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  1. cummins1320

    All 250f engines will follow Yamaha's design

    Remember who started the 4 stroke mx evolution....... Yamaha is the leader
  2. Mark my words.... IMO the other manufacturers can not ignore the reverse engine design makes more power. flame away
  3. cummins1320

    Rd. 1 Nanaimo - Canadian National Motocross

    Looks like MA is serious about Canada
  4. cummins1320

    James "flubba" Stewart in 2015?

    the quad was slower but awesome to watch
  5. cummins1320

    McGrath vs Stewart

    the only serious injury I can remember MC ever had was a broken femur. other than that he was pretty healthy
  6. Find a local club that is involved in HS and join. Than you can work a race and get a feel for it. That is an easy way to make friends that will help you with your first HS
  7. cummins1320

    Peick = RCH

    I like Tickle but he better step it up. with Peick in there I think Tickle will be forced to work harder.
  8. cummins1320

    Peick = RCH

    smart move for RCH
  9. As far as best dual sport bikes go the KTM 500exc is my number one pick if I could afford one.
  10. cummins1320

    My First Motocamping Trip

    Cool story. sounds like a nice place to get away.
  11. cummins1320

    Alessi's making a run for the border

    I think Mike will do well in Canada. He has the speed outdoors and has really improved in supercross despite all the controversy
  12. cummins1320

    1998 300 exc dual sport conversion

    I have a 2003 300 exc that is tagged here in Florida. It is a lot of fun on back roads and trails not so much on the highway. Still worth it just for the looks people give you as you ride through the neighborhood on the way to the trails. plus what a great bike offroad. Good luck and enjoy
  13. cummins1320

    All I can say is.....

    poto is not as fast on the slick tracks of aneheim,
  14. cummins1320

    Supercross RCH needs Peick

    when is RCH going to pick up a top 10 guy like Peick?