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  1. zdts

    Help - Engine Whine

    Here is the link to the YouTube video if anyone needs it. Thanks for all the responses and help, it got me to the root of the problem.
  2. zdts

    Help - Engine Whine

    Ok part was on backorder but came in yesterday, popped it in and noise is gone. No more "blower motor"/"rock crusher"/"Blackhawks fan" whining. I took some before, during and after gopro footage, I will post it on YouTube and put the link on here if any is curious about it, hopefully it helps someone out in the future. 7 days till UT/CO dirtbiking
  3. zdts

    Help - Engine Whine

    When the new basket gets here I will do a stare and compare and see if I can tell what is wrong with the noisy one.
  4. zdts

    Help - Engine Whine

    After confirming the noise is for sure coming from the clutch area I decided to do some part swapping to see if I could get the noise to move since my other 09 is "sewing machine" quiet. Swapped everything first just to see if i was on the right track (oil filter rotor, primary drive, entire clutch pack and cage, reassembled the noisy bike and it was all of a sudden "sewing machine" quiet. So then I started moving one part at a time back to my bike, found it on the third reassemble, it was the clutch cage, once I swapped that part back in the noise returned completely so getting a new one on the way, plus a couple of lock nuts for the clutch since I pretty well toasted those taking them on and off a half dozen times. I will post again with an update in case anyone else is having this issue. Again, thanks for the quick responses. z
  5. zdts

    Help - Engine Whine

    Thanks for the responses, I have a mechanics stethoscope so I will try that later today. I have seen other posts on the interwebs about it being the straight cut gears but we get the noise with the clutch semi-engaged without any wheel movement, which would mean no transmission movement right? I have HP4 10-40 in there now, I will try a full synthetic.
  6. zdts

    Honda CRF230F 2009

    Just moved up from the xr200, loving the crf230f so far, much easier through the boulder laden climbs
  7. zdts

    Honda CRF230F (2009)


    Just moved up from the xr200, loving the crf230f so far, much easier through the boulder laden climbs
  8. Looking for some feedback from the team. I picked up a 2009 230f for my son and it is pretty solid however there is a whine (sounds like gear lash/blower motor) only when the engine is under load. It does not appear to be affecting performance, it runs great and pulls hard, just really noisy. I have read that some whine is normal but I also have a 2009 230f and mine does not have the noise. In neutral there is no whine at all. Noise does not change with different gears or engine temp. Noise is dependent on motor RPM. You can hold the front brake and let the clutch out slightly to get the noise prior to wheel spin so it really feels like clutch but I changed the discs and plates and springs = no change in noise. I also just tried, as recommended here, swapping the judder spring/small friction for standard friction = no change in noise. Any thoughts for something else I can look into? Our Utah/Colorado trip is coming up next month and really want to get it figured out. thanks z
  9. zdts

    Sub 200lb club!

    Here is the kit: http://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-piston-kit-honda-xr200-66-50mm-10-5-1-215cc It is 66.5 bore with 10.5:1 piston. I also ordered the ceramic coating. Hopefully I am not headed down a bad road, I thought I was being conservative by only going up one step on bore and compression. z
  10. zdts

    Sub 200lb club!

    Great info, thanks. Another quick question, did the 2000 come with an aluminum DID rear wheel? I thought I saw in another thread that the stock rear wheel was steel and a boat anchor. Just wondering if someone put this DID rim on here at some point and if so how much weight that is already saving me. Once I get it put back together I will weigh in.
  11. zdts

    Sub 200lb club!

    Just wanted to post and let you guys know I am out here too. I have read all of your xr200 mod and light weight discussions over the years multiple times as I have a great interest in minimalist bikes. I started riding about 3 years ago mainly to spend quality time with my wife, kids and a couple friends (and their families) that we bought some land with. I picked up two xr200r (2000) for a grand, cleaned them up and sold one for $800 so I have my 2000 xr200r with a $200 starting price to play with. I rode the heck out of it for three seasons and now it is time to get to work on it for next season. Goal is sub-200lb on a budget, by budget I mean less than what it would cost to just go buy something stock that would be better, so under $1500 or so. I am taking pics and notes so I can start a thread on the project. My XR's only 215cc kit is on it's way to get the engine work out of the way. Looking at a CRF450r rolling chassis to throw my 200 engine in, looks like CharlieT had success with this but he said he was still at 225# I think, so it might be better to just keep the xr200 chassis as my starting point. Thoughts?
  12. zdts

    Factory Pro Tuning Carb Kit

    Went from stock 110/38 to 118/40 at 600-800 feet. Huge improvement on throttle response with K&N intake.
  13. zdts

    Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/3482/9533/Tusk-Aluminum-Handguards Solid install and perfect for what I need them for.
  14. zdts

    Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    7 reviews

    PRODUCT DETAILS The Tusk Aluminum Handguards with Turn Signals are the ultimate dual sport motorcycle handguards. Integrated turn signals with bright amber colored LEDs are not only effective but add style to your motorcycle. Tough wrap around aluminum handguard that features a plastic shield with integrated turn signals. Replaceable aluminum bars, plastic shields, and LED turn signals. Designed with a large bend that provides exceptional brake and clutch lever clearance for your motorcycle. Standard mounting is for 7/8" bars with big bar adaptors available by ordering separately. For motorcycles only. Package includes: 1-pair of Aluminum Handguards with 7/8" bar hardware and 1-pair of Plastic Handguard Shields with Turn Signals.
  15. zdts

    K&N Engineering Universal Oval Air Filter

    Removed snorkel to open up the intake and make room for the K&N. Still need to rejet and open up exhaust.