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  1. sbootsma

    What does the 13t sprocket do for you?

    isn't the 13t front tough on chains because of the smaller size?
  2. sbootsma

    Went for a ride

    I use an app call all sport gps in my DROID... pretty cool little app. http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip/1695726 as for carrying s pistol....can't open carry or anything anymore in ca. thank goodness the libs are here to save us from ourselves myself.... id carry anyways and not worry about it. id rather risk getting searched than go unprotected in the back country.
  3. sbootsma

    DIT Tool Tube

    after having lost my front fender moose tool bag and $50 in tools and such, i've been wanting to figure out something else. this is a great idea, i just have to figure out the spot for my setup. thanks!
  4. sbootsma

    Who has the Hightest Mile DRZ?

    dang.... im only at 7k on my '03 lol
  5. and tape a few spare fuses to the bike until you get it figured out so you don't have to push it home
  6. I gotta lame question about the crush washers.... After they get crushed.... I cant get mine to come off the bolt.... I had to resort to using a dremel.... What am I missing?
  7. sbootsma

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    New seat concepts seat foam and material, new mcct, freash spark plug, jd jetting kit, 3x3 airbox mod, keilintech extended screw. and bike is running strong
  8. Thanks. thats what i thought, but wanted to make sure LOL
  9. I"ve gotta dumb question here..... I ordered the JD kit and keintech extended screw..... now, is the screw i'm replacing the one that i am drilling out the cover washer for per the JD instructions? or is it something else? I haven't pulled it apart yet, planning on doing it this weekend. also, was planning on using the kits recomendations for the clip setting, blue needle and jet size. my question lies in the use of the blue vs red needle. i live and ride below 4000'.... however, where i live and ride maybe 50% of the time is under 75*... however, going inland temps can get to 90*..... what sort of differences should i expect when it warms up like that outside? thanks!
  10. so, i got to thinkin, after i ordered a set of steering head bearings and swing arm bearings..... if everything is in good shape now, should i really tear into it and replace these items? bike is an '03 s model with 6300 miles on it.... 4000 of which were put on in the last 10 months by me. the first 2300 miles took 8 years to get there by the previous owner. steering still moves freely and without any effort or binding and from what i can tell, same for the swing arm. bike has never been ridden through deep water or even really ridden in bad weather. just wondering if i should replace these parts or not? i mean if i tear down the steering, i may as well replace it while i'm there right? or just grease them and be done with it? what about the swing arm? pull the bolt and see what it looks like? or just replace it while i'm there? whats funny is that i'm a little nervous about doing this. i've competly built from scratch a 4 link system (among other things) to run on my 4x4 and have beat the hell outta it for 5+ years now without issue. i've just never worked on bikes before, so this would be the first time i do it, but i'm fully capable of doing it. thanks
  11. sbootsma

    drz400 on the freeway?

    i've been running a set of Pirelli MT 90'sfor about 1000 miles now and they are great... and fairly cheep IMHO. i also geared down to a 14/41, but i think 15/41 would be even better. if you want to go to a 16t front... i've got one that's never been used.
  12. sbootsma

    tubed tires losing air....

    i've got some extra valve core.... i'll try swapping those before i break down the tires again..... and the lithium grease also..... I had the spring fall off one valve core in my hauler..... made for a nice roadside fix lol luckly the tires were new, so, i don't think i've got any barbs poking.... but, never know if i ran over something thanks
  13. sbootsma

    neglected S

    seafoam at min... i've never tired it with my drz, but spray carb cleaner in the intake sometimes helps clean things... at least on my lawn mowers it does....
  14. yeah, i know it means i've got a leak... i installed a pair of new tubes and tires on my bike about 2 months ago now, and i've noticed that i seem to be adding air quite often (to me at least) tires generally lose about 1psi per day, no matter if i'd ridden it or let it sit. so, i'm guessing i may have pinched the tube a bit when i was seating the bead of the tire... but on both?? just wondering if losing air on a regualr basis is normal or if i pinched them. was also thinking of throwing some tire slime in them, but have heard mixed reviews like it should be used just to get you home only. I'm not talking about 'fix-a-flat' but actual Slime (the green stuff) I plan on breaking the tires down and putting the tubes under water to check where the leak is so i can patch them, but, figured i'd ask about slime while i'm here. btw, bike is a 2003 DRZ400s dual sport bike with stock wheels (21" ft and 18" rear) thank!
  15. sbootsma

    Replacing speedometer to save the DRZ battery

    i've got a $15 battery maintainer from harbor freight for my bike.... its super easy to wire up a couple of bullet connector pigtails of the battery to some place easy to get to and put the same connectors on the chargers.... takes 30 seconds to hook up. use a female bullet connector for the + lead off the battery so it won't accidentally touch anything metal to metal and a male connector off the - lead and then that way you'll never hook it up backwards either.