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  1. YAMAHAMX444

    wheeling with a wr250f

    No i am not thinking of my YZF in saying what i said. I have done some mods to my 02 WR250F, i have a Rekluse clutch and a brand new top end including valves and hot cams as well as RG3 suspension. but before all that it would still pull the front tire up easily. alot has to do with tire condition and track condition though. my only complaint is its a heavy bike for only being a 250F. so if im going to be riding hard im sticking with my 2011 YZ450F set up for the track.
  2. YAMAHAMX444

    look at buying a wr450f

    Yamaha as of now does not have a Fuel Injected WRF so if you are looking for Fuel Injection you have to go with the YZF and that didnt even come out until 2010. That being said my cousin has an 08 WR450F and has had no problems aside from the battery not lasting long esp. during morning cold starts or if the bike has been parked for long amounts of time. On that note that is why on the WR models they have both Electric and Kick starters so a battery does not hold you up in the middle of a trail anywhere cause nothing sucks more than having to push your bike back to the truck on a single track trail.
  3. YAMAHAMX444

    wheeling with a wr250f

    I have to disagree with you on needing an aggressive clutch/throttle action. I own an '02 WR250F and in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd i can just roll my throttle and rip the front tire off the ground. They have an amazing amount of low end torque and will climb anything you want to take the bike on