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  1. Could you tell me if a 97 yz250 engine would be a direct bolt on in a 02 yz250 frame? I've read many of you're posts through the years and you're a yz guru. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you

  2. RCannon

    If you're torn on 22.5's

    I've had mine at 22.5 for years nowon my 06 yz 250. I like it. I would admit this, though. At first the forks were stock 06. The bike was a nightmare with stock forks, 22.5 clamps, and sand. The frotn end woudl oversteer dramatically. I adjusted, I guess, but it was not perfect. Later, I talked to Dave J and mentioned this to him. He sent me shims and such for the forks. The bike was transformed. I have no idea, specifically, what he changed, but he was aware of thsi happening with the 22.5 clamps and stock forks.
  3. RCannon

    Yamaha's 2014 2 stroke lineup!

    Damn, I was hoping for a white front fender. Now, where are the folks who promised us the 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014 was the year for the new yz250? There must be a record for a bike being produced year ofter year without changes. I wonder how close the yz 250 is to the record? I'm thinking the Honda Rebel was produced longer and maybe the xr50/z50.....oh wait, the z50 got new bodywork...
  4. RCannon

    Crack in base of YZ 250 Motor?

    What year is your bike? Somewhere along the way, the castings on these bikes got strange. My 06 has marks around the countershaft area that are very scary looking, but polish right out. The first time I saw them I was ready to take the bike back in. Hopefully, yours are the same. I coudl nto get the photo to load, though.
  5. RCannon

    Hinson Clutch Components?

    I put the full Hinson set-up in my yz 250. When all the components are brand new, you'll notice a little more smoothness and precision with good clutch parts vs th eoriginal pieces. The othe rbrands on the market are very good. Better thna Hinson? Not likley. They've been at it a long time and have more experience with high quality clutch pieces than all the others combined. The payoff happens at 30 or so hours when the stock basket grooves and the other pieces are worn. A good basket will just be broken in. BUT, for the money, its still hard to justify spending so much on the billet parts. If I had it to do over, I'd skip it. Now, I reserve the right to be a dumb ass in saying that since my bike has 60 hours on it and the clutch components still look brand new.
  6. RCannon

    'Floating' brake rotor

    I'd try it after hitting the brake a few times. See how much some heat tightens it.
  7. RCannon

    250f frame advantages if any?

    I think it could, but the odds of a diy guy hitting the right combination would be impossible. For example, look at this kit they make to reposition the yz450f motor. http://www.motocross.com/features/product-of-the-week/ The kit is just one example., There are others on the market. The kit moves the motor a grand total of 2mm and supposedly makes a difference. Imagine the outcome if your 2 stroke motor, in the 250f frame, ended up 15-20 mm out of position? I'd try it if I was desperate. Maybe if I had a blown 250f motor. But not if my yz 250 frame, steel or alloy, was in good shape. Its nto as if the bike handles badly from the start.
  8. RCannon

    WR426 in YZ250 Frame

    Back in the steel frame days, the Yamaha 4 strokes held oil in the frame. That woudl be very hard to deal with. Almost worth ordering a used frame off ebay, for 75.00 bucks, to avoid dealing with. Almost.
  9. We did this all the time back in my salesman days. The guy would walk in the shop and say he wanted whatever bike, but could only pay 300.00 per month for it. Never bothering to do the math..300 times 48 is a LOT of money. 14,400 to be exact. In a deal like that guy got, you'd walk back in and say, "Man, I cannot quite make this work...." Acting sort of disappointed.... I could not get your 300 a month payment, is 199.00 going to be ok? Oh, I also got you a 200.00 helmet certificate. The warranty was also extended for 3 years.....
  10. RCannon

    Bottom End Flush..

    Kerosene works well. The aluminum will tend to float. Also, compressed air is good. That area already has mixture running through it and the air tends to shoot the stuff right out. Obviously, it is a risk, but I've done it. 50/50 on being successful, though.
  11. RCannon

    Anybody using Dr. D 2-stroke pipes...?

    The new MXA has a test of the pipe, and severla others. It sounds like a low-mid pipe, for the most part. No dep tested, though, which sort of ruins the test.
  12. RCannon

    Poor quality or Freak Accident?

    Galfer lines are fine quality..for the street, or Fred Flintstone. Nowhere near durable enough for offroad. Try a stock Honda cr line. The braided stuff is not a big deal, especially offroad, and probably onroad. Most of th ebenefit comes from bleedign the brakes.
  13. RCannon

    Mud flap interchange?

    They do work, but the design did change a littl ebit when the "new" airbox came out in 02. I coudl have sworn the distanc ebetween the mounting screws changed, but maybe not. I do remember gettign the wrong one from ufo, though.
  14. RCannon

    1980s IT490 vs 1989 YZ250

    A good friend had a 1977 IT 400. They were very cool bikes. They made great power down low. LOTS of torque. As far as it running with a 89 yz 250, LOL Things are exactly as shagger said. Down low, they were very powerful, but at anything above 6000 rpm's, your 250 would have an advantage Yamaha created the "IT" bikes to rid themselves of old yz parts. Back then dirt bikes changed dramatically from year to year. They would add a kick-stand, large tank, and maybe a wide ratio transmission. Instant offroad bike. The big ones though, 400. 425, 465 and 490 ended being heavy. I'd love to have one of the old 400's engines in a modern chassis. You'll never be able to beat a memory.
  15. RCannon

    Front brake issues

    You can use pretty much any year cr master on that yz. They have been good since the mid 90's. There might be a small advantage to 08 or newer, but all of them are much better thna what we get from the Yamaha.