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  1. hellwig

    Cycra ULTRA Probend CRM 390 RRS

    trim the key
  2. hellwig

    Race Gas - Race Fuel Concentrate

    FWIW, I had an oil distributor give me a free bottle of the torco additive for my sherco trials bike. I read somewhere on this thread that there is a general xx ounces treats xx gallons and no precise measurement instructions- I dont know about the others, but the torco website had a detailed chart to show exactly how much per gallon etc for desired result. I have no idea if the stuff works or not, but I was in the same situation with needing a higher octane rating and not having many options for pump gas. I used the torco as well as vp race gas (separate batches) and mixed with non-E to the desired octane with no discernible difference in performance between the two mixtures. Keep in mind, at least at my skill level, I didnt run real high rpms and cant say what the results would be with mx bikes. The torco stuff was also easier to handle as I could just carry the jug and add on the fly to readily available non-E, albeit with the whole mixing routine. A hassle in its own rite. YMMV Cheers
  3. hellwig

    New tires OR used dirt bike

    oh man, just get better tires and ride more, unless money is no object, in that case buy 5 more bikes and for what its worth, you only have to fool the inspector annually with the whole DOT tire thing. They dont even look at tires 99% of the time around here. Headlight, brake light, insurance and $ boom your legal.
  4. hellwig

    WARNING!! Allow me to save YOU $$$

    HDB GUARDS ARE THE SHIZ but they are spendy. I have a set on my fat girl Drz and they have never budged with all the falling I’m prone to. Awesome customer service as well I highly recommend this company and their products.
  5. hellwig

    gas tank upgrade drz400s

    I just bought a ims 4 gallon for my drzE and it was easy to install, $250 bucks and does the job. According to the instructions it also fits the s model with included hardware. Only problem I have now is it makes the already poor suspension even worse. Time to respring and rebuild.
  6. hellwig

    400E Headlight bulb, loose fit?

    apparently suzi used different bulbs in some 400e's if it looks like the one on chookem's link that is a h6m base, if it has spade connectors it is a H4. H4 is available everywhere but the H6M is virtually non-existent unless you get online and order it. Does anyone have experience with the quality of light and fit of the PIAA H6M? Because the cheaper Tusk brand takes some modification as per above to fit, and from my experience is a really poor light especially for street.
  7. hellwig

    400E Headlight bulb, loose fit?

    I used a piece of 3/4" copper tubing and made a short spacer, works but light still sucks.
  8. hellwig

    2001 DRZ400E replace Headlight Bulb

    that is a H6 base and I am not sure but I think I bought one for my e from Rocky Mountain and it was tusk brand for $10. PIAA also has one for 30-40. Note I had to make a spacer between the bulb and housing because the depth was a little different from the stocker. I used a short piece of 3/4" copper tubing to accomplish this. It is a little better than no light but does have a grear big dark hole in the center. PIAA may be better but I am with you on the cost. I havent tried adjusting the spacer I made to try to adjust it so that may help. I know, nothing is ever easy with the E. Hope this helps
  9. hellwig

    KLX250S Need Longer Clutch Cable!!!

    Just reroute the cable, its not all that difficult if you take your time and look at how they run. I added adapters and fatbars and had the same problem with throttle and clutch, I just removed the tank and rad shrouds and re ran them until I got satisfactory results. As long as they do not bind, kink, have sharp turns or rub/pinch you will be fine. I got a quote for like 150 for each sides new longer cable/s from the local shop and said forget that! If you havent pulled the trigger yet, try it.