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  1. Whoever it was that contacted me about having an 05 wr exhaust system on a shelf in their garage. It will fit my 03 and I would sure like to get it it's an upgrade from mine please contact me again,, Some how the TT data base now says I had no replies but I actually had 2 replies.. Go figure. If anyone has an 05 exhaust system that they replaced I would sure like to get the old one for my old bike.. Thanks.. you can call me on the phone @ 206-915-9189 Big Jim
  2. I'll check to see if it fits, let me know if you find the spark arrestor. my head pipe id fine if it's the right size for the muffler, I'll check on that too. jim
  3. I need a muffler for my 03 WR450, mine has rotted out. I'd like an after market one that's pretty quiet with spark arrestor. Don't want to spend for a new one for this bike. email or call at 206-915-9189
  4. I need a muffler for my 03 WR450, mine has rotted out. I'd like an after market one that's pretty quiet with spar arrestor. Don't what to spend for a new one for this bike. email or call at 206-915-9189
  5. blireef

    wr450 2003

    Left my KTM in Baja and am now riding my 03 WR450. Suprising how well it still works. But the end has rotted out of the old muffler, does any one have an after market quiet muffler,w/spark arrestor for this beast. Let me know, I don't want to spend the big bucks for a new one.. Also could be in market for recluse clutch.blireef@juno.com
  6. blireef

    woodruff key problems

    Look in the archives and you'll find tons of stuff, but the one thing I did not notice in your post was the application of the special locktite that you can get from your dealer. You must apply the locktite and then do the starter upgrade and it should hold. Big Jim
  7. If you have any experience with this please advise as I'm in Mexico and need to make a plan. In a thread a few weeks ago I mentioned that my 03 450 was jumping out of gear under full load in 5th. Well actually I said I thought the clutch was slipping in 5th. Well the clutch has been replaced with no effect. It only happens in 5th gear, so now I realize that it's actually jumping in and out of gear with a full load, if I just nurse it along in 5th it doesn't do it. I suspect bent shift fork or drum but would really appreciate any replies as to this problem. Thanks, Big Jim
  8. blireef

    Where have all the Mobil Red Cap Gone?

    Amsoil 20/50 or 10/40 m/c oil works really well too. I've used Amsoil in all of my machinery for 15 years (including all my commercial fishing boats) I've never been anything but happy with it and the price is a little less I think. my2cents.. Big Jim
  9. blireef

    03 WR450 engine miss.

    Indy knows the drill on the 03, I'd follow his advice. I think the real culprit is the little air valve on the side of the WR carb (is that the ACV valve??), it's also the thing that makes the WR rev down more slowly when you cut the throttle than the YZ does. I think it's on the WR carb to help it meet polution standards. You'll notice that the YZ450 and the CRF450 don't have it. I ruined my stock carb and installed a CRF450 carb and it runs perfectly smooth at steady speeds and revs and backs off instantly. I hope I'm not full of BS on this but I think thats' one of your problems.. I'm not advocating you get another carb, doing the mods and correct jetting will make it run fine. Big Jim
  10. blireef

    wr450f top speed?

    15X50 gearing on dirt road (easily lose 5MPH) 96MPH very slight downhill, I've done it twice. Big Jim
  11. blireef

    clutch problems

    Pulled clutch today and checked the tolerances on the plates which was fine, every thing looked OK. Roughed up the plates a little and reassembled. Same thing, half way through 5th gear on pavement and the clutch breaks loose, but only for a fraction of a second then it grabs again. Too weird, I'd think that once it broke loose it would spin. Cable was fine. I've ordered new plates but still haven't talked to anyone who's had a clutch go like this. :)
  12. blireef

    clutch problems

    I'll check the cable but I don't think that's the problem, it breaks free about half way through the revs in 5th which is about at max power. Indy, I put a Hinson basket in about 3 weeks ago, didn't replace the plates because they looked good. I'm taking it apart in a few minutes to see if the new installation could be the problem, but it worked fine for 3 rides. Sure wish you could get down here for a ride like yesterdays it was unbelievable, there was no limit (that I reached) on corner entry speed, we were on rails. Thanks for input, I'll post results of disassembly later. Knees are doing just fine, I'm about 85% now at 6 months.. Big Jim
  13. blireef

    clutch problems

    Just went for a GREAT ride in Southern Baja, we had 2 inches of rain yesterday and traction was like velcro, no mud of course, it's Baja. But I have a little problem, when I'm really on it in 5th gear the clutch slips for a second and then grabs, I'm thinking clutch plates but have never had one do this before, usually they just slip in 5th with a big load on them. Any advice would be appreciated! Big Jim
  14. blireef

    Damn fuel screw!!

    Roger, Roger, Metrablue you are so right on the Zip-Ty screw, I can't believe Ty even puts his name on it, if you do use it....Make sure you don't overtighten the Zip-Ty screw!!!! I did that on my 426 and the tip broke off and jammed in the hole. To make a long and expensive story short, after sending the carb to Zip-Ty and having their "carb expert" work on it (He simply drilled out the tip with a straight bit, no taper) I finally had to buy a new carb. Fortunately James Dean had a used one so it didn't cost $855.00 but was still expensive.. The bike won't run worth a darn without the screw or with a big hole drilled where it should seat. I suggest the Kubota fuel screw it's made out of brass like the stock one and is very easy to adjust.
  15. blireef

    Just picked up a CRF450x!!!

    There is no comparison between a wr450 and an xr 650 in the weight department, what are you guys smoking??? big jim:excuseme: