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  1. hey guys i am looking for someone to go riding with I am thinking of just going to ft lewis and ripping it up on the ole 450 i just need some saddle time. any takers hit me up
  2. i am always down to ride its pretty hard cuz i am new here but i have found some ok spots i live in east tacoma so if you are close to me hit me up k.
  3. ericb269

    Where to ride around ft lewis

    hey cavscout I would love to go ride i live in east tacoma i sent you my number hit me up and we will go ride man
  4. I dont even know where to start first of all thank you thumpertalk and every who directed me to OLD GRUNT. That man had put together one of the cooliest associations that I have ever had the privilige of taking part of. I am active duty military and moved out here not knowing anyone but one of my old soldiers which has never been on a dirtbike in his life. So Dutch gets in contact with me and if very pateinet with me and all my stupid and redundant questions. After talking with him he tells me to bring my buddie along to ride that he would supply a bike and all the proper saftey equipment needed. We so up were Dutch tells us to meet and we get suited up well needless to say my buddie wasnt as quick of a learner as I thought he would be lol.But Dutch did not care he took his time and had training aids to help my buddie learn how to overcome obsiticles it was freaking amazing how fast he tought my buddie how to ride.... I think he was refered to as the YODA of dirtbikes lol. To make a long story short my buddie has been here for 14 months and says that he has never had that much fun ever he is a hooked dirt biker now thx to OLD Grunt and the american legion. I am in the process of editing my go pro footage and will post it on this thread shortly sorry to rammble on but Dutch is doing big things for people and I thought I should take the time and say thank you very much.
  5. ericb269

    Where to ride around ft lewis

    Thx Dutch .....if there is anybody riding this weekend I would love to go I live in east Tacoma so hit me up. I really want to ride my dirtbike
  6. ericb269

    Where to ride around ft lewis

    ya i guess secret wasnt the right word i was looking for a public place to ride intead of a ohv park. I guess i am just not familiar to the area and need help getting started learning the lay of the land and all the riding spots. On that note i think i will visit the local motorcycle shop tomorrow and ask around there. Or if somebody could give me some really dumed down direction to the location of some cool areas. I have also heard i need a Wasington state sticker to ride in alot of places where can I get one of those.
  7. Hi guys I have been everywhere trying to find a place to ride but it seems like everyone wants to keep a secert or somthing. I respect the land and am a pretty laid back guy so pls shoot me some areas to go ride in.
  8. ericb269

    98 2 smoker help

    Ok guys my little bro rides a 98 yz 250 and he grenaded it today. It bent the rod and smoked the cylinder so we started looking for parts and found out that there is very little aftermarket support for this year model. I need to know where i can buy a rod and crank set (not oem). And I also want to know can you stuff a 99 motor into this frame any help would be appreciated.
  9. ericb269

    when is your bike too old

    very nice bike lumpy I have a 04 yz450f and i love it and I am at the age now that i realize going out and buying the newest model available will not make me pro or go faster. Rock what you got until it wont run.
  10. Ok I have done some searching around and really haven't found the answer I am looking for so please dont bite my head off for asking a stupid question. I have a 04 yz450 I love it runs great but I have no idea the last time the forks were serviced or the rear shock. I am not a professional rider by any means so i dont need to re-valve or anything crazy I just want to know what is involved with servicing of the suspension. I have no leaks and no indicators that I have any damaged parts I would just like to replace the oil and that's about it. Is this a hard job and what tools would be needed. Also wanted to know if there is anywhere on this forum I could download the service manual for my bike. One more question if the oil is old will it make a huge difference in the ride of the bike. Thanxs for any input guys I will be home from Iraq in three weeks and I am so pumped to ride again.....Glamis time
  11. ericb269

    04 yz 450f suspension help

    I haven't found any shock that swaps with the rear and I have searched quite a bit.... anybody know???
  12. ericb269

    04 yz 450f suspension help

    Does the rear shock off a 06 fit the 04 models??
  13. ericb269

    04 yz 450f suspension help

    hey if you dont mind me asking how much did you pay for the front end and where did you get it.
  14. ericb269

    04 yz 450f suspension help

    k I will check I know there are people on these forums that usually do their own work thats kinda what i was looking for. Also I am in Iraq right now so it takes a super long time to search due to the crappy internet out here lol but thx.
  15. I bought a used 04 yz450f its a great bike and runs real good. The problem i am having is that i live in el paso tx and i have no shops around that do suspension work. Here is what i need to know how much would it cost to revalve and respring my forks and rear shock and does anybody know of some good shops to send my stuff to.