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  1. Black92Coupe

    Wheelie time!

    Part of it yes. We are heading up to cypress.
  2. Black92Coupe

    Wheelie time!

    Just me and my buddy on our supermotos doing dirtbike things.
  3. just a how to video I made, hopefully it helps people out https://youtu.be/6nr7bLmSCw0
  4. Black92Coupe

    drz- mx suspension, what front fender?

    Thank you very much Tom, I'm going to give this a try. I have the 19 in wheel infront the 85s run a 17 right?
  5. i just put 03' rm 100 front suspension on my 03' drz 125 and i was wondering what front fender you guys run, i think the fender that came with the rm forks is too squared and doesn't really match the rest of the plastics the front fender and number plate i have need replacing anyways, so i was wondering if theres a rounder fender that works with the holes on the rm forks maybe a rm 85? i know the drz holes were way off and the fender looked like it would hit the tire thanks for reading.
  6. Black92Coupe

    drz 125, carb replacement options?

    I hope so! Thanks for looking guys I only really need the body and maybe pilot screw
  7. Black92Coupe

    Complete KX 85 Suspension conversion for sale

    this still for sale?
  8. Black92Coupe

    few vids of saturday in the wood

    nice vids
  9. Black92Coupe

    drz 125, carb replacement options?

    thanks for the advice guys any luck finding a carb? im not having any luck anywhere else
  10. Black92Coupe

    drz 125, carb replacement options?

    wow that'd be great id still send ya a couple bucks when i get back to work though... do you know what front forks would fit on the drz125 off memory? im having a hard time finding a list, and the stockers are garbage. my friend has a bunch of old dirtbikes kicking around though so i could probably get something for free
  11. Black92Coupe

    drz 125, carb replacement options?

    you guys are so awesome! im off work due to an injury from my quad so the cheaper i can get it the more it would really help me out right now....usually i dont mind spending the extra money but right now moneys tight.... thanks again guys i really appreciate it
  12. my 03 drz 125 never ran right and even though the previous owner said he had rebuilt the carb i had a feeling something was wrong with it anyways after taking the carb out of the bike i noticed most of the screws had been stripped....yippee:banghead: so after i got into the carb i noticed it looked like someone tried monkey #$@ing around but never really cleaned anything, the inside of the carb was varnished pretty good but the bad news was the pilot screw, the threads around it had been messed up and the flat part where you'd put a screw driver in has been screwed right up, you can barely get a screw driver to turn the pilot screw and since the threads are messed its all jammed:bonk: so i need a new carb or atleast a carb body, i just cant find any other than on ebay for 160 dollars im not buying a used carb that i dont know will work properly im sure theres some mikuni carbs that will fit in the stock location?ive seen a few 20mm mikunis for around 70 bucks brand new.....just wondering what i need to look for or if somoene on here could tell me exactly what carbs fit and what mods if any need to be done i'd really appreciate it the service manual says its a mikuni vm20ss but i cant find one anywhere the bike is 100% stock, felt really gutless when i got it, i found out the carb was missing a clamp so it was suckin in a bunch of air, ran much better after i replaced the clamp but i think its still lacking a little bit of power thanks for the help guys