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  1. We are looking for a rider to join our team. This is an entry level position in a very fast growing company and hopefully be looked at as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Perhaps you or someone you know is looking for a solid Opportunity in the motorcycle industry. Cyclops Adventure Sports is in need of a "jack of all trades" type individual who would like to learn silicone mold making, Urethane casting and customer service skills. The Candidate should live in the Seattle, Kent, Auburn area and have reliable transportation. Our shop is in Tukwila. Please send an email with interest to info@cyclopsadventuresports.com
  2. Cyclops

    LED CyclopsAdventureSports.com headlight bulbs

    I appreciate the feedback. I do feel something isn't quite correct due to so many happy DR650 customers. and personal knowledge and installs on that bike. Lights are reflector dependent, There is no doubt that the bulb is much more powerful than any halogen bulb, If your buddy takes my advise and plays with or checks out his reflector Im certain he will have a better outcome. Maybe something like this
  3. Cyclops

    LED CyclopsAdventureSports.com headlight bulbs

    Thank you I appreciate your comments. One thing that many do not think about when purchasing from china via alibaba or Ebay is what happens if the product goes south, where is the support? If a customer saves 50% then the Product fails or they need technical assistance is the 50% really worth it. maybe so if it was several hundreds of $$'s but at this price point I really cant see the savings or advantage. we have changed the bulb since the original design, actually a few times, and continue development on other applications and improvements. Unfortunately we will never be able to fight off the others, all we can really do is offer a great product and support our customers in every way possible.
  4. Cyclops

    LED CyclopsAdventureSports.com headlight bulbs

    Thank You for the clarification. I would suggest getting the bike out of the garage and trying the bulb out, A garage just wont show what the bulb is capable of. The bulb does not offer a true low beam when compared to a halogen bulb, however that can be manipulated by slotting the set screw and moving the bulb in towards the reflector. This will allow for more of a low beam definition. The bulb was designed as an off road bulb, its bright and brighter. Like all headlight bulbs the performance is reflector based, some do work better than others, I just happen to know of many dr650 happy owners. I personally don't know of a single DR650 owner who is not happy with the product. Please give it a try in real conditions. Note that the triangle should be pointing up, but that would be pretty hard to get wrong, but I have seen it happen. Your buddy will have to lower the headlight guaranteed.
  5. Cyclops

    LED CyclopsAdventureSports.com headlight bulbs

    Seriously? This is not an opinion, its cold hard facts. Of course I am with Cyclops. Not only Cyclops, but every other US Based LED lighting company is fighting the Chinese copies right now. Cree components for example are the most stolen design in existence, If your purchasing a cheep LED light that says it uses a cree emitter, I guarantee you its not a real cree emitter. Chinese copy. They don't care about patents, intellectual property or anything else. This kind of thing stifles companies growth,productivity and product development. Our Light bars, helmet lights and now the LED bulb has been ripped off by Chinese copiers. In this case they copied the first version, of which we have moved to the 2nd rev that is plastic shrouded and a bit shorter. It fits most bikes better. It wont be long and this will also be copied. That should have been a major clue.. I think its in bad taste and a bit devious to post links to pirated products .Maybe you truly don't understand the repercussions and situation. Am I a bit upset about this.. You bet your ass. Maybe Ill go eat some top ramen. I am sure glad there are lots of people that value hard work, great customer service and continued investment to bring great products to racers and riders.
  6. Cyclops

    EFI lighting module ?

    Possible confusion?? we run our 630 penetrator and tail light kits all the time with no mods. We even do heated grips. This devise looks to be snake oil, for the life of me I cant see why anyone would need it.
  7. Cyclops

    Cyclops ac/dc rectifier diagram?

    The rectifier is used to power our lights. Its plug and play for those products.no instructions required. We don't comment on if it will or will not work for other applications.
  8. Cyclops

    Cyclops LED for KTM 500

    Chinese copies that we will be doing what we can to stop. why buy a copy rather than the original with a warranty and customer service you can count on?
  9. Cyclops

    LED CyclopsAdventureSports.com headlight bulbs

    I would love to see a photo, something doesn't sound right, the Bulb works great in the Dr650, It is typ to need to reaim and lower the headlight. Typ we see far less glare than an HID kit would offer.
  10. Cyclops

    LED CyclopsAdventureSports.com headlight bulbs

    Not at all the same product, or performance. you know the Chinese copy everything.
  11. Cyclops

    Snowbike- Timbersled.

    Ive always been able to dual register my snowbikes. I get a snowmobile tag with the snow park pass and retain the plate or ORv tabs, no big deal, and no need to retitle. Unless something has changed this season, go to another office that knows what they are talking about.
  12. Cyclops

    24hrs of Starvation Ridge update #4

    The Only thing us Big Bike riders are going to snivel about is the rain, 500 lbs plus a bunch of mud isn't a good combo. Looks like we better bring some extra beer.
  13. There will always be the starbucks riders who want the biggest. So business wise they will probably sell just fine. Im far from a fan of the 1190, although its a very nice bike with gobs of HP, its just not my cup of tea. Bring back a well outfitted 990 with real suspension and a high exhaust.. unlike the 1190 that's IMO a street bike.
  14. I love my adventure bike.
  15. I don't know. I put 12,000 miles on my KTM 950 this summer... a lot of that 2 up with my wife. I'll race it in a 24 hr Dirt Bike race later next month, just like I di last year, and then a 100 mile desert race in April, Just like I did the last 3 years, all the while leaving guys on real dirtbikes shrugging their shoulders. The adventure is in your head, make out of it what you will. .