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  1. xDCxSMOKE

    any idea!?

    cause of that when i bought my 98 cr250 i ripped all the MM stickers off it , do not condone violence against woman 1 bit
  2. xDCxSMOKE

    trail jumps need help

    im in australia QLD mate at brisbane , i normaly go out to elimbah,couchin creek, glass house mountains, beer burrum, ningi, would really appreciate some one to ride with , just need to fix my rear caliper last time i went out i snapped the bolt and my rears locked on , had to do some bush mechenic's , threaded a new bolt thrue and then duct taped it lmao unlocked my rear brake's , and after the dodgy fix i got half the brakes back so could continue riding for the rest of the day , was not in a place where you would want to push your bike had 3 days of heavy rain previous days and light showers on that day , was all that red clay , and doing hill climbs that were vertical in the middle of glass house mountains , an impossible to ride with out the rear brakes when your going back down 2 story high hills that go 45 degrea's then half way up hit vertical , and that red clay is a basted on my legs i dont normaly ride in place's like that as its harsh on my body, but got sick of doiing the flat trails so was a good few hours there to break up the day, spent the rest of the day out at elimbah forrestry alot easyer place to ride , and i switch back to my 14 tooth front sprocket instead of my 13 at elimbah
  3. xDCxSMOKE

    KX500 detonating

    try to get at least 98 octane pump gas , have problems in my 1986 yz490 running below 96 octane use bp ultimate 98 also check your carby settings you might be just running to lean , what are you ratio premix ? oh btw you think the kick back on a kx500 is bad , try a XT500 it put me over the bars with a chunk out of teh back of my heel and done my akilles tendent lol filled my boot with blood 15 stitch's later i was ok haha love the big bike's
  4. xDCxSMOKE

    trail jumps need help

    btw i read every single one of your guys post's on this thread , thanks so much for the support , and helping me out with my problem , happy ROOSTING to you all
  5. xDCxSMOKE

    trail jumps need help

    wow thanks heap's guys i think i might just do that this weekend and just go out alone and just enjoy riding,i think i need to just take a step back and remember why is the 1st place i started riding , back then i used to get up, soon as the sun broke out and run out to my bike and kick the crap out of it and ride all day till the sun went down, did not matter what bike i rode , or my skill level or what i could or could or not do think its more or less been the pressure of my famaly trying to get me to stop riding what has bought most of this on. but honestly i dont think i could ever give mx up its in my blood i only wish i got my crash on video to share thanks for everyone's support here , has made me realise the whole reason i ride , im going to be ditching on my friends an making some new ones to go ride with possible find some older guy's to go out there with who are just going out to ride not showing off and trying to be hero's who just go out to enjoy a ride if only we all live'd in the same state so we could set up a get together cause all you guy's on here are top bloke's only wish there was more around in aus the pain i still feel from my injury's i now see as not a draw back or a "dis advantage" , it make's me feel still alive an keeps my head straight to not get hurt that bad again or worse . "the pain gets worse in winter with the colder temp's, even before it rains at times cause of the air change and drop in tempreture" so the question remains would i change anything that happen if i got the chance, honestly right now no way in the world, that accident happen'd for a reason an i would not be who i am now with out it , who knows maybe my duaghter would never have been born, maybe i would have never met my gf, we should be married by now lmao but who needs a piece of paper, im just happy i can still ride and dress my self every day and be able to play with my kid . thanks very much guy's i think this is what i really needed is to get it off my chest and talk to some one about it and get my head back on straight,
  6. xDCxSMOKE

    trail jumps need help

    i agrea i have learnt alot from it and it has changed the person i am completely gave me a whole new prespective on how fragil life is and how fast it can be taken away from you from such a mistake my daughter would never have been born my gf would never of known me an would most likely still be with the woman bashing f whit excause my french dont get me wrong i do look at it as a positive that i came off in some aspects just finding it hard to wrap my head around that i just cant do what i used to do , makes me feel old like im 80 heading for retirement i find it hard to understand how the pro's come off just as bad as i have if not worse and continue to be just as aggressive thou they probley have a few less brain cell's then i have lol maybe it is just time for me to give it up and keep the memories , the gf has been trying to get me to for awile now as every time i go out she is worry'd, i am in a fair bit of pain when i ride the knee's dont like it to much but its baraeble for the pleasure . im really starting to think of giving it away for a few years and hopefully my daughter or son will take up motox witch would make me just as happy as ridieng or maybe not give it up completely , maybe just down grade off the 2t's and buy an old XR or something just to cruise around the trails
  7. xDCxSMOKE

    trail jumps need help

    thanks for the input guys has made me feel alot better now like there's nothing wrong with my head as said above im riding with in my comfort zone and limits ive always noticed if im scared and get the fear that is genaraly when i make mistakes and get hurt as im not focused on what i need to actual do. to what my body wants to do witch is get me the f off this thing i guess im just going to have to come to terms with that the accident has affected me and now i have a 2 year old daughter to care for as well that crash broke my leg in 3 places , busted my knee , ankle in 2 place's,2 bottom rib's , my elbow and poped the bone out, my hand witch now has pins and plates , collar bone , 3 fingers , eye socket unconscious on support for 5 days circumstance's was jumping to big 120ft table top just built with my mates dozer went for the 1st jump take off felt great was all level'd up i looked down to plan for my landing , wind caught me pushed me to the left of the dirt landing ramp pretty much flat landed , and that's all i could remember my mate troy said as ive hit my suspension fully decompressed and slammed my head into the bars and flipped me up over the bars straight into a tree , by the time they got there i was not breathing and completely unresponsive , called the ambo's and they couched michael through doing cpr till they arrived, they got me breathing again just before the ambo's arrived , was in serious condition i was air lifted straight to bunderburg hospital woke up 5 days later could not remember the last 6 months of my life , also had brain swelling it took me 6 weeks to start getting flash backs while i was asleep in dream's then after about 13 weeks i started remembering alot more things but roughly a year to remember everything completely . i sold all my bike's except my yz490 as it has center-mental value and swore id never ride again 2 years later here i am rideing again and facing problems i thought id never have before the accident , i am grateful to be alive and still able to ride , its just that now when im riding i feel as thou apart of me is missing and i just dont have that fearlessness anymore and cant seem to push my self none of my mates have experienced anything like this, and me just being me i dont like to talk about it as i see it as a weak point , i just want to be able to ride and enjoy it like i used to with out the ghosts haunting of my past when i ride telln me to slow down im 25 and thats still young i love this sport is it just my time to seddle down im just finding it hard to come to terms with , and makes it even harder when the ppl i ride with now look down on me im thinking maybe i should try and find some new friends to ride with even thou ive rode with these guy's my whole life and 2 of them saved my life , mick and troy do kind of understand but still jump on the band wagon and btw i do still at times wake up from reliving the accident and have no idea where i am for 5 minutes have to get the gf to turn the light on so i can see , as weird as it sounds i hate waking up in the dark cause i dont know if im awake , i just hate the feeling of nothing ill be 110% honest it scares the shit out of me i appreciate everything that has been said above maybe i just need more time , or maybe i just need to relearn how to enjoy just riding again at this level
  8. hey guys ive been riding since i was 14 im now 25 and had a bad crash when i was 18 that put me in hospital unconscious for 5 days and 7 bones broken , i could jump all day long with out a problem or hesitation no matter how big the jumps were after the accident i stoped riding for 2 years but since then i havent been able to jump anything bigger then 10 to 15ft of a jump with only a 1 meter high face , hiting it 4th gear band with out a problem or hesitation the problem im having is i just cant seem to get the balls up to jump anything bigger i keep finding my self making excuse's like that i have to work monday need to take it easy but ive honestly had a gut full and just feel like a girl i never used to be scared of anything i would just line it up and just hit the jump but now anything bigger then a 1 or 2 meter face jump i get scared of hiting it up is this just because im older now and have responsibility's ? i just dont know what to do i feel like such a soft C#ck now just looking for some advice to get back on my game all my mate's now give me shit cause of it , yet i used to be the one who would jump anything and everything 1st up and they would be the one's go'ing f that your crazy i just cant seem to get over what ever is holding me back , and jumping is the only thing affecting me in progressing
  9. xDCxSMOKE

    Best pump gas

    that brings me to my next question then , i havent done this my self but my mate does before he stores his bikes , he turns the fuel tap off and run's the bike untill u snap the throttle and it starts boging down to empty the fuel siting in the carby my theory on this is your damaging your rings and piston by running it lean . would i be correct in saying this ? i have told him this but he fails to see my theory and says there enough lube still in the chamber to not effect it ? and says its only a few seconds anyways it wont really make a difference. i myself drain the bowle and carby manualy talking 2 stroke btw p.s i dont mean to take the thread off topic it just poped into my head and would rather get an anser here then create a whole new thready for a simple anser
  10. xDCxSMOKE

    Whats a good Bike?

    id be going minimum a 250 and depending on the condition of the xr600 95 and up model's if the xr600 is in good shape i know a few of my mates would even swap there 250's for it i love the old XR600'S most reliable bike i ever owned and f all maintenance and plenty of power to have fun on , weight is a bit of a draw back but still a awesome made bike over here in AUS they are starting to be worth money again if they in good condition
  11. xDCxSMOKE

    Best pump gas

    +1 also an idea to use stabalizer as well if your that worryed about gas siting
  12. xDCxSMOKE

    Best pump gas

    i use BP ULTIMATE 98 octane never had a problem with any of my bike's from it i leave my bikes sit 2 weeks at a time never had fowled plug's or gummed up carbs or reeds (touch wood) cr250 1998 bored and stroked to a 295cc geting 100hr's + of piston life but i change ring's every 40 hours also have a yz125 2000 model an a yz490 86 model a mate also use's it in his yz450f and his cr250f 06 an 09 model and use's it over everything else
  13. xDCxSMOKE

    Motocross Edit

    great video mate love the tunes any one know the name of the song ?
  14. you will be fine just respect the power 125's snap into band harder then 250's , 250's you can feel the power coming on easier and smoother 250's have just allot more bottom end torque as said above find a open field or pine Forrest logging roads ride up and down them for awhile to get used to the kick , if band scaring the shit out of you just short shift before you hit the band sweet spot i started riding on a yz490 86 model and im still alive and healthy just respect the power and just don't get a big cock and think your a hero stay away from mud and sand for the time being go somewhere with medium to hard surface so you get a bit of forgiveness with wheel spin and last of all its a 2 STROKE steer with the rear wheel lmao if you can buy a 250 2t that's 96 and up the band hits arnt as killer as the older bikes they come in smoother but go just as hard just remember don't sit to far back , let her spin till you get used to it , use your clutch contently to control the power , lock your heels and knee's to the frame , arms up in a chicken position and hold the f on . only way to learn is to ride , and its ether you learn or go to hospital and thats with any mx bike go watch youtube vids on tip's there alot out there just stay calm dont panic and dont ride past your ability's allot will diss agrea with this post but honestly every one is different some ppl can handle a big bike straight up and some ppl cant , and IMHO a 125 would be better suited if your going to do track ,it will teach you how to ride and ride fast , but hey if you go a 250 2t and doing trail ride's and just messing around with mates go the 250 2t take it easy you wont be disappointing and wont be looking for more power for along time and btw a ZXR250 road bike got nothing on the accelaration of a 2t mx bike , more then half less the weight , and a powerband that hits
  15. xDCxSMOKE

    Stolen Dirt Bikes US

    just remember 98% of the time the guys who get busted with the bike are not the ppl who stole it and most of the time they have no idea it is a stolen bike and they paid top dollar to the thief to get it , seen it so many times , its not only the person who really owned the bike before it got stolen who gets hurt but also the person who bought the bike and thought it was a legit buy , my yz490 got stolen and recover'd 7 months later the person who had my bike was not a thief and did not even know the bike was stolen before he bought it , he forked out 1900 dollar for it and when police found it he lost out 1900 dollars for a bike he thought was legit i felt so bad for him i ended up giving him 500 cash worst part was the thief sold my 490 to a mx dealer and the dealer did not check and just resold it to this guy dealer copped a fine guy who stole the bike got a slap on the wrist the guy who bought the bike was down 1900 dollars , i got my bike back and felt guilty and bad for him and gave him $500 of my own cash at least it was something back to him thing is guys thieving not only affect's the original owner but create's ripple effect