southeast forums too!
  4. SXGalCRF250R

    robbie's mudd ride 6-25-06

    So glad we went on Saturday. It started to rain towards the end of the day, but not to the point where it flooded the track. It rained all day at our house yesterday and all I was thinking was that it sucks to be riding right now.
  5. SXGalCRF250R

    Cost of gear...

    I've had Fox pants and Thor pants and the one big difference I noticed was that the Thor pants are alot longer than Fox. My Fox ones came up just above my ankle whereas my Thor ones go under my feet if I allow them to.
  6. SXGalCRF250R

    Pax Track 7/2

  7. SXGalCRF250R

    Pax Track 7/2

    DARN... You guys could've played the "who can lap her the most" game with me. Oh well, it was worth a shot...LOL!
  8. SXGalCRF250R

    Pax Track 7/2

    Can I be Poison Ivy?? Can I, Can I, Please, Please, Please??!!!
  9. SXGalCRF250R

    Pax Track 7/2

    Uh oh, send out the bat signal!!!!
  10. SXGalCRF250R

    The New Bithlo Layout: Sweet

    Actually, this will be our last weekend riding in FL. We leave for NJ next Friday.
  11. SXGalCRF250R

    Sunday Bithlo ride

    Either way, count me out. I'm sick... I have some type of cold/flu. I'm running a fever, hot/cold sweats, my throat hurts, I'm coughing...put it this way...I feel like death!! At least if it does rain, I won't feel too bad that I'm not out riding.
  12. SXGalCRF250R

    Sunday Bithlo ride

    Yeah, like that'll happen. You ride it, you clean it, I ride it, you still clean it...LOL LOL!!!
  13. SXGalCRF250R

    Sunday Bithlo ride

    I'm positive because I won't subject my bike to all that mud.
  14. SXGalCRF250R

    Sunday Bithlo ride

    And I'll be watching and laughing as you try to clean the mud off your bike...LOL! Yeah, weatherman is calling for 50% chance of rain for Sunday.
  15. SXGalCRF250R

    Just moved , Florida riders??

    I agree. It scares the crap outta me when someone jumps completely over my head. That's why I get to ride with the little kids. But even some of them still fly over my head.