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  1. jaykay

    XL600 electrical dead

    Hi guys, As suggested, I checked every fuse, every connection, wire and link, put the battery on charge and went to bed! Connected it all together this morning and I have ignition!!! Thanks for the help its much appreciated.
  2. jaykay

    XL600 electrical dead

    Hi Guys, I have a 1987 XL600, today the battery was low, and also wouldn't start off the kicker. (hadn't been started in a while) So I without thinking, I connected jump leads from my (running) diesel car to the bikes battery. Now I have zero power, no green light, nothing. The battery seems to have survived, as it is charging nicely, and so did the main fuse (20A) How bad do you think the damage is? And how can I fault find/ fix the issue? All help much appreciated, thanks