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  1. eric7soccer

    06 450f backfiring need help on

    Thanks guys I'm Gonna order the timing chain and I'll report back on my finding
  2. eric7soccer

    06 450f backfiring need help on

    Good to know I'm going to have to try that and your backfire went down to an acceptable amount not I'm assuming .... Might be a stupid question but how does a timing chain have any influence with the backfire ?
  3. eric7soccer

    06 450f backfiring need help on

    This is an extreme amount I would say , it's very loud and obnoxious I will try to get a video later
  4. eric7soccer

    06 450f backfiring need help on

    No I have no repacked he muffler I read about it and was next on my list as well as the cam chain I was thinking about doing , and you may be right it may be stiff in some areas so that could be contributing to it
  5. eric7soccer

    06 450f backfiring need help on

    I know this is a recurring issue and I have read up On the forums trying to take advice and fix my problem but no luck so far Bike started backfiring last year slightly so I took the car apart to rebuild It once out back it would backfiring even more to the point that I didn't feel comfortable to ride it (will take a video of it tonight) so after that I rebuilt the head and found a burnt valve replaced all the valves springs etc (did not replace cam chain) and issue still persists. I replaced the o ring at the header , and no exhaust leaks I'm Stumped and don't know what the issue is I think it's a tuning issue but no luck with that I turn the screw out 2 turns and try and go from there but no luck (however when I did take the carb apart for the first time the screw on the bottom was turned out 5 times not sure if it was like that or if it turned on its own) Any help would be great thanks in advance
  6. eric7soccer

    Kx 450f issues

    Tom any update on your issue did you find out the problem ?
  7. eric7soccer

    06 KX450F back fire issue

    Ok thanks , would all of this have to do with the bike getting very hot also while idling for a short period of time hot like melting the air box if left on for more than 2 min?
  8. eric7soccer

    06 KX450F back fire issue

    How could the timing chain be a culprit ? Slack in it throwing off timing ?
  9. eric7soccer

    06 KX450F back fire issue

    Wanted to also note that the motor and exhaust get really really hot if ran for a minute or so (must be running lean?)
  10. eric7soccer

    06 KX450F back fire issue

    hey guys, I have been trying to diagnose a problem on my 450 and have no luck so far. The bike is completely stock and slowly started noticing last year that it would start backfiring more and more progressively. So I assumed it was the carb took that apart cleaned and rebuilt it and the problem was still there. Then took the head apart to find what looked like a burnt valve and rebuilt the whole head, re-shimmed the valves, also replaced the hot start plunger (yet I have no way of verifying that it is really closing assuming it is). So I start the bike once again after the rebuild and it is still backfiring after I let go of the throttle. any tips on what it can be? is it possible it has something to do with the flywheel or magneto throwing timing off? or the Throttle position sensor. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you,