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  1. SmallMonkey

    Radiator Braces / Guards

    Groovy - thanks for the tip FIY, rooster's possibly being bought out, so all their product is handled by motosportz now...motosportz.com
  2. SmallMonkey

    Radiator Braces / Guards

    Hey - as the title indicates, I'm looking for a set of Rad Braces for an '06 CR125 Any ideas? Thanks
  3. SmallMonkey

    New '06 CR125

    Cool, Thanks NW! I've got an FMF Turbinecore on the way already, Good call on the Mud Flap - I would not have even looked, Any Tips for jetting? - I'm used to the Yammie, so anything that's different? (other than having a air screw as opposed to a fuel screw)
  4. SmallMonkey

    New '06 CR125

    hey all, I just picked up a new CR125!! Coming off a WR450f Supermoto, just looking for a change....I thought I'd give the Husky a try! Any Tips, Tricks, advice for a new '06 CR125 Owner? TIA
  5. SmallMonkey

    Tank repair?

    Thry this!! it works!! http://www.itwconsumer.com/catalog.aspx?prodID=52
  6. SmallMonkey

    Tank repair?

    no worries....thanks for the offer- very cool.
  7. SmallMonkey

    Tank repair?

    wow thanks for the help!! It's an '03 WR450(street legal Motard in Cali) Anch, Demi...I'll try those and report back. Thanks!
  8. SmallMonkey

    Tank repair?

    Hey all... I just developed a hairline crack in my tank. It's a really slow leak, but I still want to fix it (duh ) I've tried soldering (melting) the crack back together, epoxy, hot glue, etc....nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. SmallMonkey


    Thank god TT's not down too!
  10. SmallMonkey

    RE: Baja Designs, is it JUNK????

    Electrically, I never had problems with my BD Kit - The licence plate holer does SUCK though.... try this one http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/LicensePlateHolder.html It's so strong, I had to reinforce my plate!!!
  11. SmallMonkey

    Pilot Circuit Question

    I'm having the same problem.... '03 WR450 using the "Storm Cycles" fuel screw (they're just up the road from me.) The idle is eratic when set low, but smooths out when set too high. I was using 50p then down to a 48p and even a 45pilot, but that didn't seem to help. Bike pulls like a raped ape everywhere else. Bad Fuel screw? Smaller pilot again? (I don't think many guys are running a pilot smaller than 45. TIA, Burned!!
  12. SmallMonkey

    Motard 1rst time tomorrow

    woot!!! Let us know how it goes, chris!
  13. SmallMonkey

    '03 AutoDecomp and Kickstart prob

  14. SmallMonkey

    LED Light bulb replacement

    Where did you find the LED replacement? I've looked in all my local shops, but no go. TIA!
  15. Hey all, As the title says, I have an '03 WR450, I'm having trouble with starting. Many times I'll try to kick start, but the lever goes all the way thru the stroke, as if there's no compression at all. I've read that the autodecomp cam likes to stick if it's dirty, but I've been in and checked for dirt, gunk, metal shards, etc. It still does it with some regularity!! Anyone have ideas on curing this thing? TIA!